Are you content in the path where God has placed you? Are you looking away from what others have in their lives to live how God would have you live? You can be AUTHENTICALLY YOU yet fully satisfied. Find out more when you continue reading . This blog was first published in 2015.

There was a certain afternoon a LOT of things began to change in my life. August 31.


I had just finished shutting the door behind the woman who came to do my hair and right at that gate, God spoke to me in a way I could NEVER have missed…

You see, all the while she was doing my hair, I had already started my detox so TV was off and I was watching some videos on YouTube from my fave preachers…

So as I turned from the gate, God said to me SOOOO CLEARLY



And He went ahead to download the THISes, that is next few steps of my life to me…

I lost NO TIME

Phew, journal out and I started writing because I knew if I didn’t write at that point, I would forget it.


I wrote and wrote and wrote as He spoke to my spirit and when I was done, I said a prayer and I WAS LED to call a friend later on and we spoke for a long time as I downloaded some of what I had heard to her (I also needed to hear myself say those things haha)

Note, I said I was LED to ring her and her reaction was proof enough that I WAS LED… I didn’t just jump to the phone and phone a friend.

Let me tell you, when God speaks, IT COMES WITH INCOMPREHENSIBLE P E A C E!!!

Will all the storms go away? Nope. But you, like JESUS, can be asleep on a pillow while the storm rages and then when you wake, you still the storm because you have a WORD!!!



I see yawl snicker, roll your eyes and be like

‘ E’ your posts are always long so puh-leeeeezeeee…’

Ok ooo. don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Now before then, I used to be sooooooo unhappy lol. Not physically as much as mentally and spiritually. I wrote about it at the end of this Post.

You see, being a mom had CHANGED MY LIFE in many ways and for the most part, I ALWAYS FELT IT WAS HINDERING ME SOMEHOW…

Please read again, FELT… Past tense!!!

Hindering WHAT??!!??

Hindering WHAT??!!??

I just couldn’t WAIT to kick my career off again. I had BIG dreams and I was going to take over the world.


But my current days were full of diapers, breast pumps, bottles, onesies and frustrations…


Trust me looking back now, I am actually laughing.

Then, when my friends would share stuff with me or just publicly on SM via pictures or posts about work, career and all, I would feel bad that MEHN, see this girl/guy moving on ooo and see me just here… Kai aye mi

Heck, I even used to BEEF my hubs for having a career going on while me I just stayed home all day long.

I couldn’t WAIT for this SEASON TO BE OVER and along with that came mega frustrations!!!

Now let’s go back to what God told me



It SLAPPED the CRAP outta me.

Jer 1:5

Before I formed you in the womb, I KNEW and APPROVED of you (as my chosen instrument) and BEFORE you were born, I HAD PLANS FOR YOU

Psalms 119:73,74

You made me, You created me. Now give me THE SENSE to FOLLOW Your commands.

As He shared with me what I was to be doing with my time NOW, I knew I needed to BE AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in MY OWN RACE and stop being an observer in other people’s race.

Oh how complicated we make life when we start to compare and contrast with somebody else’s life and forget to FOCUS on making the BEST of this BEAUTIFUL life that we have been so graciously given.

How we let the PRESSURE of societal or family expectations get to us and we forget to go before or ignore the ONE who has the ORIGINAL blueprints of our lives.

A nursing mama Doctor friend of mine shared with me how EVERYONE keeps asking her how far with work and when she is going back and the pressure is just on from all over and she wanted to know how I coped with that.

I just shared my own experience with her on how I came to where I was atm, a place of PEACE!!!


Recently, my Pastor, Kingsley Okonkwo, preached a message on HIS PERFECT WILL and it just made me further RESOLVED to find HIS PERFECT WILL for my life and follow it FULLY irrespective of all the stuff that’s ongoing in my neighbor’s life. I just wanna live free from all the pressure life brings and of the approval of men/society with their EVER CHANGING STANDARDS and attendant EXHAUSTION!!!



