Been a while on these streets guys.
Air kisses.

How’s everyone’s fitness game going?
Strong? Off the tracks? Just there?

6months and 1year!!! Whoop

Just keep pushing guys. Consistency is key here and so if you are willing to put in the discipline now and pay the tough price, you will get to your Later On where there is plenty of CHILL!!!
I feel like God personally answered my prayer-whisper for cake when someone gifted KingDaveed the biggest baddest red velvet and chocolate cake.


At first I had a little and thought I was ok but ladies and gentlemen, the day after, I ate NOTHING but cake. Cake for brekkie, lunch, dinner, snack, err’thang!!! 
Even at 11pm. 


Infact the entire week I had been in birthday mode so I worked out just once, momsie brought plenty foods when she came and I ate too. That birthday week was my off-week. Haha. Trust me there was ZERO guilt. I popped out a 4.4kg baby same time last year


after all the drama and God had kept us both for a whole year? I felt a need to celebrate. 


No surprises on the scale when Sunday morning the scales showed me 81kg. 
From 77.7 a week earlier. 

For these facial expressions, I live. Lol

You see why when you get to your ideal (me 79kg), you go even further down a bit (me 77kg) leaving a bit of wiggleroom for err birthdays and stuff accidents (me 81kg). Haha. 
Trust me though, my body didn’t feel any different. My cloths fit like before.

81kg. Very very pre-wedding. Even freer at that waist

That’s what happens in the ‘later on’ zone. 
But you see, I knew coming into a new week, my fitness game was going back on track. I put away the remaining cake and told my body ‘enough’ and as I prayed for the week, I prayed on it too. 
Come back next weekend let’s see what all my clean eating and workout impacts on the scales. 
But all that story above is not what this post is about. That story above was just to say ‘we fall down. And we get up’

Me after my sunday night run

Today I wanna share the testimonies from my very first Saved Fit&Fab group. 
Eeeeeek!!! I feel like one PROUD Coach. 5weeks of clean eating and workout and they lost from 8kg to 11kg. 

The pictures tell a better story. I’m showing pictures from when they started. My ladies are beautiful so ignore the pictures. No be fashion parade. Haha 



My Banker chic. The one who has made all your stupid excuses of ‘I’m busy’ useless!!!
She pushed. She pushed!!! Oh girl I’m sooo proud of you. 


The scales put her kilograms lost at 7kg or so but look at these pictures!!!

Nike, my questioner.


Nike asked questions a LOT and I loved her for it. She always gave me things to talk about in the group. Another busy chic. She was travelling a lot but even on the move, we would work out something to ensured she still ate clean. 
Sooooo proud of her commitment even with her crazy busy schedule. Her plenty questions earned her an auto entry into the next group. Only her. Excited to have her on board again. I think she lost 8kg. 
Holly. One of my favorite Chicks.


She definitely invested in phonecalls because she used to ring me on a regular. She was my only northern chick. She was soooo consistent. Plus she’s so beautiful. Has a regular job too yet she stayed consistent. Gosh!!! You ladies were stellar!!! I’m so glad Holly’s curves are coming out again.

D love handles wanted to hide the curves

Let’s hope baby no 2 doesn’t ‘appear’ this year. Hahahaha. 

Beebah!!! Our baby of the group.


Student and yet she put in the hardwork even with her crazy schedule being that she lived off campus. Several times she would run to school instead of bikes or cabs. She was my biggest loser. 11kg. I was very impressed by her because even when sh had network issues, she would climb a tree, literally, to log in. 



Moji has Joyce Meyer’s voice. Deeeeeep. Haha. Probably my most consistent. Like two of us were competing with the skips. 1000 today 1500 tomorrow. I was determined to ‘out-skip’ her lol. Moji’s commitment inspired me. She didn’t let her weight deter her from doing intense cardio. Wow!!! I think she surprised us all. And inspired us all too. She lost 8kg. 

And finally Water Walker. 


