I know what you are thinking. Like, didn’t this Chick just start her business 3.5seconds ago? Bedtime (1)

Where does she get off sharing Christian Business principles already???

The Nerve!!!

Hahahaha. I really dunno too. God just has a way of setting me up.

No really. Steph is a prophet

He has a sense of humour so Indulge me…
So like yawl know, SavedFitnFAB opened up for business on Monday the 13th, well Tuesday technically and you don’t wanna know how many Clients we have today.

My. God. Is. Awesome!!!
Something you also don’t know is that I was sooooo scared to venture out. It took the heavens opening, God winking, Angel Gabriel waving, Joyce Meyer scolding, Chris Caine screaming, Pastor M prophesying, a few friends harassing (hello Steph, Priceless, and Vee) and 24 white doves singing hallelujah for me to step out and do this post that heralded #SavedFitnFAB


Most of you think you know me but you don’t. Lemme tell you this. All my life, I have stretched myself to make a success of everything I touch. I hate failure. Or maybe I’m afraid of failure and hunnay, that’s a terrible thing!!! Yes I have stretched, pushed and have made a success out of most things I touch. But guess what? They have all been within a relative comfort zone. I have pushed the very boundaries of my comfort zone but hardly ever left it.

I have ‘go-getted’ plenty but within my comfort zone.
Starting a business like #SavedFitnFAB is wayyyyyyy out of my comfort zone. I didn’t wanna charge anybody for anything especially using my blog as platform.
You see, the sanctity of my blog is important to me. God had told me 2years ago that ‘your money is in your blog’ but I didn’t know HOW He meant it. But I protect my blog and all it stands for. I didn’t wanna even think of doing anything ‘money’ on or from it.

The full chat further down
The full chat further down

I thought helping for free was the CHRISTIAN thing to do on my blog. I mean, we should not be MONEY MINDED as believers abi? Leave that for the world going to hell.
Kai, devil had me warped.
So when I felt God pull me to monetise right after the first free one, I resisted. I thought lemme do a second free first. Yawl know how we negotiate with God.
Err, Wrong move!!!
Then all the frustrations began. Almost everyone in the second group had an ‘ish’. 2days in, major frustrated, I heard God clearly again…
I’m not in this. You don’t have the grace anymore to do this for free. Step out baby. Monetise and i will BLESS it.
Then a friend, Ru came to visit. I hinted her and she said
‘…Eziaha, if God told me to stop something, as I’m talking to you, the group would have been closed…’
Hian!!! You would think i’d know better.
The next morning, I was very troubled. I had given my word to these ladies. I wanted to do it. But I wanted to obey God more. I spoke to my bestie Dumebi and she said to shut down. Ditto Priceless.

I did.

I apologised to the Chicks, told them I would give them a discount if they came on board the next, and I shut down.

Then I told Pastor M…

And let’s just begin these Christian business Principles at this point before I move from business  Principles to an auto-biography.

1. Let God lead you. Not Money.
Money is good but Purpose is best.

Pursue purpose and watch money chase you. There is something SPECIFIC God wants you to do so He can have something to bless. SavedFitnFAB is just ONE of the money making ideas God has given me but He made this my FIRST, the one I’m most uncomfy with, so I could kick fear. And God explained to me that THIS, using my blog as platform for it all, was EXACTLY what He meant when He told me ‘…Eziaha, your money is in your blog’

My writing is such a GIFT!!!
My writing is such a GIFT!!!

2. Get a WORD and your confessions!!!
If number 1 is in place, you will have a Word. And then you will continue to war with that WORD until it is flesh. Tangible.
Don’t even go anywhere without a WORD!!! I’ll share a bit of mine at the end.

3. Identify your Prophets
Pastor M had given me a Word earlier on monetising what she sensed what a gift. No pressures. She just said it. Then that day I shut the group down and told her, she goes ahead and prophesies again. What she told me was sooooo deep I was discombobulated at first. I didn’t know if it was in the Bible, if it was The Message, a quote, etc. Then when I gathered myself, I wrote it down. It was a WORD for me from heaven!!!
Pastor Debola Deji-Kurunmi was another prophet.

