Hey guys. I’m back!!!

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Support.Growing.Businesses… Part 2

Purpose, Seasons and a GIANTSLAYER TURNS ONE!!!

Anybody giving cash rewards???

Anyways, I’m back and this time I’m tumblin’ flippin’ excited!!!

Now let me tell you a bit about KingDaveed. Not only is he strong, that lil’ man is STRONG-WILLED!!!


If not that I had heard Pastor M talk about recognising strong leadership qualities in your child and honing those skills in the way of God, I just may have been throwing the S word around.


And wrong labelling often provokes wrong reaction to the kid and you will just be breaking a child’s spirit. 


Somedays, I’m plain overwhelmed. I look at KingDaveed and I’m like ‘…help me God. Help us God to raise Him in your ways. I’m just bland maimai without your help Lord…’

Pushes me to prayers. Pushes me to frame, edit and re-edit his confessions, my favourite two lines being ‘KingDaveed, you have strong leadership qualities with which you lead people to Jesus…’ and ‘KingDaveed, your spirit is tender to the things of God, you love the house of God and you are a big time Kingdom financier’.
Pushes me to hold his head every once in a while and lebrozokalibrahandalaye


Some days, I wonder what KingDaveed will be in the future. Frankly, I spent 6years post secondary school pursuing a Pharmacy degree for my parents that ended in chaos with me ultimately being withdrawn. See story here https://eziaha.com/2013/06/26/in-the-same-place/ and one day I will have the guts to publish the full UNCUT story!!! *exhale*

I don’t have time to waste KingDaveed’s time pursuing anything less than God’s intended for him.
No, ain’t noborry got time fo’ tha’.


I desperately want him to discover purpose on time and RUN with it passionately.

I learned something from Heather Lindsey. She said they set aside a PURPOSE FUND for Logan and not the more popular college fund. That’s cause she is aware that it is possible God’s purpose for Logan may not involve college/university. It could be ANYTHING and whatever God calls him to do, they will use his purpose fund to fund it and not just haul him off to college and run up unnecessary bills. I mean if God has called him into music, any need going to waste four years studying Political science first? Shouldn’t he just go to the best music school in the world straight up?


You see, that’s the kinda parenting we want for Bro KingDaveed (side eye Rukevwe).


But this kinda future does not come about by just giving him this powerful name. It will come as we get on our faces before God, and continue to pray for him. And not just him, THEM!!! 

Isn't that face to LIVE&PRAY for... Gosh!!!

KingDaveed and my future twin girls (who I have named after the two most influential women in my life. Guesses anyone?). Gosh, we cannot afford to fall asleep on the wheels. We can’t afford to be distracted with summer vacations and baby photo shoots while the main thing gets relegated.


I don’t want ‘prayer points’ over my kids in the future. I want my kids even more obsessed about Jesus than we are. I have seen firsthand, terrible parenting and it’s effects on kids. No, not on my watch!!! Not my kids. 


When I did that post on Purpose, Seasons and a GiantSlayer turns one, https://eziaha.com/2016/04/08/purpose-seasons-and-a-giantslayer-turns-one/ I got quite some messages from moms like me and even moms-to-be. Just, *sigh* messages. Don’t let me qualify the theme of most messages.


One thing tho, it is NOT too late to rise and fill our positions. No matter the story today, we can start to write a better story by standing up and in that gap for them. Labouring in prayers (and downloading from heaven) until Christ is etched in them. 


Which is why when I bumped into this on DDK’s page (my new unaware bestie), my spirit leaped!!! Jesus knows I need this. Even Angel Gabriel knows. I dunno if that post made me look like I have it all together but hunnay, I do NOT!!! There is always a MORE to enter and complacency (like comparison) is a game of fools. I believe so much in the power of prayers. Corporate prayers.


I’m looking forward to it. I’ve invited almost every mom-friend I know. I’m still inviting. That’s why I’m blogging this too. So I can reach more women. Moms, moms-to-be, moms-in-waiting, this is for EVERY WOMAN!!! 


Now listen…

I do NOT care what LIE the devil has told you…

I could NOT care less what the situation is today with your kid(s)…

There is a GOOD God in heaven and my Bible says there is NOTHING He cannot do. I mean, where there are moms to pray, there is a God to answer. If God gave you those babies, then mama, you are WELL ABLE!!! Come let’s fortify together!!! FOR. OUR. KIDS. 


Just throwing this tip out there- 

Come with a journal and pen. Don’t let any scripture, RHEMA, prayer point or Word pass your journal by. Don’t worry, it may not all make sense immediately, but when you go home and make a college course of it as you study and personalise it to the peculiarity of your kids, you would realise what perfect picture you would have painted, with nothing short of heavenly strokes!!!

Eeeeeek!!! I’m bursting excited, can you tell?

I’m even waxing poetic, and I HATE poems lol. 


I’m going to sleep. I’m deprived!!! Damn you Caffeine!!! And see yawl on Saturday 16th. 


Btw all those screenshots are off DDK’s Facebook page https://mobile.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153956887213796&id=617723795&set=a.218589603795.132414.617723795&source=48





Someone (I met off my blog) is naming their kid after me and making me godmama!!!


