A 31 day Devotional for the FAB.Warrior.Mom (PDF Download)

Hiiiiiii guyssssssss…. I have never been more excited doing any Project than I was this. Plus one of the nods I got from heaven (aside a knowing in my Spirit of course) was the GRACE to do short posts. Yawl know we do Posts in thousands of words on this lane but this devotional has […]

#PropheticMotherhood… What Pst Dotun Arifalo said

  There’s a Part 1 here #PropheticMotherhood… What DDK said This series builds up so start from there aii? Pastor Dotun Arifalo is the ‘Father’ over the ministry, Deborah Initiative for Women. She basically got me born again all over AGAIN!!! I didn’t believe all that was coming out of that woman!!! Gosh!!! Let’s just […]

#PropheticMotherhood… What DDK said

God has blown me away in recent times. I woke early Sunday morning and as I thought about the previous week and all that had happened to and with me, God used a Twitter scenario to drive it home… So I was having this convo with Kuchi and QYM on Twitter and I said #GroupHug […]

FAB Christian Biz Principles 101…

I know what you are thinking. Like, didn’t this Chick just start her business 3.5seconds ago? Where does she get off sharing Christian Business principles already??? The Nerve!!! Hahahaha. I really dunno too. God just has a way of setting me up. He has a sense of humour so Indulge me… So like yawl know, […]

Warrior. Mom. #PropheticMotherhood

Hey guys. I’m back!!! Three POWERFUL posts in 2days!!! Catch up Support.Growing.Businesses… Part 2 Purpose, Seasons and a GIANTSLAYER TURNS ONE!!! Anybody giving cash rewards??? Anyways, I’m back and this time I’m tumblin’ flippin’ excited!!! Now let me tell you a bit about KingDaveed. Not only is he strong, that lil’ man is STRONG-WILLED!!! If […]