She may have thought she was preaching to everyone at WarriorInHeels but it was one look I took at Debola’s Twitter profile before the program and I had a baby-in-the-womb-leaping moment.


She is a FT minister, FT wife and mom and she has her businesses. Ah!!! Then she dropped a line the entire church may have missed somewhere towards the end of her sermon.

‘…Apostles in the marketplace…’

End of story!!!
My darling husband. Oh as I shared with him all God pushing me to do, he had on this coy smile and then he reminded me what God had told him about my future back then as my Pastor in Winners Campus fellowship, UI, even before we started dating. beautyplus_20150628211526_save_edit.jpg

He said

‘…Global figure baby. That’s what God said you will be. I’m happy to see it coming to pass with all this…’
Christine Caine’s PropelWoman

Chick beside Chris is Nigerian. She's awesome!!!
Chick beside Chris is Nigerian. She’s awesome!!!

Ah!!! I got one of the curriculums and God blew me away with it. Jeez!!! I saw a panel of Christian women in the marketplace talking about being full on for Jesus whilst ‘in the world but not of it…’

4. Identify your cheerleaders
Stephanie Obi. She pushed me.

Lol at hallelujah when I told her I was going premium
Lol at hallelujah when I told her I was going premium

Maybe a little too hard but i’m thankful she did. And that screen shot above on teaching Christian business principles? That is right. God used her to inspire the direction of this post when she said that. Thanks babe.
SisiYemmie. Gosh, we hadn’t even chatted in a while but that morning, she just entered my lane and on BBM, she said some words to me.



I don’t even believe how God used her. She just made me believe I was born to be all that and more.
Vee. Dumebi. Sapphire. Priceless. Ayo. All my besties. All of them. Awesome lot. The moment the post got out, they all start calling excitedly as if it was my birthday. Gosh!!! How did I get so blessed!?!?! On BBM too. Several friends shared my DP, reposted on FB and Twitter, told their colleagues, gave my number, shared my links.Ah!!! They also prayed for and encouraged me.

The full chat
The full chat

Gosh, you need your cheerleaders. You need them. And I guess you get cheerleaders yourself by being one for others when occasion demands. (and that’s a word for someone today)

5. Know your worth. Charge your worth


At whatever level you are at.
Just consult with the Holy Spirit and not your emotions. Charge your worth and don’t apologise for it. Your aim should be to obey God and not please everyone.

Newsflash: No matter how high or low, people will complain so….

6. Know your HARVEST!!!

No honey, you ain’t sent to everyone. There are specific people you are sent to and when they meet you, they won’t complain, or make you explain yourself like a school kid. They will be super duper excited to patronise you. They can’t wait to work with you. They will harass you for account number. They will hurriedly pay you. They will say thank you. They will say God bless you. Those ones are your harvest. They are paying for it but they will be happy to. God personally blew me away with this one point.

Christine had this workshop recently where you could pay to attend and have her share from 10am to 4pm. An intimate meeting of sorts. You could ask personal questions and all. It was about N110k in naira. It sold out in hours and no one on the waiting list got a chance later. No she didn’t say this. I stalked, connected the dots and got this info. While some people were complaining it was expensive, the harvest had cleared it out.
Focus on your harvest and don’t even vex at all or argue or explain when anyone says otherwise. You don’t have time for that. God told me to just say to myself ‘…hallelujah, she is NOT my harvest…’ Then stay believing for my own harvest. And no, your friends, your circle, the people who promised you before you started, your neighbours, your church members, etc, they might NOT be your harvest!!! Focus!!!

