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Been ages I wrote here. Ok life has been intensely awesome. First, there was EKBALLO which was HEAVEN ON EARTH. Yawl I can’t lie I am so stinkin’ proud of me.

And an already perfect program was made even perfecter lol by the surprise appearance by my Rev. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Imagine my shock when Rosey came to tell me he was there. I mean Pastor M was the one meant to come but she was now out of town and DDK couldn’t make it, so I was like it’s all good, only for Rev to plan with Mama and be there.

Can we talk about how SPECIAL I feel?

Ok Ekballo over and by Thursday morning, I went for my monthly retreat. So every month, I take myself to a hotel for 2 days and just enjoy some alone me and God time. I am SO THANKFUL for those two days cos I DESPERATELY need it. Life has so much wear and tear biko so those refreshing are needed. Grateful my hubby lets me go too.

I just love that God downloads and He did for me during the retreat. I left there just wondering how I would handle it all, and seeking His face for practical directions and all, and then July 1, I looked up and realized I was STRIPPED.

I didn’t even really see the process, I just kept obeying what I knew were divine instructions.
He stripped me to make room for obedience to the things He wanted my second half to look like.

First, Discipleship ended. It was to be 1 year but as I entered June, I sensed it would have to be 6months instead so I told them and by end of June, it was over.

Next, I heard Him ask me to lay down the WILD WOMEN group for a season and I am like ‘welp, OK sir’, Sunday June 30, I told the WILD women the group was going down that night. By midnight it was gone.

Next, I knew it was time to leave a couple whatsapp groups… one married women’s group I was in but never participating in, both my secondary school groups, and then one of my units in church so I could focus on just one. I promptly told all the admins and left. I also left a few randoms I knew my time in were up.

Then I have this prayer meeting I used to do 3 times a week for 30mins each at midnight, and God told me to change it to once a week for an hour. Bam!!! That completely freed time up for me.

The one that stayed untouched was my stay at home mom’s mentoring academy, because it runs just Tuesdays and Thursdays and that schedule was just fine, but God told me to give hours to it as opposed to just talking all day. So I blocked out an hour thirty minutes window to do it and that would be all.

Relationships? Ah He completely redefined them for me, creating even more margin in my life. I recall one relationship that was overwhelming me in a really good way. I mean, I loved talking to her all day every day and God comes for my whole life, telling me how UNHEALTHY it is and if I keep doing it, I would screw what is meant for good, up.

I quickly adjusted abeg. Doing that gave me even further margin to my hours

Then He now showed me very clearly the books to read this month to help me get more out of my hours…
Deep work by Cal Newport (Started before but dropped out)

Digital Minimalism by same author
Free to focus by Michael Hyatt

Yawl, these three books have been handing me very practical tools to get the best out of my day and find a correct balance. Trust me, I have already started applying. I had other books I planned for July ooo but until these are done, your girl won’t look at the rest.

At my retreat, he had been gracious enough to show me THREE things He wanted me to get a complete mastery of and one of it was my phone. I love how these books are teaching me to do this, even though I run a business that requires my online presence.

Even with work, I recall I had listened to PP’s doing less to create more impact and as that message convicted me, the Lord immediately showed me the 4 programs He wanted me to focus on with CSL and immediately, I adjusted. I recall the same day someone came to me asking to create a Nutrition plan for XYZ and I boldly told her I don’t do that anymore. I literally moved from offering 12 or so services to 4. I dunno how my bank account is doing though haha. But I knew that was God.

I mean, I literally looked up and saw how He stripped me and even the process leading up to it. Now I cannot say I don’t have time to obey everything He showed me in the retreat.

I was even supposed to start an American specialized course on Prenatal Nutrition this July and my sweet Jesus told me not to bother about it, instead to use the rest of the year to do a refresher on the four professional certifications I have…
Boom. Stripped to make even more room in my hours. That course would have taken a chunk of my morning hours.

He even completely stripped my diet. I recall during the fast I went on before EKBALLO, by Day 3 or so, my help forgot to bring out my own food which was brown rice and cabbage soup so it was BLOCKED when I was hungry and ready to eat. Na so I vex eat this party Jollof we had. Come and see me the next morning… weak and dragging myself. I was like God what happened na? I mean I am praying and all. With a fast, should I not have increased strength?
And He said, cos you ate what I am trying to strip you off and at the wrong time too.

Let us just say it has been almost 3 weeks now and I literally am too scared to taste any processed grains… rice, pasta, etx. I just felt God tell me, if you will go far, you cannot continue to do things like others. May be fine for others, but not for you so face ya sef.

Gosh, there has been a crazy stripping and I can see just how amazing my life is as a result.

I mean I am not saying all is now perfect ooo, but girl, I am on my way to a higher level of purpose and productivity.

Quick question before I wrap this up…
Have you submitted to the stripping process He needs you to submit to?
Or are you still carrying ‘uwa niile’ that is the whole world?

You see, in very clear ways, I am learning that to bear much fruit, you gotta be ready to let some things die, literally.

When we die, we bear much fruit. That’s the Bible. Google it.

Then finally. He showed me a group of people He wanted to be on the new team He wanted me to raise to help me achieve the assignment for H2. I am excited about it all.

Ok so the day after my retreat was my birthday.
I turned the JESUS YEAR finally. Been waiting for 33 since 30.

Had a really great time cos my friends, mentees and WILD sisters decided to spoil me AND my bank account.

Let me tell you, I cried. I felt like I stole something. I went to Pastor M and I was like why??? Why would they be this generous? I don’t do anything I do for money or gifts.

It felt wrong. And she said, it is not for you, it is for them. If you water, you will be watered even if you are not expecting it.

So receive it with joy. And I did. Right into my piggy bank account haha.

I am super excited for my new year and the second half of the year.

God is so amazing!!!

Oh and final gist, we also launched the book

#EkballoByEziaha at EKBALLO. Let me come back with more gist on it as I had to put a pause on sales for now cos of technical issues with my App. Just those who bought at the event have access to it for now, will do a post when all have been resolved.

Hugs, Kisses, Love and Light

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  1. Happy 33rd birthday Coach E’. What a blazing light and inspiration you are. Truly a life that waters must indeed be watered….Thank you also for putting a name to what I’ve bn trying to figure out. Now I realize it’s God trying to Strip me to allow more room for the fruit bearing process. Though I’ve bn fighting the process. Now I see the light.
    Thank you for always openly sharing and blessing us with your life’s lessons.
    May this new year propel you even higher & deeper into all the awesomeness that God has in store for you.
    Much love!

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