6 certifications in 8months!!! Come through Daystar and Eziaha!!!!

Chillleeeeeeeeeee, your girl has been busy all year, but praise God today, puts a cap on all Daystar personal and spiritual development activities. (But not on my own personal and spiritual development of course) Yesterday, I graduated from the advanced level of Daystar Leadership Academy Today, I graduate from 400level. Both have been tough and […]

My Hub’s Birthday Pressie… and other stories

Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom/grow in wisdom/get a heart of wisdom… Psalms 90v12 Hi guys. How’s everyone doing today? How did your week go? This week was a birthday week in my family mehn. Started off with BIL on Sunday, Hubs on Tuesday and Popsie’s 71st […]