It’s March and I’m sure at the start of the year, you had legit FITFAM goals?

I love the energy and hope that comes with every New Year. And despite all the bashing New Year resolutions get, I am still a firm believer in them. If you are anything like me, you probably have resolutions (or goals) in various areas of your life, including your health.Simply put, most of us have a weight loss or fit-fam goal. I particularly have new milestones I hope to achieve in 2019. So, in three easy steps, I will share my strategy for making your New Year resolutions a win-win situation.

Make it a for-life goal

Having been on this coaching gig for over 2 years, I have seen people set time-based goals like for a birthday, December 31, graduation, wedding, etc. While those are good, sometimes reality means that we are approaching the deadline and are nowhere near the goal. Next thing, we abandon the vision completely since it has become impossible anyway. Then we set another for the same time next year.Now don’t get me wrong, I am all up for time-based goals. And several times in 2018, I had a few. Like when my son was turning one, and when my marriage was turning 5. I wanted to look a certain way and worked hard for it. However, you need a high level of discipline to sustain your motivation, especially when all is not exactly going well.Time can bring on pressure and when the battle feels like a losing one, we just may find ourselves giving up completely. So, beyond 2019, commit to the process that would ultimately take you to your dream weight or health goal

Invest in the goal

I have seen people genuinely surprised that getting on the fit-fam train is actually costing them money. For some weird reason, fit-fam means ‘free-fam’ to them, so when they find that money is actually leaving their wallets, they start to complain.Fit-fam is an investment which is not even as expensive as living unhealthily but it must cause you to re-organise and re-prioritise your finances, and it is OK. For some of you, it may involve signing up for a year’s gym membership. For others, it may involve having a budget for workout gears.Personally, I am always looking for cute accessories that would help me enjoy living healthily like nice smoothie cups, colourful bands and mats, pretty headphones, girly food journals and so on. It is an investment in your health and if you re-prioritise your finances and keep records, you will notice that healthy living is saving you money.

Brag on this goal

You see, low-key, there is a kind of campaign against fit-fam. It is almost like ‘these fit-fam people, their own is too much’ and how there is always a new diet or a new rule and so on. I have seen people almost hide their commitment especially when maybe they are not seeing the results as fast. You see, taking this step for the sake of your health is a huge deal and you have permission to brag about it even while on the journey.Let everyone around you know that you are committing to something different. This doesn’t mean that you will have perfect back to back days, but even on days you slip and they yab you, that is still some kind of accountability. At some point too, you would want to do it for your pride. From the beginning, I always let everyone know my fit-fam stance. At first, I was ‘yabbed’, then I was hailed as results started to show, then I became an example and inspiration.Right Now?Now, I am at the level where people go out of their way to gift me fit-fam stuff only. This happened because I deemed it worthy to brag on my new goals even when I was still a size 16/18 and just kept going till my current size 10.So let’s do this, Ladies. Let’s keep going and a new month is a great time to resolve again to crush those legit fit-fam goals




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