Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom/grow in wisdom/get a heart of wisdom… Psalms 90v12

Hi guys.

How’s everyone doing today? How did your week go?

This week was a birthday week in my family mehn. Started off with BIL on Sunday,


Hubs on Tuesday and Popsie’s 71st on Thursday


which wraps up Birthday season for the year in my family.

Pop’s birthday certainly had us all in an upbeat mood especially after what happened some 3weeks back with stupid armed robbers. The fact that it was a weekday didn’t stop our #TurnUp ooo. Plus my Sister gifted him a Highlander and I was the one that planned the entire surprise and presentation. Actually it was my hubs that suggested we just don’t present it in a dry manner, instead we should act small drama. Since I hold the drama franchise in my family, the buck ended on my table. So we had my sis driver bring it after we had gotten there. I told him to just call me and not come in. I came out, ensured he was blocking the gate, got the keys and papers, and dismissed him. Meanwhile my parents had no idea what was happening at their gate. Anyways, my sis later tells them she wants to leave and then I went out, came in and told popsie someone was blocking his gate. At first, he was like NOPE, someone cannot be blocking MY GATE, go check again. My dad HATES any manner of rubbish hence his insistence that it wasn’t possible. Finally he decided to come out with momsie and then he saw the DEFAULTING SUV. He was so upset lol, then he asked the guys opposite my house in the mechanic workshop who dared to block his gate. In the middle of all that drama, my sis brings out the papers and goes ‘daddy, this one is for you…’

Popsie and Momsie
Popsie and Momsie

Let’s just say I can’t put into words all that happened thereafter. I had to video the moment for my other sibs absent. It was such a beautiful moment, they never hexperredit. My sis was just like, please can you REMOVE your car so I can drive mine out? Momsie was just like ‘a ma m na owu Eziaha ga eme udi ihe a’ (I know it is Eziaha that would plan this kinda thing). What a time to be alive and a blessing to your parents.


My dad is such a warrior, a STRONG MAN hence I chose the wordings for this cake especially.


Ok all that is by the way, or maybe it kinda all comes together with what today’s post is all about.

Btw, thanks to everyone for all the blog LOVE ooo. Thanks to everyone who has commented, reached out to me, publicised, shared their own stories with me, especially from my last post on THE SPIRIT OF SHUT UP, encouraged me and just generally hung around the FAB lane. God bless yawl. Keep it up especially the sharing and publicity. And don’t even apologise for writing long comments ooo. That is what I love the most. Feel free to write an epistle if you must haha. One love ma people… Yes please, share on your various Social media platforms.


Ok so it was Hubs birthday on October 6 and he was coming into town on the 8th. When you have a baby, there is a tendency for wives to just shift all the attention to the baby and leave hubs which is NOT RIGHT. So I was just thinking of what to do for him that would really let him know my heart for him.


I had also been praying a WHOLE LOT for him in recent times and every SINGLE TIME I prayed, I would hear NEXT LEVEL, Call forth greatness for the NEXT LEVEL… The more I prayed, the more God used 3 characters in the Bible to drive home the point… Abraham, Joshua and David. Even a basic Bible knowledge would show you that these three men were GREAT LEADERS, first of their homes and then of people. I knew that this next level of GREATNESS for Hubs had plenty to do with LEADERSHIP so I wanted to get him a gift that captured all that perfectly.


On Sunday preceding, it hit me. PASTOR SAM ADEYEMI!!! EVERYONE knows that Pastor Sam breathes LEADERSHIP like no other person in Nigeria


plus he is such a HUGE MENTOR FIGURE for Hubs BUT him not being in Lagos has sorta affected the way he would have loved to be a good mentee. I mean, there were some things hubs had told me earlier about his life that I knew needed to jumpstart already. So I thought I would get him some of Pastor Sam’s materials/leadership packs if available, for him to REALLY study and get wisdom from.


I rang up a friend who attends DayStar where Pastor Sam is the set man and she said she would make some calls and get back to me the next day to know what they had but even then, she didn’t seem all positive that I would get it before Thursday because you have to place an order first and everything. I was already giving up when on Monday morning, I needed some time to do this and that around the house so I turned on the TV for my son and surprisingly, it was on Kingdom Africa. I was about to change it to Disney Junior for KingDaveed when the Holy Spirit nudged me to let it be. They were showing music videos and I thought that would be captivating enough for him anyways. After some time, I came to feed him and soon after, Pastor Sam came up on the TV. Long story short, there was an ad for his Leadership DVD packages and when I saw the contents of those packages, My GOODNESS, I KNEW THAT WAS IT!!!


