Hey people

Gosh, do you know we actually registered a whole website for CoachE’Squad and this year, right after we registered the company as a Limited Company, so i am not even supposed to promote anything CoachE’ here (at least alone or primarily) but on the website BUT THIS YEAR HAS BEEN INTENSE YAWL!!!

I am not sure why the Lord thinks His daughter can fight all the battles He keeps letting come to her dormot, but hey, HE PROMISED not to  give me more than i can handle so hey,like my son KingDaveed says when i ask him



Yup, I am taking down all them giants!!!

Plus I LOVE the Devotional I am using this year by my Christine CAINE… UNSHAKEABLE.

I own an ecopy and the kindle version is on A HUGE SALE at the moment… unlike what I paid for mine of which I dont mind

It really has helped me stay UNSHAKEABLE, reading it and pouring out my heart to God every morning.


For now, first I need an ONLINE CONTENT STRATEGIST to handle our social media. every member of my team PLUS ME is so stretched already. Actually got one last year who resumed this year, and i let her go by Day 4. I believe the Lord will bring us the right one, AMEN.

We have so much going on and I really dont wanna start to slack.

I NEED HELP and I am actually now excited at how God is doing it.

I have gotten literally TEN applications and phew… IT IS WELL.


I need someone good biko. Plus I am doing a DIPLOMA IN NUTRITION course and that thing is all the shades of INTENSE phew. And to think I have to do an ADVANCED DIPLOMA after that? HELP ME JESUS. But I am learning a lot and since this is the path the Lord is leading me on, I might as well continue to gain more knowledge… You probaly already know I got the Prenatal and Postnatal US certification last year. Oope, dont think I shared it here on the blog… phew. Life keeps buzzing. CoachE’Squad and CoachE’ are literally TESTIMONIES. God is so amazing!!!

Speaking of so much going on, allow me to run through some of our programs, the ones starting this weekend, and more



This one is for EVERYONE in Naija who wants to lose weight. Everyone is put in a whatsapp group, meal plans are provided weekly, ditto workouts and accountability is demanded. We kick off this Sunday but you are welcome to join us every other 2 weeks when we admit new squaddies. I love that it is affordable even though what we offer is WAY MORE THAN THE COST but I shared here why we charge JUST N5500 for it

2. THE KICK FAT for Diasporans

We had to introduce this to our programs as we realised that diaspora needs are diferent than Naija especially per recipes, so we customise meal plans to foods available in their location. It is teaching me A LOT about various other cultures cos I have to do crazy research for it. I am learning about a lot of foods too. It is intense but so worth it. I really love learning. This world is SO BLESSED with so much foods esp fruits and veggies.

Also makes me wanna relocate to another country. tempting as the choices are from Sweden to China to Germany to the UK, where my squaddies are from, the US still remains it for me.


At least for 6months…


3. Bounce back Squad for Moms,

whether new or not, CS or vaginal, EVERY MOM who wants to go all the way back to what they looked like pre-baby, even better. This one is where I fall in. I am not sure why I AM STILL FAT, lol. At least I think I am… Anyways, that is what the BOUNCE BACK SQUAD is like


4. Oh i have an amazing preggo squad called REJOICING MOMS.

This one has blown me away with testimonies that I don’t even believe it. So far, we have THREE babies, all girls. So hey, if you wanna stay disciplined and need a healthy community to hang out in during your preggo months, holler at your girl CoachE’

Details to join all the Squads are in the various fliers but if you still wanna make some enquiries, the email would be coache@coachesquad.com


Oya help our ministry and refer us to someone who needs our services, or if you do, hey jump in already…

We also have meal plans and packages for a host of other health and fitness related concerns, including Diabetes, Abs bootcamp and more.

This flier is still being reviewed though… I don’t like it enough

Email again is coache@coachesquad.com


Ok gotta run honeys


Lots of love, and hey, let’s keep taking those Giants down. No matter what anyone says or shows online, IT REALLY IS NOT EASY FOR ANYONE!!!


So stay strong and keep fighting ok?



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