Chillleeeeeeeeeee, your girl has been busy all year, but praise God today, puts a cap on all Daystar personal and spiritual development activities. (But not on my own personal and spiritual development of course)

Yesterday, I graduated from the advanced level of Daystar Leadership Academy

Today, I graduate from 400level.

Both have been tough and certainly came up at seasons where being a part cost me a whole lot beyond money. It’s now I know just how CRAZY EXPENSIVE time and effort is.

Let’s back up a bit. You see, Daystar is HUGE on excellence, growth and leadership. As a member, there are various channels to help you continue to invest in yourself.

On a spiritual level, Daystar training system runs from 100 to 400level, each level tougher than the other. Each level runs for 7 to 8weeks. Lectures start at 7am and anything after 7.15am, you are late and must be do a makeup class. And the way the classes are set up, you can’t have more than 1 makeup per level (100L you can have 2 makeup classes I think). This meant we left home at 6am every Saturday.

Then there are several pre-reqs before you graduate including exams, serving in various units, doing various projects, outreaches (mine was at Ikorodu), preaching to at least 20 souls one on one (including bus or public preaching if you like), book reading and review, doing community evangelism (hubby and I went to an orphanage) and plenty more requirements sha. Of course a lot of people dropped out. You can stop at any level sha cos from 200level, you can join a unit but some units require 400L certificate. 400 level was the toughest as expected. Oh 400 was tough. Yawl KNOW I’m tough but 400 was TOUGHER. But we wanted to just do it all, so we stuck it out. Started 100 middle February and just kept joining the next level as classes started. I’m glad we did. Now look at us!!!!

And to think we joined Daystar in December and just got serious in January this year. Started 100L in February and in 8months, I personally have bagged 6 certificate courses

Ok Daystar Leadership Academy, DLA!!!

This one is HUGE. I’ve always wanted to do it even BEFORE I joined Daystar so now, I had to. You start with the basic and then do the advanced. DLA should be STRAIGHT UP A SCHOOL!!! Good thing it’s in the process of being institutionalized. That stuff is CRAZY.

Infact next year, I’m attending advanced classes again. The stuff they taught, I’m not ready!!! I’ll need to go first and apply the ones I managed to understand, then grow into the woman that can take even more depth so it can enter.

I really don’t know what Pastor Sam feeds his Pastors who make up a bulk of the facilitators but he needs to package it and sell to us at premium price. Kai. His protogees are SOLID. Pastor Sam was out of the country during my basic so we saw a video recording but in my advanced, he actually spent about 5 to 6 hours with us. I’m sure we were still clapping 10mins after he got to his office lol. He’s unbelievable . Both him and his protogees. Yesterday I had to ask Pastor Dele Agbogun a question… It wasn’t so much on the course he was handling on Team Building as it was the passion, wisdom and professionalism with which he spoke. I asked Him how he moved from being shy and lazy to this? I wanted to know the processes he had to go through in evolving. And he graciously not only shared but told me he would give me some resources to help if we chatted via whatsapp.

Yawl I don’t even feel qualified to start a chat with him. Infact, I bought 4 books after the class with my last cash. I recall Pastor Sam saying he reads a book a week. I almost fainted. How. Does. He. Find. Time??? Most importantly, WHY AM I STILL GIVING MYSELF EXCUSES????

Hardcopy books till year end. The rest will be e-copies.

You know, as Pastor Kenny prayed over us at the end, I got a crazy word!!! My definitive word for next year and of course I’m digging in and trying to make more sense of it. But it’s making sense. God is so intentional. Can’t share here but I’m definitely sharing with my mentees in our group. I’m just amazed at God.

DLA is straight GOLD. If you get a chance, do both basic and advanced. Now I know why people take leave from work or come from outside Lagos to do it. Now I know why people pay as much as 50k to do it. I’m so glad I can afford the cash and the time to invest the gift of DLA in me.

I’m so thankful for CoachE’Squad Ltd.

Again, Pastor Sam Adeyemi is not of this world. Don’t even have the mouth to call him my Pastor yet. I think I have to go and apply all I’m learning and have some sense first before I qualify.

Then his humility? Frankly it’s so incredible it’s almost annoying. Annoying when you know that you know nothing yet you are dealing with the spirit of pride.

Yawl, I’m thankful for Daystar. I really am.

I recall when I had to leave DCC officially. David’s Christian Centre, with PK and pastor Mildred.

I cried every Sunday. Daystar was BORING to me. Hubby let us dedicate ElJohn in DCC and I recall that once I entered what used to feel like home to me, I felt different.

I’m like God whats happening here? And He says, I’ve moved you on from here and I want you in Daystar now. You BETTER focus and get all I have for you here. I’ve moved on.


He sounded so conclusive. Like if you like be crying and wasting time. Don’t adjust and align with what I have for you in this season. Hmmmm. Of course I’m not stupid. I adjusted. Like mama told me, it’s like marriage, you don’t cut off totally from your parents but you give more attention to your husband and new home now. Daystar still doesn’t feel like family quite yet but I’m getting there. Now I’m done with 400L, I’ll fully join and serve in a unit and then enjoy fellowship on another level.

Nothing like being in your place .

The exact place God would have you in that season. He graces you for just where He places you. Anything outside will just be activity and frustration.

And beyond church, this applies to all of life. Embrace YOUR OWN PLACE.

My prayer is we all find, fully immerse and flourish in our God-ordained places in Jesus name, Amen.



Hubby and I went to celebrate our 400L graduation and my DLA graduation yesterday. What a year it has been. Whoop whoop. Eez nur easy… Anyways the movie wasn’t showing so we may go today some place.
Next week Saturday, at least I can sleep till 7am if I like. But I trust me lol… But at least I won’t be rushing out at 6am.

Plus I look forward to some self love… do my hair, nails, apply some makeup and hang out with 2 of my fave girls this coming week… I’ve neglected myself but for good mehn. For the greater good.


So I’ve been on a Low key weight gain journey and I’ve gained 10kg. I’m challenging myself to loosing 10kg in 6weeks or less. Will detail the journey on my official website

#WatchE’Burn #10kgin6weeks

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I was actually about to read a book written by a young author I truly admire. Reading through a brief biography of the author, I realised that he had done DLA Basic and Advance. I wanted to just know the price, and I found myself here.
    Thanks for writing, thanks for been so expressive and inspiring. God bless

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