God has blown me away in recent times. I woke early Sunday morning and as I thought about the previous week and all that had happened to and with me, God used a Twitter scenario to drive it home…


So I was having this convo with Kuchi and QYM on Twitter and I said #GroupHug as I ended the convo. Kachi, a friend from Uni who runs this AWESOME blog www.kacheetee.com had sort of been entering my lane recently, jumps into the Twitter trail and says she’s forcing herself right into the hug. And instantly, my spirit opened up to receive her into the hug. If it was real life, I would have eased her right into it without her having to force.

And God told me that He was just opening Himself up more to me because I had jumped right into the middle of what He’s doing in this season!!!


And I pray you understand what that means and how it can be applied to our walk with God so


Now let’s just jump right into what happened at Prophetic Motherhood.


If I keep all that to myself, it will be absolutely WICKED!!!

I definitely learned plenty


I want to get the same faith and fire into as many women as possible. Plus it looks like I entered this wahala myself with all my publicity. Every single chick wanted me to share what went down there. So that’s why I’m doing this since I can’t keep up individually with everyone.

We’ll do this in FOUR parts. Yes it was THAT GOOOOD!!!

Let’s start with what DDK said at #PropheticMotherhood… Infused with some E’ flavour.

Disclaimer: I can’t capture it all. Impossible. I’ll share what I can.


So what is Prophetic Motherhood?


Prophetic motherhood is living on the fast lane of the Holy Spirit, knowing EXACTLY and doing ONLY what God wants me to do. Downloading accurate and precise directions for life concerning my seedsssssssss. (definition of seed coming up later).

It is when you restrain the forces of evil so that in your case and on your watch, ONLY that which God has said concerning your seed comes to pass.


It is staying on my knees until I see in the physical all that God has told me in my spirit. You have to pray mama. What is keeping you awake to breastfeed better be strong enough to keep you awake to PRAY, and in tongues too. I mean, moms know that if your baby wants you awake, up and pacing at 2am, you go do am. So you better be up and pacing in prayers too because YOU CAN!!! (plus the devil is not playing with you. What is confronting us is SERIOUS BUSINESS)


The physical demands of being a woman can weaken you but you must pray to God to strengthen you because you MUST find the energy to pray ooo. Love how the Bible says the Proverbs 31 woman ‘her hands are strengthened for the work…’ #NoTimeForLazinessOrWeakness

It is praying the Holy Spirit conditions my approach and regulates my heart as I raise my kids so that I am not led by my emotions. I can’t always be on a short fuse and always lashing out at my kids. As a woman, I have to express tenderness as I raise my kids and not be emotional. I must know the uniqueness of each child’s personality and receive wisdom to raise them as such.

It is understanding that the seed born of me will be OF GOD just as it was told Mary. And seed is not limited to children alone. It includes businesses, career, ministry, etc. So concerning the sector of the economy God is leading me to, I am LORD and KING and I take control for Jesus!!!

Prophetic Motherhood is understanding that there is a child within my husband and it is my job to call forth the greatness in him too.

There is nothing as powerful as a praying woman. What will be the strongest memories your kids will have of you? A praying mom? A wimpy weak or a crying mom?


My #mommygoals should be that I’m my kids’ first role model in everything… career/ministry, marriage, relationship with God, etc. All round, I’m my kids’ mentor. My kids must aspire to meet (and then surpass) the very high goals I am setting in life. I must live right before them from childhood.

Don’t let Disney Junior and Nickolodeon raise your kids. You need to download from heaven the blueprint to raise each one of them.

We should make our kids givers from a young age. Tithe from their money. Give them prophetic pledges to give (to Pastors and Fathers). They too can enjoy the blessings and rewards that come from giving directly

The moment when your kids sleep at night is critical. When the world around is quiet, their spirit is very sensitive so that is a good time to put your hands on their chest/head and start to speak LIFE into their spirit.

Pray that you receive favor with their caregivers ie nannies, homehelps, teachers in school and church, etc. Mama, you cannot be everywhere, even if you are a FT stay at home mom. You need to overtake their caregivers by the Spirit to be full of love, wisdom and faith- unable to do them harm!!!

You know DDK granted this interview January last year http://virtuedigest.com/debola-deji-kurunmi-believe-woman-can/ and something struck me there when she said she is not afraid or thinking funny thoughts about her kids when she goes out for ministrations. I mean, she is free to pursue other seeds God has helped her birth.