Both lines are titles of two chapters in Priscilla Shirer’s amazing bestseller RESOLUTION FOR WOMEN which accompanies the AMAZING blockbuster movie COURAGEOUS from the stables of the Kendrick Brothers. (What a mouthful lol)

I am yet to read the Book but I watched her talk about each of the resolutions with Moira Brown


on 100Huntley abi 700Club after I had my God-encounter and it helped me crystallize some of my thoughts into words, so I would feature some lines from the book and share both Resolution Quotes at the end.

I love how it is called SURPRISINGLY SATISFIED

When, it don’t matter the kinda pressure anyone tries to heap on you, you calmly defuse it with a smile that both surprises them and shuts them up.

Because frankly, once you meet a woman who is CONTENT in and with herself, it is usually not just refreshing but SURPRISING. You just wanna be friends with her. You wanna KNOW what she KNOWS.

Someone who understands that her path is uniquely hers, different from her best friend’s or colleagues and has no qualms celebrating others on their own journey EVEN IF THEY HAVE seemingly GONE AHEAD OF YOU for now.

Yes Sweetie , you will surely meet those who are ahead of you on the path you know God has called you to and should I tell you what to do besides sipping on a tall glass of beeferade and haterade?

You go ahead and CELEBRATE HER!!!



Yup, I said that. Celebrate her!!! Compliment her!!! Be an AFFIRMER. And sincerely from your heart.

Tell her you are proud of her and you can’t wait to join her on that level too. If it is a possibility, please ask her to show you the ropes.

Btw, why do we even compare foolishly? Do we even KNOW what God told them?

Guys listen, I CELEBRATE YOU should be a REGULAR feature in your spoken and written convos.

I LOVE how COZA uses this line

I LOVE how COZA uses this line

You don’t have time for beef ooo. Can we have WHOLE FRIENDSHIPS that we can TRULY enjoy?

Look, aside NOT comparing and beefing, we also need to FIND JOY IN OUR OWN JOURNEY.

Yes fully enjoy the season that you are in – single, married, with no kids, with small kids, jobless, underemployed, overworked,etc ON YOUR WAY TO THE NEXT SEASON!!!

It don’t mean you are complacent or laid back but you understand the AUTHENTICITY and UNIQUENESS of your own journey, as scripted by God and you are taking your own, maybe baby steps, but steps all the same.


Then with the pressure comes frustrations and unnecessary drama, beef and so on because you wont stop playing the game of fools – COMPARISON!

You know what, I totally celebrate my NOW…

My days of being a FT mommy to this amazing, extremely energetic bubba whose smile makes me deliriously and unimaginably happy.



I enjoy BLOGGING and being a MENTOR to so many young girls who God has graciously entrusted to me.

I enjoy being this Home maker whose timings are sooooo off tz ridiculous but hey…


Oh goodness, I have learned to find joy in this journey because I know what God has called me to do RIGHT HERE AND NOW!!!

I have much more PEACE than before because I am on my own path and in HIS PERFECT WILL!!!

Does it mean that everything is perfect? Does that mean that I am all of a sudden complacent?

Of course not.

Things will NOT ever be perfect because once you settle one, you will promptly have another ish to deal with, but you should have an overaching banner of contentment over your life that defines you as a person. This means that inspite of all the imperfections and hurdles and even occasional ‘off days’, I can go back to this WORD, draw my strength and keep it moving.

Infact, I am sooooo SATISFIED that I can WHOLEHEARTEDLY compliment another sister who is probably on the path of what God has called her to do, different than but not superior to mine.

Lemme illustrate

I was chatting with a friend of mine on WA two weeks back and she said she was UAE-bound for a training.

Such things used to just make me sad thinking

‘…Chai, if I was still working I would have been going to New York and Geneva too ooo…’

But frankly, I just hailed her that she was ballin’ ooo and teased her that I want her job and she teased me back that she wants KingDaveed.

After that convo, I just had a sweet convo with the Holy Spirit who just reminded me how far I had come from being a tensioned comparison-prone woman to this BRAND NEW WOMAN and I just smiled.

