30mins before my 2.30am alarm went off, I was up. And literally woke with an overwhelmed spirit…

I slept angry and woke overwhelmed. You see, my to do list for the day was long, and frankly, I had carried over tasks consistently from Monday. Today is Thursday and it was looking like I would have at least 50% carry over.


Let me tell you Chileeeeeeee, my life is full and crazy, but I fight to make sure I don’t get the spirit of overwhelm lol, but this morning, it came upon me like a tornado. I went to my work space and put on my laptop. I had work that was 2days overdue and it had to go out even BEFORE I prayed. Then I did one or two things and then it was 5am and time to pray.

I had 1hour. Cos I leave for DLA at 6.15am

I need privacy to pray effectively but hubby was up and was moving up and down so I decided to go downstairs to pray…

Carried my phone and Wi-Fi and off I went.

Once I got to my spot, I just started pouring it all out, including telling God that He better not spring any pregnancy surprise on me cos He gives me too much to do that I can’t afford pregnancy or another baby. I had heard 3 surprise pregnancies from friends in recent times and I didn’t want any…

Anyways, the craziest thing happened as I poured out…

I felt Him take it all!!

Like a physical burden lifted.

Spirit of joy in place of overwhelm.

Lightness for burden.

And then a Word. Actually a Word I had been meditating on recently but with fresh light…

Surrender your anxiety! Be silent and stop your striving and you will see that I am God. I am the God above all the nations, and I will be exalted throughout the whole earth.

Psalms 46:2‭, ‬10 TPT


What a NOW word. I can’t even tell you just how much I needed Him to say that to me… I can’t tell you just how much Satan had gotten my STRIVING GAME STRONG. But no more satan!!!


Yes this is how dark it was without flash lol…

Then I looked up to the dark but open heavens with a wink… I knew God was up there smiling down at me… With Joy, Strength and Peace.

Maybe that was why He brought me downstairs. So there would be no hindrance to all He was releasing… Just free flowing supply from open heavens.

Maybe we should pray outside under open heavens more often.


Of course I’m not saying that’s the new way to get results ooo. Nope. I’m just saying changing my location helped me see and feel God better.

In 20mins, I was done. Nothing else to pray. Peace had brought me a Word and a strategy with which to face my day, I moved on to intercede for others abeg. I prayed God also helps my friends going through challenges to NOT GIVE UP or CAVE UNDER THEM, and gives them a NOW WORD that brings them peace and joy and strength.

I even had time to take pictures lol

To remind me of that time my change in location led to a change in my perspective too.

God is so good.

I challenge you to take those challenges to GOD, let Him exchange it for His peace.

Take it to Him.

And then FIGHT GIRL, FIGHT!!!!

I finally went live with the @stayhomemoms.ng IG and FB page.

I’ve been so scared of adding that baby to my social media work. But today, God helped me push it out and I was actually excited launching it. Wow. From fear to Joy.

Pressure OFF!!!

And yay today I got a whole gift bag from a private squaddie…

5 packs of imported amazing Green tea

An infuser cup

A coffee cup

And a few souvenirs from Coventry Uni like pens, flash drives, and wall/table/platform stickers.

She actually brought them to my DLA class and it was my first time of meeting her. I may or may not have broken a few bones with my squishy ‘I can’t breathe, Eziaha’ hug.

God is great!!! God bless her…

God bless you too…

Love you (Pastor Nike Adeyemi made us repeat LOVE YOU so much today that I’m probably going to end a wrong phone call with it. She was speaking to us on Family success and why we need to get comfortable telling our spouses and kids I LOVE YOU all the time. She said if you can’t say I LOVE YOU, then LOVE YOU is easier and we practiced it like 100 times in a singing voice lol…)


Love youuuuuuuuuuuuu….



Hey if you are feeling overwhelmed, these two songs may help…

1. We will not be shaken by Brian Johnson

2. God I look to you by Jenn Johnson

Yup, husband and wife blessing us since God knows when!!!

I download from tubidy.mobi

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  1. Praise God that you feel better.
    I agree with Pastor Nike on saying ‘I love you’ and I wish people would say the entire sentence rather than shorten it.

    I found it really awkward saying it to family, but I hope to start when I have a husband and kids too.

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