OK if that is not making it, I don’t know what is. Haha. I’m pretty obsessed with my name Eziaha and this is such an honour Eujay.

See the bump?

Such an honor!!! I know you can’t come for this but honey, i’ma be standing in the gap for you and your kids plus my God daughter too. Can’t wait to meet her. 

Oh and someone on this blog too named her son after my son, KingDaveed!!! I backflipped!!! No seriously!!! This is awesome.


Err, we must be doing something right, all to the glory of God!!! Amen!!!


Oh and the Joyce Meyer conference.


The Naija party is increasing!!!
And LIT!!!
I recently started praying almost daily for the conference. I can’t go and come back the same. Thunder fire devil. Mba!!! 


Plus yawl, we won’t come back if we don’t see Joyce ooo. And Chris. And Beth. We have to think up something. Naija no dey carry last!!! OK get all the details on #LoveLife conference here!!!

The Biggest Chick Party of the year!!! #LoveLife2016

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  1. Ezy! Your posts always reset my head… And my heart. Especially when am kinda loosing it. Comes right on time… Am running your entire series. Gave myself the challenge. What your one post does to me…by God all your posts will smack me up positively. God bless you darl’ Alwayz praying for ya..and I meanIt. LoadsLov

    1. Oh my gosh you got me teary. Will def be praying for you too. Can’t wait to meet you. Awwwwww. And your hubby. That Facebook story still cracks me up.

      I love you Aijay. Keep living for God hun!!!

  2. Jesus help me make this one. I will call to find out if there is a Creche for little babies. So many power packed conferences going on around me and I can’t go to any cos I have a little one. This season of my life though. It is well with my soul.
    My first son has strong leadership qualities, I just learnt this from you and I am applying lol cos I would typically say he is strong willed and a handful. As I have 2 boys I won’t lie sometimes I’m really really scared but I shouldn’t be because I know for a fact that there is nothing God cannot do.
    Thanks Eziaha for this. You are really a blessing to me and every post you churn out is packed full. Even the fit fam ones that don’t consign me cos my own is the opposite as I want to add weight cos I’m really slim, I still get blessed by them

    1. Lol. This made me laugh. All you chicks that wanna add weight. Gosh!!! Life sha.
      I pray you make it. The creche should be able to accommodate ur baby dear. You can ask ddk on Facebook. Hugs dear

  3. nice write up.we all need prayers to make a success of the motherhood experience.I have a son n I have been trusting the Lord for my second child specifically a set of twins girls.glad to know we have something in common.weldone

  4. Encouraging piece, weldone Eziaha ,living in Australia and seeing some funny parenting, I pray to God everyday even before my nations (kids) comes to give me the grace in a society like these for Godly parenting, ur write ups are worth emulating.

    1. Hi Linda. Feddy girl abi? All ye Aussie chicks, can’t wait to visit for Colour next year.

      Thanks dear. And Nationssssss!!!! Yes🙌🙌🙌

  5. Very great and encouraging write up. Most of your posts usually come as eye opener for me. I am always grateful that I got to know about your blog. Hence forth I will be praying for my future kids and speaking greatness into their lives… I want twin girls too.?? About guessing the names of your twin girls… But E’, there are lots of influential women in your life that it’s really hard to determine who is more influential than the other. But well, for purposes of guessing, I will go with Joyce and Christine. Please tell me I guessed right.??
    Have a great Sunday.

    1. Hahaha. Everyone knows Joyce remains my NUMERO UNO
      Let’s leave number two open. You may be right or righter😝

      I love you Mercy

  6. Great post. Enjoyed every bit. My daughter is two and half. She prays with and for me. My husband and I teach her how to pray. We really don’t have so much to give . Dats our legacy to our kids. Helping them know Christ for themselves. we want them to fall in love with music just as we have. I want my daughter to learn to play the drums and keyboard, my son to do like wise , but I will never Force them. God has given them talents and it’s our job as parents to help them realize it. Thanks for sharing a great piece. ….
    God bless you.
    It’s oby.

    1. Amen!!! We need to catch em young ooo. Plus you don’t have much YET but you are def going to leave both a spiritual and material legacies jor. Like David.
      And you are right. I for one would love to have a daughter that is a Lawyer but I won’t force it jare.

  7. Thank you so much for this post. You just always strike the right chords.
    I have been putting off editing my son’s confessions for a few days now.
    Uhmmm complacency is a game of fools indeed.
    I choose to be wise. As a product of a praying mother, I can only do better with my kids.
    Thanks for being a blessing……….

  8. Ngo nnem you are just a vessel in the hands of God. Every post is an inspiration and motivation. A pastor once told me that he is a product of his mother and grandmother”s prayer. Most battles had been taken care of and the road map clear. I can only imagine what the meeting will be like on Saturday. The heavens will surely know that naija women truly gathered.

  9. Mom E’ always keeping us E’nlightened…, #PropheticMotherhood will bring out the Warriors in Mothers.
    Thanks for holding us up in in your prayers, sure I would have loved to be there but, …. we ‘re proud to have you as our godmother, namesake and…….
    And the books ‘Prayer Manual for Mothers’ and ‘Book of Affirmation for Children’ are must have.
    Thanks faithful Mom E’

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