I quickly rang the numbers and placed an order. He told me Wednesday would be delivery date if I paid today. They were quite pricey but do you really place a price on WISDOM? I didn’t have all the money and I couldn’t of course involve hubs so I did some ‘kurukere’ moves, paid and Ladies and Gentlemen, the delivery guy from DHL was at my dormot Tuesday morning to deliver,

Hub's gift
Hub’s gift

the same day that was his birthday, one day after I placed the order. I was so excited when I opened it because the topics covered, the guest speakers and ministers, the packaging, the EVERYTHING was just what I KNEW GOD WANTED FOR MY HUBS. It was such a wise investment and I knew he would love it.


It was my dad’s birthday the day he entered Lagos so we were still surprising my parents. He saw the package and rang me to know if he could open and I said NO!!!

He didn’t.

I wasn’t going to miss his reaction now, was I?

Anyhoos, when I got in, I watched him open it and take it out one by one and then HE SCREAMED with joy. He said he had tried severally to get it but something always hindered or he just forgot so this was just a PERFECT GIFT!!! Fam, my joy that day was full!!!


‘…In the last days,… your sons and daughters will PROPHESY, Your young men shall see visions…’ Acts 2:17

I once heard a sermon on this scripture above and Pastor Mildred related it to marriages, that you as a wife have been called to HELP and part of your assignment is also to keep speaking, prophesying, into his life in anyways that you can. Know what God has told him and if he ever forgets, you be the PROPHET IN HIS LIFE and keep reminding him in any way possible.


See ehn, I could have easily bought cake as that is standard birthday tradition, but what would that have profited him aside putting it on his DP and people ohing and ahing? Plus my house was/is brimming with cakes from the other 2 celebrants, plus I know hubs, he will have a slice and dazall

But you see this gift I got him, we are talking DESTINY here and I am just so glad I am able to HELP him and PROPHESY as he moves on to the NEXT LEVEL in his life this year, going forward and leading the way for his family too.


Guys, watch out for this tall glass of hot chocolate


Yup, THE Bolaji Olojo.

Guys, not every time you have a celebration that you buy cake for someone as a gift. Frankly, I think it is really wasteful if I get like 5/10 cakes on my birthday. I would definitely be talking to the givers lol. Cos all they good for is DP, lol. The scripture I shared above says we should apply our hearts to wisdom. My BIL had cake because he has a large family of 4kids plus neighbors and everything to share with. Cake was a wise thing to celebrate with. My dad had cakes because there was a celebration- kids, grandkids, staff, friends and all in his various clubs, etc. Of course he also had the car. But getting my hubs cake would have been THE MOST FOOLISH THING EVER TO DO!!!

Can I just talk to wives here? Especially the young ones like me. Go ask your hubby what God has told him, then you go before God in PRAYERS EVERYDAY asking Him for wisdom on how exactly you can help that man achieve his vision!!! Do it and come back and thank me… Hey and this can apply to friends too and those engaged. Just make up your mind that on this person’s birthday, you will actually give a gift that makes that person ‘apply her heart to wisdom’, and then you can add cake to it.

Hey, I ain’t knocking birthday cakes ooo. I just think we can have more, you know, WISE pressies… personally, I can skip cake on my birthday for now. 2 years ago, hubs got me cake and I gave it ALL away after it stayed in the freezer forever haha. This year, he knew better and got me more stuff I could actually use.

That, ladies and Gentlemen, is the koko of this post… WISDOM in giving especially on those days when we ‘number our days’ literally ie Birthdays.

And of course to show off to yawl that I am such a PERFECT and WISE wife.

*straight face*


And finally, to say that my booboo is actually 7 months today.

Smile on booboo
Smile on booboo

Yup, tz been one month since I did that post when he was 6months.


God bless my baby. And my baby daddy. And yawl. And me too.