Guys, it pays to know what God told you. I dunno how else to say it.

One of my mentees, Dee, did this lovely post on ‘To hustle or nah’ and it just reminded me of how everyone expects that after BSc na MSc straight and so the tension is up!!! But did God tell ya?

I KNEW like I know my name, that MSc was NOT part of my own life’s journey then so I DID NOT CARE A HOOT who was doing MSc whether in Nigeria or Yankee.

Absolutely NO TENSION!!!

For the records, I was the best graduating student of my set and made a First Class ooo so my Lecturers, a lot of whom I am friends with, used to harangue me to go get a Masters. I was eligible for a scholarship in my school and then some Profs were willing to help me secure scholarships abroad too because my grades were over the roof.

A Prof actually told me that I was wasting my first class…

He missed it.

I KNOW why God gave me a First Class and…

Infact, one day, I will tell a story.

Or two.

Darling, You go sit before the Lord and get a BLUEPRINT for YOUR OWN LIFE, run your race and quit being a SPECTATOR in another man’s race.

But on your way to the finish line, enjoy the season you are in.

Another angle to looking at being AUTHENTICALLY YOU is that sometimes, some seasons come and then there are just some things you cannot do even though it may be embarrassing or unpopular to admit.

Lemme illustrate…

A dear dear DEAR friend (haha she knows herself) was one of those who were to contribute money for something for someone. We had agreed on 5k each I think. 5k seemed like a fair amount for everyone and I was the one to collect the money. Then babe comes to me and says she can only afford 3k ooo so maybe someone should complete her own.

Frankly ehn, that day my respect for her peaked!!! And I have since told her this, over a year later.

Is it that it was only 3k in her account? No. maybe if she pushed herself she may have brought out the 5k but her and her hubs had things to do with money and this was impromptu and it was a gift so she was CONFIDENT enough to say THIS IS ALL I HAVE kpom kwem.

How freeing it must be to just BE AUTHENTICALLY YOU and unapologetically so!!!

Authentic enough to say if need be

‘Babes I am sorry, I CANNOT afford your asoebi but I would be happy to come for your wedding’

‘I think 20k each for a bridal/baby show budget. If you don’t mind, I will pay 5k…’

My bridal shower

My bridal shower

Sorry, I have to be home not later than 10pm so I can NOT hang out with yawl all night…’

Catching the drift?

Because sometimes, it is all in a bid to prove who we are NOT to impress those who don’t really care that we begin to do things that are ‘unlike us’.

I just LOVE meeting women/ladies who are FREE to be themselves, authentically, and then are very quick to compliment and affirm another woman. To celebrate and encourage another.

I have a friend like that. One day I asked her how she was always so encouraging and celebratory of other’s successes EVEN when hers is yet to materialise.

My boooooooo

My boooooooo

She told me she had to learn it ooo because it did not start easy. But she knows that in celebrating them, she is paving the way for her own. She genuinely celebrates when others marry, deliver, do anniversary, etc. She is the one to always holler whenever i put up KingDaveed’s picture and just commend me for doing a great job with him. Chisom never tires of saying it. That my friend is very amazing walahi. Even when she was out of job, her I CELEBRATE YOU party did not stop. I had to learn from her, plush she used to attend COZA.

You too can LEARN it.

No wonder Paul said

I have LEARNT the secret of being content in and every situation… Phil 4:12

I believe that a TRULY SATISFIED-IN-GOD HEART would be quick to both celebrate and call out GREATNESS in others.

We have to find crazy ways to encourage and compliment one another. Not just on the superficial stuff (your hair is nice, I love your dress, which no doubt are also important) but also on WHO the person is (You do a GREAT job with your kids. My goodness, you are a great home maker. Since you became my boss, you have taught me so many life lessons. I am so blessed to be under your ministry. Your blog has changed my life for good. I covet the skills you have to balance your home, church commitments and work, etc).

All this ‘who does she think she is? Na wa ooo, this one that just got married is now feeling important, etc’ CANNOT help anybody ooo, especially YOU.

