Whoop whoop!!! Allow me to feel myself for a minute. It is my birthday tomorrow afterall. Went off BB for a while to attend to more important stuff. But I sneaked in on my birthday eve… Today… into so much loving… I SEE Y’all and I feel uber spessssssshial hehe…

Ok on to today’s post… Wrote it this morning, publishing tonight. Had a really long day and had a mini accident too so I have a bruise and I am limping but God pass and punish devil jor… Let’s celebrate…

When I blogged about how to do birthdays right, I reiterated the need to celebrate…

Here is why I particularly celebrate…

1. My FABtastic relationship with my God…

If you must brag, brag on the Word and the Word is God so brag on God…

I totally absolutely brag on God!!! I don’t know how people make it without Him but I am CONVINCED that I’m lost without Him… Totally!!! Where would I be if not for his Word which He sends to me that sets order to my jagajaga life? A Word in season I always hear. His Love which I enjoy in form of favor and love from men especially. The Love I know I don’t deserve. His Grace so amazing. His Glory and Beauty which I radiate. He has blessed me with so much hence He gave me the name NgoziChukwu- the Blessed of God!!! His wisdom which manifests in my Words and Deeds. The mundane and fundamental things with which my Jehovah just uses to show me off. I can’t begin to explain how fabulous my life is and is becoming daily. I celebrate the God in me… He’s simply amazing to me…

2. Le Boo

You know God is pleased with you when he sends you a great tailor GOOD and FAITHFUL man. I celebrate my Bolaji… My King… My David, a man after my own heart. The Love of my life and the Love in my life.


Someone who knows me inside out and loves me in a way that God has commanded a man to love his wife. The one I willingly submit to because He has signed his life away to God anyways so He can’t do or ask me to do anything our God doesn’t approve of. The one who knows how to correct without battering and who knows when to throw in a healthy amount of harmless indulging. Wetin again dey outside wey I dey find eh? With a partner like Him… Make una toast taya, e no go work. (You know yourselves :p) Aku m, my treasure and wealth.


Its a privilege to be found by such a man. Its because of you that I can go on my knees and pray for my single friends cos you have taught and keep teaching me by just living your life that the God that made you (and Rev and PK) still has more where you came from. You give me hope in men. Not all men are bad. Not all cheat. Some men are a TEN. You, my Bolaji are a TEN. I celebrate because of You and I celebrate You. And of course, for life, I love you endlessly.


Ladies marry well ooo

3. My Pastors

When God wants to bless you, He sends you gifts as Pastors. I’m so privileged to have the BEST gifts walking the face of the earth. Pastors that willingly grant me the gift of access. That’s the biggest thing I enjoy. That I can go to them at anytime and have their attention despite their busy schedule. Pastors that look out for me, pray for me, correct me when I’m erring and even give to me. Ha ahn!!! Only me. Pastors that know how to drop the Word like its HOT!!! Their preaching gets me up TO DO. I don’t blame people when they say Pastors are this and that (negative things that is). They haven’t met my pastors that’s why. Like some people have said to me, how won’t you be like this…? How won’t you get it right in marriage? Who you go resemble? See your pastors na. My pastors have been role models to me— in their walk with God, their discipline, their diligence, their lives of faith, their love walk, and of course their marriages!!! I have amazing examples to look up to. If I fail in life, truly who I go resemble? I celebrate You all… The entire C-in-C pastors of Triumphant assembly churches international led by the most amazing man I know, God’s general Rev Albert Femi Oduwole


and his one n’ only babe of life… Rev Teju Oduwole.


I celebrate another of God’s general who is my most beloved Pastor Kingsley and my darling Pastor Mildred Okonkwo.

rpk1 Ibadan-20121117-00537

4. My Family


My momma is one of the strongest women I know. My resilience came from her. We have our fights on a regular (lol) but I love that woman shege… My sisters are SUPER amazing. I’m gonna do a blogpost inspired by my bigsis especially on YOU too can have it all… Esp for ladies. You can build a career,a family and a ministry with NONE suffering and still have a life. My sisters have modelled that. I’m thankful for my brothers and all the miracles God has started in their lives already. And my poppa… Who in recent times has obliged a few of my unusual requests. Loooool.  I’m thankful for the family God has blessed me and my fam with by way of marriages.


I celebrate us all mehn!!!