7. No Competition drama

Of course you can NOT be the only person in the business so don’t even disturb yourself about others no matter what. God told me ‘…Eziaha, the harvest is PLENTY. I still don’t have enough labourers…’ So make friends with your colleagues jor. We are CO-LABOURERS NOT RIVALS

8. Pay the Price…
Especially the early days. I have had to sacrifice a lot. Even hubs had to let me be for sometime because I had to get some things up and running. I had research to do, proposals to write, publicity to do, skills to acquire, late nights to keep, all-nighters to pull, online courses to start and complete, etc. In order to get these done, somethings would give. There was even this 3days straight I didn’t watch Joyce or Chris.


That’s a miracle. Haha. You can’t slack because you can speak in tongues. You speak in tongues so that you can do fruitful targeted work. Diligence baby, diligence.

9. Have a Kingdom mindset.

Baby at 6months and 1year
Baby at 6months and 1year

I believe Christians who own businesses should always realise that it is not just about US. It is about the kingdom. Putting this always in front of us changes how and why we play the game. Never been more excited at my first fruit. Never been more excited to partner with Joyce Meyer Ministries and A21. Never been more excited to sow consistently in 6figures. There are 2/3 Chicks I am looking to employ to work from home. I love what they do for God and I would love to empower them. My targets are beyond me. So yes, my desire to change my wardrobe and buy another car is legit and will be met through my businesses because a workman deserves his luxuries, but I can’t afford to be distracted from the goal… THE KINGDOM!!! And His people. And since God is looking at your heart, honey He will bless you if your heart is right and your business is steeped in HIS purpose.

10. Genuinely LOVE your clients.
I’m not even kidding, I’m on my face for some people. I’m like God before this is over with me, let this Chick have XXX testimony. I confess that my Clients discover purpose as they work with us. SFnF lets me deal with these Chicks directly and a bit intimately so empathy is a part of the package. You would also wanna do your best when it is done from a heart of love.

Let. Love. Lead.

11. Don’t wait till you are ready…
You will absolutely never ever ever be fully ready. Have faith in God, not in your plans (Thank you Pastor M) Step out in faith baby. I did. And I have grown in just these 3days cos some emails and mealplans have brought requests that have thrown me off. No matter how I prepared, I would never have thought of these. But then, I pray, God gives ideas and we work something out.

12. Your fears!!! They will never ever be valid!!!
I was afraid.

But i stepped out

In one day, I amazed myself. Sitting on my bed ooo. . That’s the kinda alert that’s sweetest. And that’s how we have been rolling ooo. I even have my first celebrity client. Yaaaaay.
Priscilla Shirer said if she has two decisions to make and fear is standing in the way of Choice A, she knows that’s EXACTLY what God wants her to do hence the devil clouding it with fear. Your fears, they are from the father of lies in whom there is no truth at all and so they are a LIE!!! A big fat-nosed rotten LIE!!!

And my bonus point, which is me repeating point 2. Have a Word and war with it.
Lemme share a story I heard mama Joyce say. So her book ‘Love Revolution’ releases and she gets a call from the Publishers that it ain’t doing too well. Actually it was doing poorly. You see, Joyce is a results driven person. You actually begin to doubt the call on your life when that sorta thing happens. Now she said she could have sat down and just sulked ‘oh people don’t like me anymore. They don’t wanna read me. Maybe I don’t write well anymore. Am I coming to the end? Etc’
But nah, mama said she got out her scriptures and wrote it all out. And then she would lock her office morning, noon and night and go to war with them, confessing out loud how her every book is a best seller and so on.

She said 4days in, she got another call. Her book had moved up to be Number 4 on the New York times bestsellers list
Pooooooooow!!! 4days only!!!
Honey, do what you can do(diligence), then let God do what you cannot (prayers)
I have a couple of scriptures and confession for my businesses I wanna share with you. Actually just three. No scripture is of private interpretation so feel free to use too if you are a Christian in business.
Numbers 11:31
A wind set in motion by God Himself is released into all the world and is bringing my ‘harvest’ my way… (I believe this ‘wind’ is the Holy Spirit.) Heaven’s own PA system is sounding for us. (I have 3 clients from outside Naija already. Whoop!!!)
Matt 13:39
Reaper Angels are bringing my harvests to me. Angels are my harvest workers. They make sure not one of my harvest passes us by.
1Thess 1:9
News about my businesses is spreading everywhere. People are telling everyone. Everywhere people are talking about us. Before I say a Word, people say ‘oh I know you Eziaha, you run that FAB blog eziaha.com and you do all those awesome social media businesses…’