I know people who fear is the reason there don’t want to get help. You need to take control of these things in the spirit ooo. Because there is more to you than being a mommy and so you need HELP and I will dwell on that when I get to What Pastor Dotun Arifalo said.

There was something Pastor M told me when I was looking for a help. Infact, she commented on a post sef she didn’t tell me directly.


But we all know your Pastor’s comment is a prophesy, prayer and vision rolled into one. I started declaring it ooo. That my ‘help’ comes from the Lord. You see Nkechi, she is a help from God. My life CHANGED when she got in. At the same time God was changing my season, He was preparing a Help for me to ensure that I could RUN with the vision in this next season.

No way!!!

No absolute way I would be HALF as productive without help. My dear, it takes a VILLAGE literally, to raise a child. So dear mama, give your absolute BEST and then capture Caregivers in the spirit to do their absolute BEST too. That prayer point hit all the right notes in my spirit.

OK and the final thing I wanna share resonated especially for me who is a ‘married but living single most times mama’. Haha (Not for too long anymore tho)

Do not underestimate the role of fathers. No mama, your own prayer is NOT enough. We also need the Fathers. There is an order and plan with God and so there is a place for the Father’s blessing. So if your hubby is not around, you better call him, put the phone on speaker and have him pray over the child both of you made ok? Trust me, I’ve already started biko. Every night or day, my baby daddy is gonna be praying over the phone and speaking the father’s blessing over him. Lemme carry the one I am wired to carry and not do overload biko.

And speaking of baby making, DDK ordered us to go and release the tigeress in us in the bedrooms. Our kids need to stop sleeping in our beds right in the middle of both of you so that we can ‘lambano’ what is ours at anytime.

(Oya baby, hurry home. Lol)

Gosh, I LOVE DDK!!!

Hawt us!!! (Well according to DDK)

I mean, that’s part of prophetic motherhood ooo. She spoke of REDHOT, something her ministry is birthing soon and it will focus on basically heating up the bedroom!!!

Bring. It. On. Mama!!!

All the abstinence somebody did before marriage has to be compensated for IN MARRIAGE biko!!!

Oh plus there is a Deborah Initiative for women (that’s her Ministry name) retreat in Abuja in June. Trust me, I’ll get details and blow it up on my blog.

OK one last thing she said I wanna share is this

Children are a BLESSING/GIFT from God. They should ENHANCE the others gifts and callings of God on your life and NOT HINDER it.


I could do a 30day devotional on this line alone using my life. That was exactly my point in this post. KingDaveed has definitely enhanced my life.

There’s so much more she said and since I can’t capture it all, I’ll just stop here and jump right into ‘…what Pastor Dotun Arifalo said…’ and my people, that’s a TORNADO coming!!!


The Post is ready!!! Come back tomorrow!!! Plus I may be sharing a story about this hug tomorrow.


I love you guys. Sooooooooo much.

Let’s make Jesus proud TOGETHER!!!

Finally met PINK. And yes i gesticulate too much lol

Feel free to share to more moms and women generally. Don’t be a hoarder haha


I bumped into this picture yesterday. Had to collage it with the AFTER

The day i finished Jillian's 6weeks6packs Abs
Amazing what the human body can do when you push it. Can’t believe how fat i was. Lol. Biko lemme push myself to the gym. Need to get stronger. God’s work doesn’t allow for bolobolo loooooool

Email us today after you read this post and let us help you be HOT again!!! (I did it all from home and with naija foods so don’t fear)

I promise, this thing is not rocket science
You can really go from THIS to THIS haha.
Classes start on Sunday May 1 but we gotta do orientation for one week before so hurrrryyyy

BTW my phone where I have my BBM went blind. Just in case you sent me a message. I can’t see it. Please email… Until I sort it out.

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  1. You are a blessing and inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your life experiences in your walk with God. Keep the flag flying. Cheers!

