Here’s all you need to know about our His&Hers Squad.

NB: This post was originally authored and published on coachesquad.com, my online fitness website. YAAAAY!!! DRUM ROLL and CONFETTI please… Make it LOUDER and SHINIER too haha So, we finally rolled out a program that INCLUDES our men. *insert happy song and dance* Why? Afterall, I have been saying that I only help women and […]

Working out in pregnancy? Two things to note.

NB: This post was originally authored and published on: https://m.guardian.ng, Nigeria’s Daily Newspaper. I have heard it said that pregnancy, labour and delivery are athletic events. You should train for them. I couldn’t agree more.  Prenatal workouts, in low-risk pregnancies, are not only advisable, but are also highly beneficial for both mother and baby.  Matter […]

ONLINE SHOPPING: A lifestyle factor that may be affecting your health.

Hey Blog Fam, Thank God it’s Friday, PS: This post was originally authored and published on www.coachesquad.com my online fitness site. So as the month is coming to an end, most of us moms are getting ready to shop for the new month. I love love love love love shopping and all the processes that […]

How’s your New year Fitfam resolution going?

It’s March and I’m sure at the start of the year, you had legit FITFAM goals? I love the energy and hope that comes with every New Year. And despite all the bashing New Year resolutions get, I am still a firm believer in them. If you are anything like me, you probably have resolutions […]

A few tears 2018 brought, and their significance

Hey blog fam, I feel like I have 7 blogs to write before the year is over. Right now, I am trying to prioritize and see which one God would actually have me share, and which is just me being upset and moved enough to a blog post. Both important. One importanter. This blog though […]

How Christians should handle CRITICISM (A personal story)

First of all, I should thank everyone for reading and commenting and sharing and stuff right off the blog. Thanks, a whole lot. I think I got a writing fever so I should be writing more often in this season. I think I am also writing a lot because I am just slightly scared of […]

Who sets your STANDARDS????

So, the Lord laid it on my heart to ring a certain friend and ask her a couple of questions. These days, I’m tryna be a faithful member of the MIND YOUR BIZ ministry, of which Sarah Jakes Roberts is our CEO and Founder, so I really pressed in to be sure the Lord wanted […]

#FruitfulAtHome…Day 1: EXHAUSTED!!!

Hey guys!! So, I’m going to make it official pretty soon, (I am working on our fliers) but our next Pow Wow, THE 8thyawl, will be a hangout with Stay at Home Mom’s but this time YAAAAY!!!!! in D’BUJ. Yes, we are taking it on the road all the way to Abuja. Can’t wait to […]

Don’t follow your Dreams…

Two people have answered some tugging questions in my heart in SMACK DAB scary ways that have WOWed me. First, my Super AWESOME Greek Mama and distant Mentor, Chris Caine. I had been really upset in my spirit about a trend I was starting to see where ALMOST EVERYONE is shying away from the truth, […]