Want to READ, RETAIN and RECALL More? Here are my 5 top tips

Readers are Leaders. That quote will live forever in truth hehe.But many of us, even though we know the benefits of reading, we still find it hard to read. I looooooove to read and by God’s grace, I read quite a number of books monthly, and maybe a book or 2 a week. I want […]

Leading Gen-Zs and Millennials, try my R&R principle.

Hello you, welcome to my blog. By now you know I am a  passionate Leader who’s equally passionate about raising leaders. And all thanks to my Leadership hero, Craig Groeschel who keeps giving amazing leadership wisdom on his podcast. Check out Craig Groeschel leadership podcast Honestly, I agree that leadership can be hard or maybe […]

Don’t make these Journaling mistakes… (I’ve been so guilty)

If you follow this blog and my YT channel especially recently, you would notice that I have been creating some buzz around Journaling. It really is a super power for me and it continues to both make me effective with my tasks, and extremely joyful at soul deep levels. However, I have made some Journaling […]

Allow me to reintroduce myself. #July 2022

Welcome to my blog, again! Yes, I have been blogging for Eleven (11) years, so why am I saying a ‘Welcome to my blog’ today? Well, keep on reading to find out why a re-introduction is in order. Hello, my name is Eziaha Ngozi Bolaji-Olojo Born June 29, 1986, so I just turned 36. Currently […]

5 permissions you need to live your best life everyday

I heard her say it a lot, and I wondered, not just what she meant by it, but why she had to use the term ‘Permission’. It was one of my heroes, Lisa Bevere, and this was in her MOMS OF BOYS course, which she did along side Havillah Cunnington. I would later learn that […]

Unlearning: 5 Leadership mistakes I’ve left behind

Leadership is INFLUENCE (thanks John Maxwell). I daresay, TOO MUCH INFLUENCE, especially spiritual leadership. And because spiritual leaders have SO MUCH INFLUENCE, we need to really be careful how we live and lead, especially for what my sister girl Theodora calls ‘the sake of the Brethren’, while of course we keep teaching and giving them […]

OVERWHELMED in your life and Leadership? Here are 5 ways I beat mine

Everywhere I turn these days, I see Saints dropping balls. While some balls need to be dropped because a new season beckons, some balls are just being dropped because we are overwhelmed, exhausted and lacking JOY in what we do. While I can’t claim perfection, having only recently come into this new JOY filled, PRESSURE […]

Dear Leader, purify those motives and SHINE that light BRIGHT

Hey Leaders, I am writing directly to those of us who LEAD in any capacity and at any level both spiritual and corporate or otherwise I embraced my calling as a Leader sometime last year, and one thing I do know is leadership is HARD, and this is especially true as a Christian who wants […]

On Leadership and Mentoring: 3 Lessons I have learnt

If you have ever thought leading and mentoring others was all bells, whistles and roses, being called ‘mama’, people carrying your bag/bible and deferring to you, people sowing seeds on a regular and the leader generally being a super star, then keep reading. In this post, I attempt to share with you three not-so-rosey things […]

These three things have been life-changing for me

Holllllaaaaaaaa Fam, Today, God laid it on my heart to share three unrelated things that I am doing in this season that are helping me win. Let me keep it 100% with us, Fam, 2021 would have, by now, flat out taken me out. EVERYTHING that can shake has been SHAKEN, and if God has […]