Forget BEEF and just CELEBRATE another sister. Like Shirer said, there is PURITY attached to a compliment from one sister to another that may be absent when it comes from a man.

And please not those STUPID backhanded compliments ooo that always come with a BUT which I will address in a separate post. WHOLE compliments.

I random drop voice messages for women who have blessed my life. I recall one beautiful lady I met off my blog and then in person.


In the short while I have known her, she has taught me so many things both as a mom and a homemaker and one day I just random sent her a long voice message celebrating and thanking her. She was REALLY surprised that anyone would do that. Infact most people I have done that for have come up SURPRISED!!!

My sisters, how about we make this the NORM!!!

I think it is innate in every one of us to want to be celebrated and we would draw closer to healthy relationships that affirm us and give us the freedom to be us, even though we are not all on the same level.

Frankly, I want someone to buy a car/house and feel so free to ring me and tell me what God has done for her, knowing that I will wholeheartedly celebrate her even though I am yet to buy mine.



I want to be able to freely share with you and we can pray for one another in purity of heart.

Frankly, I am TIRED of beef, comparison, tension, hate, etc…

Aren’t you?

Let’s RESOLVE to be






Have a BLESSED week guys and IGNORE JUNK FOOD!!!


God loves yawl like crazzzzzy



This October challenge is almost over… HALLELUJAH!!! Two more Posts to go.

Oh and I think I have a bonus post or two.

No promises. But in 3days, we have THE SPIRIT OF SHUT UP pt 2

Find Part 1 here

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  1. This is a very deep post. Am not ashamed to admit that I hurriedly read your post anytime I get an email because they are like mirror to me. I get instructions and spiritual principles that I don’t get from my church(Attends Catholic only on Sunday because everything there is still strange to me)or come across daily . You always speak wisdom, in depth truths and write in ways one can relate. I loveeee and look forward to the pictures too. Thanks for sharing this. God bless you

  2. That’s how I typed my comment and it disappeared.
    This one pain me, but I’m still logged in the comment box which doesn’t happen often so let me try and reproduce… argh!

    So I cannot remember when last I compared myself to another person.
    Maybe last year when I went all out with what God wanted me to do about writing ministry or beginning of this year when I just felt useless being in Ekiti and doing nothing but blogging.
    I saw a picture of my friend in a tush firm at lag and courts were on strike where I was…I compared the two firms and just felt useless doing nothing but praying, eating the word and writing for God.
    It didn’t take long for God to set me straight on that and I blogged on it here:

    I have since accepted the fact that I have an unconventional path from most.
    My path doesn’t take the form of finish school, submit cv, get a job, etc.
    God just has a separate way of dealing with me, as He has for each of us.
    I have accepted that my path and another’s aren’t the same and whenever thoughts of comparison come, I have found that praying the person I’m comparing myself to increase on their own path sets my heart right.
    I cannot explain what praying for someone does to us.
    I pray them increase in their job, ministry, family, etc.
    If I feel just a little threat of comparison in my heart(its a threat to our following God’s plan for our lives), I quickly pray for them and pray them abundance round about. Wisdom and grace on their own path.
    That sets my heart straight in a jiffy!

    I have learned that my desire to live in the kingdom must shake men’s approval and comparison out of me.
    And for me now, it’s wherever and whatever you want me to do Lord.
    It may not sound like the normal way to people but if it’s you Lord, I go.
    I accept His dealings with me and fix my eyes on my path.

    Awesome post E!

    1. Oh I am so sorry. I try to type elsewhere first cos dt tin dey pain.
      And oh my praying for them. You are so right. Would adopt this too.