My Eziaha (good reputation) precedes me.
And because all my businesses are powered online, I am constantly pleading the blood of Jesus and speaking to my devices and Internet that they work perfectly and all the plans of the enemy, through virus and all is destroyed. This was something hubs brought to my attention.
Morning, noon and night, I’m warring. Why? Cos the devil will come after me big time because I’m not just a business woman BUT an Apostle in the Marketplace.
And Pastor Debola, I know you will read this so here’s my I love you… and Pastor M, thank you sooooo much mama.
So are you afraid??

Fear is your cue that you were born to do this baby. God’s got ya. Just. Do. It.
I think I’m ready for my first Christian business seminar for start ups… Who’s calling? Haha.
And yup, spread word to anyone you think needs my services please, and support my business.


Men stop complaining about your wife’s weight and enrol her today. Sister, be a good friend and pay for that your colleague/friend you know needs to lose weight. Gift someone one of my services. Buy a healthy meal plan. Tell your friends and colleagues. CoachE’ is in town and she’s your last bus stop on your weightloss journey.

Group hug

Who’s coming for Prophetic motherhood?



Every woman is invited if you are a mom or you plan on being a mom someday. If I haven’t invited you personally, please consider this your personal invite. Let’s make the future of our kids thick with prophecies. Amen!!! Just see ’em tweets!!!



I feel like running down there RIGHT NOW!!! Gosh!!! Re-read that ine


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  1. Wow! Am just at a pount where I was just stuck and just asking God to give me clarity before this weekend is over concerning direction for my biz and it felt like I was just crowded and overwhelmed! I believe this post comes in as part of God answering my prayers. I need to copy this out and print for more reading because I really need to.
    Thanks Eziaha

  2. Aww dear. I wish I could say I am surprised but I not.
    It was only the natural next step. And only the first of many. Sometimes what will make money for us isn’t what we read in the University or our grades, you know those grades that you suffered to get, but what we read and the grades we got are just a platform to make us credible enough for the ( doubters and the disbelieving world) to pay their money for our ideas.
    I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but that’s the rhema God gave to me when I wondered at the ideas he was giving me for the future that had absolutely nothing to do with law. Law why I suffer to read oh.lol.

    Anyway congrats on being courageous enough to start. Don’t forget to pray, pray, pray and pray. If I may add, sow to where God leads you concerning this particular business.
    It works WONDERS.

    1. Mehn Esther you ate spot on. Pastor M told me that too. I love your angle on the doubters. It makes sense. You are awesome. Biko what business do you do? We Apostles need to stick together baby. Sorry at the suffer for Law hahahaha. NNE I am praying ooo. And sowing crazy sef. Strategic something. We need fertile ground and open heavens


  3. Mama E’ YOU ARE A BLESSING!! I love love love you. I can relate to a lot of the points and if I were to explain how each point shared has added to me. And so timely. Shattah!

    Thank you so so much.
    ‘my great cloud of witnesses.’

  4. I know a time cometh when people will be like I hear there is this absolutely incredibly gorgeous Christian woman by name E, i really want to meet her and me i will just pose and be like ‘yeah, she is my mentor’.
    God bless the works of your hands ma. Ezra5:8b
    Much love

  5. I will be your first client if you are a christian business coach lol. I am about to step out from my comfortable 9-5 job and this post has a lot I need to constantly remind myself about. I listened to DDK’s warrior in heels message (thanks to my colleague @reenicebay) and the part you quoted here about your desire to own nice things being legit but not taking your eyes from the goal, that part stayed with me from the message when I listened to it.
    Lately the phrase servant leadership has refused to leave me alone. I’m always reminded that I am not starting a business just to be profitable but to serve using the gifts, skills, talent etc that God has blessed me with.