God loves yawl like crazy,




I must commend DAYSTAR as a church. their professionalism is to be emulated. the guy who picked the call was not only polite, he was refreshingly knowledgeable too. He had answers for all my questions and could advise me appropriately. I know you may say ‘Hello!!! He is Customer service and should know’ but try calling any of our mobile phone operators’ CC!!! Then come back and tell me about KNOWING!!!



Just look at my NATURAL HAIR!!!

Peek my workout buddy there


Ignore the gory picture, I had just finished my Night workout… It has been ONE MONTH plus guys and I have been VERY CONSISTENT, clean eating and exercising and the weight is dropping. I will share in subsequent posts. My target is DECEMBER tho. KIMK Body (without the ‘work’ haha) loading… Yaaaaay!!!



I am just here wondering what the next post should be… Maybe I should share my WEANING, The journey so far abi? Lol, I see some of yawl waiting for THE SPIRIT OF SHARRAP pt 2 but sorry it is not yet coming. That post don’t wanna be written yet so I wont force it. So it is either THE WEANING JOURNEY or something on my workout and eating clean routine or One Post I CAN NOT wait to share… BALANCE, A DEFINITION!!! Either way guys, see yawl on the 13th, by God’s grace. Please don’t forget to share this post if it blessed you. Thank you. And hey, if there is something you want me to write about, let me know and as God helps and leads me, I will write.



Hian!!! All my favourite bloggers unu biko start blogging again na. Just be like me haha. But really, I MISS CLEAN CHRISTIAN Blogging. My Reader and Blog roll is sooo dry. Let me not name names biko but if you have ever seen my comment on your blog, I mean YOU!!!



Hey everyone who decided to go on a DETOX after my post, how is it going? Gist me abeg haha. Mine is going still well. Living a very detoxed life now with proper control of any and everything in my radar.

19 Responses

  1. Mama, your detox post blessed me and I started mine the day after I read that post and it has been most refreshing. I’m having a great time teaching my flesh who the boss is! I want to run mine for a whole month, I’m positive this new life style would stick. Thank you for being a blessing steadily!

  2. wow! Lovely post E….just learnt to really pray before getting a gift o, cos the Holy Spirit is the best picker (hope there’s a word like that) and running to share. TANCHU….and Happy 7months to KingDaveed

  3. Mama your post on the spirit of shut up really hit home for me. I have been intentional about what I say out and even .what I say to myself. God bless you ma and I must add that all the lessons on the fab lane have all been bearing fruits in my life. More grace

  4. I’m just tripping for this Natural hair…. I LOVE It.
    Nice birthday gift and of course a really wise one. Not every time edible stuff sometimes deliberately sow seeds of greatness into people’s life that can never be exhausted…

  5. Chai.! What a Perfect Gift for your hubbie, that touches not just his heart but will uplift his SPIRIT and help build his destiny.
    Reminds me of the the Igbo adage
    “Nwanyi mara obi di ya, o di ka ogworo ogwu”……translated…..
    (If a woman knows her husband’s heart desire, ‘I go be like say she dey use jazz dey control am’ )

    Wisdom Filled E’ is Wisdom Filled Wifey.!
    “O ma Obi Di Ya 1”

    You are positively impacting to the life of many.
    More Wisdom from above to you.!
    More Blessing from above to you and yours.!

    PS. ! ! !
    Big Happy Birthday to Daddy.!
    More years ahead to him in strength and good health….
    More blessing from children, grand children and great-grand children….
    **I can see the excitement from him and Mommie** Mai Regards to them

    1000 Kisses to KingDaveed from Meeee. !

  6. Happy birthday to your BIL, dad and Aku’m. October-borns soooo rock!!! Love the fact that your gift was in tune with his desires. The Holy Spirit @ work!

  7. I still pray that I do this kain thing for my parents!!! God bless you. This babe …you’re such a wonderful wife…and that picture of you and your hubby… *cough cough*! We need to hook up one of these days

    1. Hi booooo
      Keeping the wonderful wife compliment loll

      Amen ooo to nice things for our parents biko
      me sef wey perch for that SUV I go do my own too. Turn by turn.
      and that picture was perfectly harmless hehe

      and yaay to hook up

  8. I love the concept. I had a birthday recently and I had no idea what I wanted actually as a present. A Highlander might have been a good present though. Just kidding. I would prefer something a lot smaller.
    Congratulations on knowing what would suit your husband. I hope you never lose that.

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