Sometimes you gotta take the battle OUTSIDE!!!

30mins before my 2.30am alarm went off, I was up. And literally woke with an overwhelmed spirit… I slept angry and woke overwhelmed. You see, my to do list for the day was long, and frankly, I had carried over tasks consistently from Monday. Today is Thursday and it was looking like I would have […]

3 (uncommon) things I am INSANELY GRATEFUL for.

Hey People, So today, you get TWO posts and just to make sure you truly do, I won’t publish the first till I am done with the second so I publish both together and not be a ‘LIAR LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!!!’ I am actually home alone at the moment, with the rest of them […]

#AttitudeO'Gratitude… Day 5

Yay… Day 5 Whoop whoop Ok let’s roll it already… First lemme find out how your day was… How was your day Tweety? Hope ndi uchu didn’t see you? Looool. I purposely put in all this Igbo. And I purposely don’t translate too. And Yes I am still fighting tribalism… Hahahahahahahahaha A friend of mine […]

Inspiration FM and Values…

Prepping for work this morning, I tune to Inspiration FM which is easily my fave radio station.  Two guys who I am NOT fans of were on. I think they were the same two guys who stood in for Wanawana when she was out for a while. I found them too garrulous so I stopped […]