  2. I can remember feeling my mum place her hands on my head in the middle of the night and she just Prays!!!!!!!, that’s the kind of mother I want to be. #PropheticMotherhood for the WIN?GOD BLESS YOU MAMA

  3. Hello mummy to King Daveed… Lool
    I finished reading this and I knew I couldn’t leave without commenting, it’s always good to support each other. I feel like am getting to know you via your blog. You definitely have a deep passion for what you do and for the things of The Lord. It’s sooooo visible from the way you write. When I read your posts, it’s like you talking to your reader and doing lot of ‘gesticulation’ alongside loool. But seriously, I admire your passion. I love what you do. I love the way you pass your message across. I love the fact that you are a woman and you doing what you do (NO FLATTERY). It says a lot. I pray for more grace over your life to keep growing in God and to do more. And most importantly, I pray that after your sojourn on earth, you won’t miss that glorious home. Stay blessed sis!
    Plus please does DDK have a blog or website?


    1. DDK does.
      Pls Google. Plus she has a Facebook page too.
      Follow mehn!!!

      And thanks for the prayers and kind words babes!!! Amen amen!!!

      Heaven bound baby, carrying as many people as I can. Amen!!!

  4. It was nice meeting you on Saturday Eziaha ( wish we had time to chat but I had to run immediately we were done). Thank you for broadcasting the invitation for the program, it was like a gift to me because my expectations were more than met. I had a billion reasons not to be there from lack of fuel, to worrying about how my kids would cope, to the heat, and then all my Saturday chores that I pile up from the week. I am thankful I made it.
    You see I realized that my children are gifts from God to me and I would do anything thing to protect the gifts that God has blessed me with right? And one of the ways I can protect them is covering them in prayer from head to toe, never ceasing, never getting tired. When Pastor Dotun Arifalo said you have to be your child’s mentor, that was some serious conviction for me. Not every day bath, feed, change, do homework, I have to model my christian walk for them. They shd see me strong and even when I am weak they shd see me lean totally on God and draw strength from Him. They should see me pray. DDK said your 2 year old should see you praying in the Spirit. And it made me remember the day my 4 year old was jokingly praying in the Spirit and I was like what is this, what have I gotten myself into, how do I explain this to him? lol.
    Nneka Kyari taught me a lot too. At first I was like I am not waiting on God for a child so this is not for me but I think she taught me the greatest lessons. I even went on to buy her book that cost a whooping 3k. Initially before I heard her speak I was like how can I spend 3k on a book I am not even waiting. But after I heard her speak I went back outside to buy the book lol ( I first activated my cheapskate mode 😀 and checked amazon to see if I could get a kindle version for cheaper, omo I saw $10 and dollar is not smiling so the price of the physical book made sense). What she said about the power of focus, mehn that was for me. I am chief of doing 50 things at the same time and then I burn out and don’t do them well. She said focus on something you want to achieve in a season of your life, avoid distractions, tackle that and move completely to something else. Truth is everyday I am waiting on God for something so it does not just apply to just children. Marriage, business, finances name it because all this are seeds and I should be prophetic about them.

    Btw, your blog has brought something out in me, I’m almost always moved to make a comment, dunno what kind of jazz u are using lol. Normally I may just say nice article, well done or not comment at all but here I am, I am sure this is over a 100 word count. Typically my thoughts are in my head, never spoken, never written. Your jazz is working lol. Let me stop before I take over your blog. XXXXX

    1. Farida whyyyyy???? I looked for you afterwards

      I’m just gonna copy part of this and paste for What Nneka said.
      I had the same stance as you. Like, I’m not battling infertility but let’s listen sha.
      Gosh!!!! Grateful for an open spirit.
      She blew me away, gentle as she was. Like you I also checked Amazon ooo haha.

      Jehovah!!! I’m actually most excited about her part. Those principles she share are for LIFE!!!

      You’re amazing Farida!!! It was lovely meeting you and your babies.
      I’m happy you came. Gosh I’m happy for everyone that came. Devil is in trouble.

      Ha ha ha

      And please be lavish with comments. Tz these kind that infinitely gladden my heart

      God bless you booooooooooooooo

      1. Yes o feel free to copy. I am sure I have not done half the job that you will do because Eziaha downloads mehn, live streaming no break in transmission. I saw your post about what Pst Dotun Arifalo said and it was like you transcribed the message ah ahn. Well done

  5. Okay so I was so planning to be at this meeting but had to go preach somewhere that day so couldn’t be in 2 places. I knew it would be like this and u would blog about it.

