Foolishly sleepwalking through a meeting with Jesus.

I woke up at 1am to spend time with the Lord and let me tell you guys, He dragged my WHOLE LIFE!!! I actually came to sort of pray-plain that is complain and pray about an issue and just as I started journaling, He started to speak and by the time He was done, I […]

Archaeological Excavations!!!

I recently watched this video interview of Bishop Jakes by Steven Furtick. Let me tell yawl something, I could be having a day from HELL literally but when a notification pops up from YouTube and you see it has Bishop and SF, you shut down that day and start watching it. Happened to me last […]

#AugustFruitful31.7… PRESSURE POINTS!!!

Hey yawl… Ok before I jump into today’s post, let me just share something that happened this evening to drive home my last post on Long Distance marriage. So my gen refused to come on and nepa has been bad the last couple of days. The gen worked earlier today and now at night, it […]

TFS Convos; Who do women say I am…?

Hey guys, My Happy Place and Space is when I write. I am soooo thankful for this gift. It legit makes me happy, even if i write into the night. Like deliriously HAPPY!!! Here’s praying we all find AND EXPRESS our Gifts in such a way that it makes us reeeeeeeeaaaaallllly HAPPY!!! AMEN!!! That said, […]