    Also I remember that Priscilla Shirer’s message about making decisions, and me that I can be mega indecisive sometimes, when she said the one that is surrounded by fear is the one the devil doesn’t want you to have, it was like she taught me the lesson of my life.

    And yes I will mothers prayer assembly with my children o, I no get where to keep them during the weekend. By Gods grace I wee concentrate

    1. Awwww I love everything in this comment
      And hiiiiii Reenicebay. I love you
      And can’t wait to meet you and your cuties
      And God bless you

  6. apostle in the market place! that word hit me.chai!!!!!!.your blog have been a tremendous blessing.your business will grow and flourish.am also a Christian in business of taking care of children (.daycare) .I will copy those prayer points.God bless you.I will tell everyone I know in kaduna about you.God bless you.you will not understand what this post has done for me.it is an answered prayer.love you!

  7. Frankly, i’m NOT surprised momma. That you will make it in life and in God is no longer a confession, it’s a reality. What i’m concerned and excited about now is the places you will make. How does Dubia sound in your spirit? Paris nnko? What about Australia? I think Australia is a YES!!!, so you cld hook up with CC no? all these countries after Nigeria ofcourse.

  8. You know when you did that post on your weight loss journey before you had your online class… I Read it and had a strategic meeting with God wt an agenda to overthrow fat. We won. You Inspired me and with God, I reduced my waist size from 40 to 32 in 2 months. People don’t believe I have a one year old man. Good. So now av read this. On my way to have another meeting with God… It’s time to get off my comfort zone and start making more money for the Kingdom. Thanks Eziaha. Thanks my Elizabeth…..


  9. I had tried to maintain my weight and stay slim and it worked along time before I stumbled on your blog,only to stumble on your blog and discover that some of the things I did are what you are recommending.welldone Eziaha I am glad you were able to step out and encourage others which I couldn’t do.I have a gift in writing and I have been wondering how to use it for the kingdom and also make money from it.I am currently one of the admins for a group on Facebook(Praying Moms Nigeria) and also a contributor for another blog(mum2mumafrica. com).Being having a leading to start my own blog but am not sure if the season is right yet.wondering if I can talk to you more personally May be on bbb.welldone Eziaha tanx for obeying God.am learning to step out.

    1. I got your mail hun. Will revert.
      I think number one is pray a lot and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. He will lead you through seasons. But continue to do what’s right in front of you. Walk with God. He will lead through transitions

      Love you girl

    2. Plus I recommend Stephanie obi. Pls follow her and her social media closely. And I do mean closely. She has your answers

  10. *Deep breath. Indeed i took a deep breath after reading this. Am lost for words. Absolutely, i don’t know where to start.
    First, this is more than a business principles. Is a semiar. At this point mama, i call you a LIFE COACH. GOD is brithing that out of you if not already. You are a big blessing.
    Am so glad i know you. I can say one day. She is my mama and has feed me. You are going places and my mind can’t totally comprehend.

    This post is bursting me out. A perfect well wriiten post. I knew God will birth something from your weight loss journey and I said that to you from the beginning. Am so Happy this is happening now.
    I can’t contend my Joy. God bless you mama. God bless this business.

  11. Ezy pls is there a mail I can get through to you on? Or a number I can call. Would really love to speak to you. Thanks

  12. “No honey, you ain’t sent to everyone. There are specific people you are sent to and when they meet you, they won’t complain, or make you explain yourself like a school kid. They will be super duper excited to patronise you. They can’t wait to work with you. They will harass you for account number. They will hurriedly pay you. They will say thank you. They will say God bless you. Those ones are your harvest. They are paying for it but they will be happy to.”

    This right here!!!!! This is everything.
    I am inspired to plunge ahead. God bless you

  13. This is my first time reading any of your posts. I just happened across it. Be encouraged! This post definitely encouraged me as I just started my blog that God placed on my heart a year ago! Its soo amazing when we abandon fear and decide to trust God in obedience! Keep trusting sis!

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