      Bless you

  3. Been a long time I commented here.
    I love this post and I am happy I am also at this stage in my life. “Surprisingly Satisfied”
    I can now look at other peoples successes and truly rejoice with and for them and not use that stupid line that is so common now “I use yours as a point of contact for mine”.
    Like can we just be happy for a person and what God is doing in their life and stop finding a way to sha involve ourselves.
    I also learnt from Pastor M (God bless her) that when God is doing it for your friends, rejoice because he is in your neighborhood .
    Recently something happened at work, there was an opening for a promotion which two of us were qualified for, I still don’t believe I was praying for the other guy to get it . Even my partner couldn’t believe it when we prayed together once and I brought it up. Trust my God to overdo himself we both got the promotion!
    I am so stuck on this God and celebrating others

    1. When I see Ngozi I know tz a feddy babe. So many surname changes so I can’t tell d Ezinne.
      Amen darling and thanks so much for reading


    I’m in my level 300 & everyone around me has started talking abt masters, but I am certain(like you) that God has not called me to do it.

    ‘Coincidentally’, I got into a mini argument with my roomie yesterday about this same matter. I told her I wasn’t interested & she said something like ‘You need to develop yourself!’ Then I told her my Pastor, Pastor Sam as learned as he is does not have a master’s. This is simply a reminder from God to me to focus on my own path & what He has called ME to do, not anyone else.

    Thanks you so much for this post! Thank you for allowing yourself be used by God.

    You got a job with the UN without masters. Biko, my father is greater than masters.

    Again, thank you! I’m sharing this post everywhere today!

    1. Awwwwww
      Amen amen
      I am sooooo excited. I almost didn’t add that story. Twas an afterthought. If you notice tz a weeny bit out of place.
      Please share boo. Thanks plenty.

      And as for ur roomie n co, don’t sweat it. Soon they will get it

  5. Ah…what a blessing this was! It’s a lesson I’ve been learning lately…Like Psalms puts it, the Lord busies Himself with our steps…so even when it looks like slow motion season, things are happening beneath the ground. I’m learning to keep my joy up and my praise on…God bless you dear!!

  6. This post was like it was targeted at me and all the things I’ve been telling myself. You see, I’ll be the first person to tell you that my life is awesome, great, blessed and every other superlative you can imagine.

    Sailed through schools effortlessly, graduated youngest in my class and gained a job where I could actually measure the impact I had on people’s lives. Then it was as through it hit slow motion, I planned to go abroad to get my graduate degree, this ended up taking 3 years! Why you may ask, because apparently, I was “chooking” my head where nobody sent me.

    I eventually dumped the UK; took a deep breath and actually prayed for God’s will. Eventually, got to do my MBA in the US in one of the Top 100 Business Schools in the world…on a partial scholarship no less!

    The struggle to die on top UK Masters even cost me my relationship at the time. I’ve recently returned home and while I was away, I was able to evaluate my life and purpose. I am back a calmer person who is more in touch with my centre.

    I used to be so ashamed to tell this story because I believed an admittance of failure and mistakes somehow detracted from who I was. I have since learned that it doesn’t. You are who you are, your mistakes do not make you. I have learned to listen closer to my Author and stop passing off my preferences as His instructions.

    I would love to say I’m the biggest cheerleader for the people in my life but I know that my overachiever self always invariably compared my situation with theirs. Going forward, I want to be genuinely happy for people without thinking of what it says about my situation.

    Sorry for the long comment. This may be the most frank I’ve been about this situation. Ever.

    I hope someone takes something away from it.

    1. Tz d BEAUTIFUL place you write from I LOVE the most booooo.
      I can’t wait to give you and receive a hug (because you are a hugger yourself)

    2. Where is the “love” button, biko?. Encouragement Cee. Very appreciative that you told your story. God bless… im copying this comment on my notes. Reference point to stick with God’s will.

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I am very competitive and currently struggling with certain decisions because of the fear of falling behind others. This was very timely and I’m trusting God to help me be secure in him through the different phases of my life, and to trust him even when I don’t know what’s next.