    I’m glad it’s started a fire in many hearts. Motherhood had almost been relegated to breastfeeding and diaper changing. I sense in the spirit a lot of things are changing. We all need to fall in line. This year’s chayil conference I sense will be a place to download some of these.

    DDK is a powerhouse and so is pastor dotun. I remember her from OAU.
    Well done E. Great job

    1. I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo honoured that I can blog it for you mama

      But I prayed for you and that Pita”s program oooo. I knew you would have come for it. I wish you did

      And yes to fire oooooooo. Even I feel the fireeeeeeeee

      All I’m waiting for is Chayil date let’s invite everyone mehn!!!!!!! I’m open to learning more and more and more. #NoTime

      Pastor Dotun is indeed oooo
      And DDK mama!!! How can I thank you enough for bringing DDK into our lives.

      Love my mama tooooo much

  6. Not yet a mother but playing mum to my 2 kids brother is close to that. There are days they push my patience button… oh they can push it and there are days when i can’t stop laughing at what they do or say. Or is it the day i said for example mummy and the older one said No and called her full name but in all of the highs and lows they are awesome gifts. I just thought in my mind a few mins ago b4 reading this post they are all unique and different hence the need to be properly guided in bringing them up. A few yrs ago in an awards show, network connection was cut off from the venue cos of security. A young man on my table left around 8 pm frantically looking for network connection. When he got back thos is what he said, no matter where he is he must pray over his children before they go to bed (my spirit is leaping right now). Oh and his family is in the UK. He came in for business in Nigeria. How we need praying mothers and fathers. Got this a while ago in my study time… The man is the priest of the home but the wife prepares the altar for his daily sacrifice. We are helpers and thank God for the ultimate help the Holy Spirit. Virtual hug my Charmer.

    1. I’m just going to scabash on this!!!
      Oh nothing like a man who understands his role in the home!!!

      That God would raise more men and women who truly understand motherhood and fatherhood. We need each other to get the work done!!!!!!

      Kisses my Starship. We loveeet when this Chick drops a comment

  7. You’re like “da” bomb haha. You remind us that motherhood is far more that posting cutsey pictures and baby bumps all over the internet. You remind us that it’s way more that cute and adorable names. What is even more amazing, is how you do it with grace. You do it with style. I mean, look at all that post-baby hotness and how it dares not interfere with the gift of motherhood and the role that comes with it. Tiri gbosa for you. Thanks for posting this. I’m not even close to having children, but I won’t lie I am scared. The way the world is now, I just wonder how to raise Godly kids in this insane world. I read this and I think, I just gotta settle it in the place of prayer even before they arrive haha.

    1. I curse that fear in Jesus name, amen
      Motherhood rocks
      Put a ‘Prophetic’ right in front of it and you are a ballin’ mama loving life, raising godly kids, serving Jesus and heaven bound!!!

      Your comment warmed my heart. Thank you and Glory to Jesus

  8. Just get used to me entering your lane!!! Because even though I feel we should have been close since Idia Hall, the way I am feeling you know is something else. And I know God has specifically kept it till this time for me to enter your lane. You have no idea. The fire that you are breathing. I listened to a random Chris’ message,nand I had goosebumps. And to think that Pastor K and M had their church right behind my house! Lol. Anyway, create space for me biko. See you in June!. And you think my blog is AWESOME? In Caps? Chai.

    1. What’s happening in June oooooo
      And yes please, enter. I have enough LOVE of JESUS to go around
      Oh and welcome to the Chris fanclub. I am lifelong President haha
      Yes boo, your blog is amazing!!! But I aint surprised jor


  9. Woah!! I was there,the event was power packed n it was great to see women who are already living a life of purpose.Didn’t want to be told about how the event went down so am glad I was able to make it n me being there was so God orchestrated Cz I just got into Lagos around the time the event was slated to take place.
    I sooo wanted to have a little chit chat with you sis….BTW our mamma is so gorgeous,pictures do no justice at all to her essence.
    Thanks mamma for being an instrument of support, development and inspiration to women.Ur blog has blessed me in many ways that I can’t describe.
    God bless you.

    1. Pink you are a delight. And you are sooo beautiful yourself.
      See you in the online class baby!!!
      Cant wait to work with you.

  10. Commenting on this 2016 post from the future 2021.Lol………….This blog still super super relevant even after 5 years.Thank you for all you do mama.

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