Day 5
Whoop whoop

Ok let’s roll it already…
First lemme find out how your day was…
How was your day Tweety?
Hope ndi uchu didn’t see you? Looool.
I purposely put in all this Igbo. And I purposely don’t translate too.
And Yes I am still fighting tribalism…
A friend of mine said something to me today which I found profound. An offshoot of my Dear Diary Post.
She said ‘…This is not tradition Eziaha, it’s prejudice. Don’t mistake the two…’
So what is E’ thankful for today?
1. Eating a BIG frog early. You’ve heard that saying yeah…? Don’t keep pushing. Just eat the frog early.


Do the most ‘unpleasant’ thing early in the day and enjoy the rest of the day jare. I did that. Had to get something major done so I woke at 4am (I slept at 1am btw), did what I needed to do (it involved some screaming looool) and literally heaved a huge sigh of relief. I am also thankful for the two hours of sleep I caught later at day break. Usually once I wake, that’s it. The body no dey gree ooo. Especially when day don break. But between the light streaming through my curtains and the VERY NOISY 24/7 church screaming IN MY EARS, the merciful Lord gave His beloved E’ sleep…

2. I am just grateful (and I say this without any slight intended) for the kind of liberty and freedom and knowledge I have in Christ.

Black & White Worship

And especially my spiritual authority figures and how they rightly dissect the Word of Truth. You know how I mentioned yesterday that the Word preached on sunday morning just made me wanna be ‘more Christian’ and fall in love more with God cos He’s handed me a VERY good deal. That’s why I say NATIN dey dis life outside God abeg. The person talking in this 24/7 noise=making church went on and on and on and on about people who fixed weavons and attachment to come out. Both parents and teenagers and they were VERY reprimanded and sent to a certain corner to be “dealt with”. I heard all sorts of things about how bad it was and stuff. I was just grateful that my own relationship with God allowed me ‘more liberty’.


I just loved on God more. Again, no slight intended. I’m just loving my own relationship with my Sugurrrr Daddy.
3. I’m grateful for the NUDGE.


Ah, I love how God just stops me from doing something I planned to do and hands me an even better deal. One of my bestos pinged me that she was coming into Lag today for shopping. I was excited ooo. I immediately planned to hook up with her. I was free. I even on the spot decided to follow her back to Ib for a while. Then I felt the NUDGE. No market and absolutely NO Ibadan. Ha ahn!!! I felt bad to cancel but I did. Thank you for understanding Boo 🙂

Dumebi Ezar
Then later, I was chatting with one of my Blogimonies (Blog testimonies. Someone ah-may-zing I met off my blog) later and then God told me to go and visit with her.


I did. And I had the most amazing time with Kate and her not-so-brand-new-anymore’ baby who is a full time job.


Mehn, motherhood is a JOB. Women should BE paid for it. Abeg. The less than 6week cutie kept Kate ‘on-duty’ all the while. Talking to Kate is always so refreshing. Spiritually uplifting. So ‘Christian’. I hope we understand what I mean ooo. God knew I needed to be in the calmness of a home not the bustle of a market today, as much as I wanted to see my darling Booski today. Truly, God was SPOT ON right. Baby mi, we go see mehn… And I’m glad you had a good time shopping.
Thank you Kate Sweerie. Muah.
Btw, her hubby has this amazing blog where he transcribes DCC/PK’s relationship messages especially LDM.
You wanna rush over especially ladies. #ThankMeLater#

Memo to Nnanna… #GoWorkYourBlogooo# hehhehe
4. Na wa ooo. I’m amazed as to how and why people always wanna give me gifts… Especially when I visit. Tz always like ‘abeg I gotta find something to give you/sow into your life before you leave’
I recall one girl looked and looked and loooookkkkkkeeeeddddd. She really rummaged her stuff. When she didn’t see, she promised to go and buy something in particular for me.
Kate did it for me too. She gave me a gift. Thank you soooooo much dear. I am thankful for the seeds people sow in my life.


I can’t complain. Hehehehe. I have to give more too biko.
5. Good health and safety… Eish. I had a bad tummy pain today. Twas too sharp.


Had pineapple and that was it ooo. I held it through my visit. It was bearable. But as I got up to go, eish… I almost doubled in pain. Increased as I made my way home and getting transport home was hard. I was just doubled over. And it was getting so late. Finally, miraculously, transport showed up and I got home late but safely. In no time, the pain disappeared too. Just like that.
Kai, Giantsparkle just posted before me. Ish. I just got her email notification. Arrrgh. I dunno if Lizzy has too. Looks like I’m the LASTMA for today Day 5. Tz past 11 already. Hello Time, slow down already.
Ok bye bye


Shout out to all my offline partners in gratitude. Keep your testimonies coming and keep speaking. Like I SAID WITH ONE TODAY, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for if we just look deeper. If you haven’t started speaking the GRATITUDE DIALECT too, please start ooo,


Ntoi to the people waiting to punish me if I miss a day. God dey my back hehehehe. BTW, am I not the Headmistress of this gratitude gig? Loooool…


Just incase you missed my post on Parents-Teacher Collaboration https://eziaha.com/2013/08/05/parent-teachers-collaboration/


10 Responses

  1. Dis kain abd pain,ndo dear mnwhyl I was in a bus travelin to ph frm abia state #corper tinz,wen one lady was like,u must cover ur hair,doz who said u shldnt cover ur hair are lyin!
    Many controversies on makeup,weave-on and trousers,(I do all 3)
    May God help us all

    1. I don’t mind sha if they don’t do
      Just don’t condemn us who do in the same was we shouldn’t snort at those who don’t.
      To each her own
      I taya for the pain ooo.
      Maybe I’m pregnant afterall

  2. Hehehehhehehehe…My Boo-boo. I’m glad ur days are bright nd cheerful. Kate’s baby looks good on u. We will borrow d baby one day nd go for a photo shoot bfor ours come next year :d I’m startin my gratitude journal today. I noticed each of ur days is more entertainin nd cheerful than d last. Nd I want d experience too. #inspiredmuch# Stay Bright as always Lady E! Meanwhile, Valerie looked smashing on Sunday. This bush is good for herooooo :d

    1. Loooool at next year prophecy
      See this madam ooo
      U r on ur own
      Loooool at borrow
      Valerie oooooo. And you were complaining saying Corpers are not smiling. .. mschewwww
      Yes sweets pls start already
      I even thought you were in

    2. Pls can u come and borrow my baby 4d hols biko, I won’t mind jst let me kno make I begin pack his bags. Hehehhehhehe

  3. Its always a pleasure having u around o, I look 4wrd 2more visits abeg. Abt d payment for motherhood hmmM I’m totally in support o. Mayb we can start a campaign? Lol

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