  8. Words can never express how much this post blessed me. The eyes of my understanding has indeed been opened. If I have had a discussion with you recently about the tough season I find myself , I will just have concluded this post is about me. Sincerely I personally can testify to how much comparisons can suck life out of you and leave one very better. Thanks for sharing your story E’ , I am now more informed about how to handle it all. God bless you Darling. I hope

    1. Awwww maybe I bought rent space in ur mind hehe
      You know ehn, we ALL have our struggles jare hence the similarities.
      Big hugs boo…

  9. Words can never express how much this post blessed me. The eyes of my understanding has indeed been opened. If I have had a discussion with you recently about the tough season I find myself , I will just have concluded this post is about me. Sincerely I personally can testify to how much comparisons can suck life out of you and leave one very bitter. Thanks for sharing your story E’ , I am now more informed on how to handle it all. God bless you Darling. Btw I hope KingDaveeed got his nails done too.

  10. Interesting Post, God bless you E, it’s actually my first comment but am always here drinking from your well. The Holy Spirit has taught me to stay on my lane focus on God and celebrate others. Thank you so much dear

  11. Few days ago, I wrote on my computer’s sticker note “You need to remember everyday that you are not in competition with anyone” It wasn’t because I was not doing well, I just had to learn not to compare myself with anyone.Thank you for this post.
    P.S. I have been applying the spirit of shut up and it is helping me handle all my relationships well.
    P.S.S. Your hair is so nice!!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha at the spirit of shut up.
      It works ooo

      Thanks for the hair compliment boo tho that’s an old hair.

      And go girl!! No competition

  12. Mama,you have blessed me with this post. Words cannot begin to explain. I always used to worry and struggle about my life cos its like everyone around me has it all together. I have found myself more than once comparing my life with others till God gave me this word Jeremiah 29:11″I know what I am doing.I have it all PLANNED OUT.PLANS to take care of you,not ABANDON you, PLANS to give you the FUTURE YOU HOPE FOR”. No more comparing myself with others, I will remain true to my LANE and LIVE MY TRUTH

  13. After reading this, I had to just go and pray. The truth is, we all just need to be sensitive to what God is doing in our lives at that very point when it seems what we want isn’t forthcoming. It took me a really long time to understand that His thoughts are really different from mine like he affirms in His word. Even when he has spoken to us and given his promise, there is still the waiting period. It now depends on what you are doing with the period. the fact that things around us doesn’t look like it shouldn’t discourage rather rejoicing with those who are rejoicing and keeping the confessions right. His reports are just always GOOD. Nothing short of that. And to be beefing someone cos they have what you don’t? Fogerit, you cant have yours that way. Hatred hurts the hater more than the hated…
    God bless you ma, I wish you only knew how much this came at the right time..

    1. Oh there are many posts I have read that just push me to my knees.
      I m grateful mine had that effect on you too

      God bless you too boo

  14. Chai. Eziaha! You don did it!!! Again!

    Where will I start from now? This blogpost is for me. Remember I said I was looking forward to it?

    I still have to read it at least one more time. Just too many lessons. I’m just so thankful I found your blog. I pray for more inspiration for you to be even more impactful.

    And I pray that I imbibe all the lessons from this post – see why I have to read it again? God bless you mucho. Hugs to you and the Royal one

    PS: a little testimony – so a friend was telling me about an unpleasant situation at her work and my first response was a faith killing one. But – I remembered your post! I started to encourage – it will work out for ur good, it won’t last forever, I love ur attitude towards it. I would like to think she left me encouraged. I’m giving this example because I want you to know that your blog is impactful and not a waste of your time. More grace for you!

    1. Awwww I am glad it was all that you expected

      amen to all your kind prayers

      and whoop whoop
      I love feedback like this. I certainly KNOW that I am not wasting my time but I LOVE to hear the testimonies specifically.
      Thank you so much for sharing and I know that for your friend, IT MUST END IN PRAISE.
      Bless you for speaking the right words to her


  15. I miss you too mama. Plenty water has passed under my bridge. Plenty gist to catch up on. Its the message version for the Bible verse. I totally missed out on the giveaway *crying *. It is well all the same

  16. Saved this post and I have read it about 5 times. This is an area I struggle with. Comparism can drive someone crazy and drain you empty. But while reading this post, it just hit me that PURPOSE is key. If I know God’s purpose and mission for me, I wouldn’t compare. Thanks for the wake up call. God bless you