She was my ‘bonus’ haha. WW was so determined that she put in her workouts even with a sprained knee. I guess that’s what being in a group does to you. It pushes you. She started small small and in no time, pushed through pain and did her routines. Nike also worked out through a swollen ankle. We didn’t even know yet I was giving babe 500 jumping jacks which she would do. One day she shared pictures. I almost cried lol. I spent like 700 hours telling her how to modify her workout, get the right shoes to reduce impact, etc. I don’t think she listened. Hahahaha. Bae was determined, swollen ankle and all. Because she knew the weight dropping will aid the ankle healing. Gosh!!!
Excuses don’t burn calories. Anyways back to Water Walker. 

The BEFORE is from before she joined in. I think

Plus she brought some sanguine spark into the group. Haha. Most of my people were dry. Looool #grouphug #truthhurts

I recall one said they didn’t wanna come and be gisting so I won’t think they are unserious. Hahahahah. 

Anyways thanks ladies for bringing out the Shaun E’ in me. You ladies are like family to me. I look at yawl and i’m so proud of me and grateful to God. You put in a LOT of work and I am glad you have started seeing results. I hope you don’t forget all the education I gave yawl and you don’t stop working out and eating clean even though the group is over. You know most of you are still FAR from target but I hope I equipped you with enough info, fight/determination and love to keep you pushing. 

Taking these ladies through the journey educated me even more. I grew. A lot!!!

Were they perfect? Nah. I did a LOT of motivation both personally and on the group. It definitely stressed me but it was worth it. Sometimes I would talk and talk on the group and they would all go quiet on me loooool. Then I would start getting panic phonecalls, in case I wanna delete em, lol. Trust me, it was hilarious.

I pushed them because I knew they could kick this fat. Fat is weak abeg. I already saw their seriousness from the beginning. No comedians there. 

I loved hearing their success stories. The impact dropping the weight was having on confidence, health and their life generally. Even spiritually. Which is why I wanna do this again. Trust me, this is the LAST free one. It will def be better than the first because of all I learned.

So let’s do another five ladies. (6 inclusive of Nike) My requirements are the same. Just be fun too and not dry. 

Pink is also auto in. And then Lara. 

But you both still email me AND let me know you are the one. 

That means I have slots for just three more ladies. Three serious ladies. 
Mail (cc please)

Just tell me a little about yourself. Or a lot. Whatever. Lol. And of course your current weight, BMI and goal. 

It would be awesome if you took time to read through all my SavedFit&Fab posts which I put together here FIRST!!! Especially the requirements

Let me know that you read ALL the posts and the requirements in your mail.
You need to know that this journey is not a walk in the park. You need to bring your A-game here!!!

We kick off next week so I will stop emails by Tuesday midnight. This week will be for orientation and getting all your stuff. #notime

Group hug… Need to get another post up tonight or latest tomorrow. 
Stay Saved, Fit and oh-so-FABULOUS!!!


No, I didn’t finish that cake. I ate about half sha looool (just in case you were judging me in your heart). My tummy hurt so bad that day and the next but I was determined to eat cake. The tummy has been seeing clean and green eating, I no blame am. Lol

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  1. Wow they made good progress oh.
    As i was reading, I started thinking E can get paid for doing this oh,then I read this is the last free one. Lol
    Well done Shaun E’.

    PS when I grow up, I shall learn to eat clean like you.

  2. i see precy ohh…. i actually caught her jogging one saturday…. someone i hadnt seen since over a year….. nice one precy…. E! u are def one strict and disciplined mama….

  3. Mama(ShaunE ‘)…. Lol. You have done marvelusly well with your ladies. Their progress inspires me but you are my biggest inspiration. The line “FAT is weak abeg” left me in stitches.
    FAT weeps. RIP FAT. Thanks for motivating me.
    I never want to be that old me again.

  4. The first thing that came out of my mouth when I saw the first lady’s picture was Jisos! loool. I was so amazed at the transition within only 5weeks. The numbers didnt do enough justice, the pics definetely did. I was shocked. Meyn u suppose win award for trainer of the year,lol. But jokes aside, U are an inspiration to so us all. As in I can only imagine what the changes would be if they continued for another month. Wow u are simply the best. Well done dear.x

  5. Hi Eziaha, any tip on maintaining weight during pregnancy. I don’t want to gain so much and then have to loose them. Thanks

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