PERMISSION GRANTED!!! (My Visa denial story and what God did)

I had decided on an Emirates flight from Lagos to Houston even though it wasn’t the cheapest, but the idea of a long layover in Dubai was exactly what I needed both ways. The plan was to truly explore DXB abeg. Oh, and my yankee itinerary? It was so perfect. Houston to NOLA, to NYC, […]

6 certifications in 8months!!! Come through Daystar and Eziaha!!!!

Chillleeeeeeeeeee, your girl has been busy all year, but praise God today, puts a cap on all Daystar personal and spiritual development activities. (But not on my own personal and spiritual development of course) Yesterday, I graduated from the advanced level of Daystar Leadership Academy Today, I graduate from 400level. Both have been tough and […]

Sometimes you gotta take the battle OUTSIDE!!!

30mins before my 2.30am alarm went off, I was up. And literally woke with an overwhelmed spirit… I slept angry and woke overwhelmed. You see, my to do list for the day was long, and frankly, I had carried over tasks consistently from Monday. Today is Thursday and it was looking like I would have […]