5. My friends.

tom n jerry

Aha!!! Kedu otu m g’esi bido biko? How do I start? I have the MOST amazing friends. Crazy, godly, beautiful, fabulous, loyal, adorable, the whole NINE yo!!! God clearly partially gave me the best of friends ooo, no kidding… One of my besties is getting married and relocating to the UK. I’m still hating on her hubby. I’m so pained!!! Gosh!!! But I have the most amazing memories. My friends go out of their ways for me. Most times I’m convinced some are angels who escaped from heaven. How can they be so E’ loving??? When tz not like I’m sleeping with ’em? Prayerful women with whom I can pray anything through. Nothing as blessed as having such friends ooo. If I was a guy, I would have married some of them mehn!!! Polygamy allowed hehehhe. I’ll name names… If your name is not here, trust me tz the heart that matters plus I’m in a hurry. Special CELEB shout out to Dumdum, Ayomikun, Valerie, Ogochukwu, Enny, Warrens, Cheech, Bunmi, etc. (Forgive me darlings I’m in a serious hurry)

6. My blog family


Muah. Muah. Muah. Amazing lot. You just know how to color my world. Every comment, email, and loving is appreciated. Every BBM personal message and broadcast, tweet, facebook sharing, all appreciated. You make writing fun mehn!!! You further convince me that I must be doing something right. God bless y’all. I love and ‘preciate you. Muah and a big E’ group hug…

Again, I am grateful to God that a plus one beckons. I’m even more grateful for that glorious future I see.

My biggest request of God this new year is that I hear Him even more. Cos my blessings lie in my hearing and obeying Him. I mean, you just hear a Word and do, even if it makes zero sense and wham!!! Blessings start to follow. That’s the sorta life I wanna live and enjoy. A life that hears and obeys God no matter what.

Oh and of course, a deeper level of Faith.

Chi m n’efe atoka m




PS: See BBM missing ooo. Decided to go off BB for a while and focus on some stuff and everyone has been missing me… Hehehe. I’m so sweet. I’ll be back later tonight just in time for my birthday. Can’t miss all the dps and pms of course hehehe. #lezzdodis


My E’terview is up tomorrow by God’s grace on my blog. Whoop!!! Miss it, miss out. If you don’t see it, blame JMAD and FEMMETOTALE.. They were in charge :p


You don’t wanna miss Pita’s concert this sunday evening ooo. Lara George, Cobhams, Olufunmi, Timi Dakolo and many more will be there. Plus Pita himself of course. Details? Here http://eziaha.wordpress.com/fab-upcoming-events/


Holla Islanders, PK will be preaching on In Pursuit of happiness on the Island this sunday morning at 11am. Venue, Oriental Hotel. Details? Here http://eziaha.wordpress.com/fab-upcoming-events/


My talk at pharmacy school went so well. I’m really grateful to my Sugar daddy. He knows how to show His Sugar Baby off… Hehehe. God and I make a Fab team.

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  1. Nne, nothing will happen to u in Jesus name, Amen. Go on celebrate ur birthday with ur Sugar daddy God. He is d author and finisher of all that concerneth u.
    May God give u and Bolaji all that ur heart desireth. He is such a nice man and he is a man of his words right from d time I met him till now.
    Happy Birthday… I bu onye Chukwu gozIri!

    1. Looool
      Ur email addy cracked me up
      Thanks darling
      Amen ooo. D devil stays losing.
      My Bolaji is indeed.
      ‘Preciate ur wishes and comment

  2. Yeahhh…Indeed…u hv great reasons to celebrate. Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage… Ezi, u r larger than Life. U have shown that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint – and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing God to lead you. Nd I love ur amazing attitude to life::The question isn’t who’s going to let u; it’s who is going to stop u. Awesome! E, u r courageous. You have identified yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go. A toast to u darling…I can go on nd on…but no b me get d blog. I love u dearly.

    1. Love you too my one n only booski
      Thanks mega…
      Sometimes tho I feel we share the blog cos u complete some posts with ur comments. Hehehe

    1. Awwww sugar
      Oya email me ur number. We must to talk…
      Yay!!! Happiest birthday sweerie. Amen to that Jabez prayer. I always have room for more ooooo.
      And I’m hitting you back with Psalms 1… A tree planted by rivers. Unware of drought or famine. Just thriving
      Special hugs Sugar. You super rock!!!

  3. My darling, my lover, my sister…resilience embodied, amazing woman and loyal friend. Today, I celebrate you and celebrate WITH you! You’re truly an example of all the things that could go right when one walks with God.
    I said it once, “your life’s nothing short of a fairytale” i’ll say it again…you my darling are royalty. On this occasion of your last bornday as a singleton :D, I pray that the grace and favour which has trailed you all your days continue to chase you with fervour as you become Mrs. Olojo :D.
    God bless Ezimummy, today, always and forever! I love you forever and a day! :*

  4. Some of us aren’t such great writers but You know that you are ALWAYS Celebrated. Love you muchos. Do have a Fabtastic birthday.

  5. thank God for the grace of writing beautifully that is upon your life. And i know you’ll only get better 🙂 happy birthday once again.

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