  17. I read this yesterday and frankly, I had to just pray.
    Most times, we just have to be sensitive to what God is doing in our lives at that very point when it “seems” like all what He has promised isn’t looking like it yet and just STOP the comparison thing. Even when God has spoken and given his word, sometimes he still has to take us through the waiting period. Now it is what you do in that period that matters. Are you using that period to compare yourself with your neighbors?
    The truth is even twins that were given birth to same day by same mother will run their race differently o. Redeem the time. Use the waiting period judiciously, Serve God that even when He starts acting on your behalf, you won’t remember for how long you’ve been waiting.
    And no hate for whosoever is progressing. Hatred hurts the hater more than the hated. Gaskia!!.
    Thanks for sharing this mama. Only if you know how much this spoke to me.

  18. Eziaha my mind reader. Funny enough I’m reading resolution for women. Have been reading for months lol! That’s d pace I read now. Quite frustrating but with 2 soldiers under me I can’t read any faster. Your posts always bless me. God bless you too!

  19. I have learnt that the grass is never greener on the other side. It is green where I water it. I water where I stand and irrigate everyone I meet. A kind word here and there heals/restores and it is absolutely free.

  20. Aww much needed! It gets tough sometimes not to compare, when you feel your life is at a standstill but in all the bible says that there is a time for everything. So i think we should try as much as possible to thrive in every season of life! My new motto: “this too shall pass”

  21. Eziaha,you nailed it.This is such a blessing. Am understanding of your relationship with God Ans who God is will never make desire another man’s own
    Thank you,God bless you

  22. E I always read your blog and I have been blessed. You inspire me to want to try and be closer to God. Thank you especially for this post. Funny enough I had it open on my phone since but today I needed it more than ever. I’m sad at my current job but each time I feel God is not ready for me to move yet. Thank you for encouraging me to enjoy the now .I will learn to do so. Really wish I got to spend more time with you out here in abuja

  23. I’ve never written a comment on your blog but had to do this today. Eziaha I celebrate you, your blog has inspired and blessed my life tremendously. There’s always something new to learn from each post. God bless you.

  24. Hmmmm…smooth and fresh.
    The tendency to compare ourselves to others is as human as any other emotion. Certainly you are not alone in this experience. The thing about comparison is that there is never a win. How often do we compare ourselves with someone less fortunate than us and consider ourselves blessed? More often, we compare ourselves with someone who we perceive as being, having, or doing more.
    And this just leaves us coming up short.
    But our minds do want to quantify. Our minds want to rank and file and organize information. Our mind wants to know where we fit into the scheme of things. So we need to give it something to do. But it is a decision that only steals joy from our lives. We typically compare the worst we know of ourselves to the best we presume about others. Whether you are a writer, musician, doctor, landscaper, mother, or student, you have a unique perspective backed by unique experiences and unique gifts. You have the capacity to love, serve, and contribute. You have everything you need to accomplish good in your little section of the world. With that opportunity squarely in front of you, become intimately aware of your past successes. And find motivation in them to pursue more.
    While focusing on the negatives is rarely as helpful as focusing on the positives, there is important space to be found remembering that nobody is perfect and nobody is living a painless life. Triumph requires an obstacle to be overcome. And everybody is suffering through their own, whether you are close enough to know it or not.
    So, appreciate where you are. Instead of looking at the lives of others, see the goodness in front of you. Inside of you. Appreciate each moment, one at a time, and be happy where you are. When you find yourself comparing your life to the lives of others, turn to the moment in front of you and find ways to appreciate it.
    Thank you, E’.

  25. Thank you so much for this post. It speaks deeply to my heart and current mind wars. In this world where everyone seems to know what they want and where they are going, the pressure is so much to move in the way they expect one to and in my case, makes me many times forget what God has told me when I listen too much to people because they love one and wnat the best for us, right! :). May God bless you and help me to continually remember that his ways are indeed higher than mine and his thoughts are better than mine so I should rest and relax while trusting him. Thank you

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