I recently watched this video interview of Bishop Jakes by Steven Furtick.

Let me tell yawl something, I could be having a day from HELL literally but when a notification pops up from YouTube and you see it has Bishop and SF, you shut down that day and start watching it. Happened to me last Monday and I must have seen it 765times since then, and it has given flesh to some of the skeleton God had already given me for 2018.

How is everybody doing by the way? Gosh I am soooo STRESSED. My life is NOT my own anymore. Between raising these two boys

(One a King, the other a Prophet, Phew), this Queen Mother needs a 3day vacation ONLY TO SLEEP. I am EXHAUSTED. I don’t have any friends, family or life lol. This phase is just to be Mommy and Wifey. Nothing is left to give. Everytime im with my boys, im just ridiculously GRATEFUL.

Mom Of Boys. look how tall KingDaveed is at JUST TWO YEARS (and ElJohn is taller)

Like THANK YOU JESUS for deeming me worthy of raising these two humans. Me?!??! Lil’ Ol’ Me. Oh Jesus, I am so overwhelmed. They haze me ALL DAY EVERYDAY and EVERY HOUR OF THESE DAYS but I cannot imagine not having them in my life. I am like God you gave them to me, so I know you are helping me to raise them right. While we all thought ElJohn would have a calmer personality, my people, this BROTHER IS FIERCE!!! As a baby, he is 100times tougher than KingDaveed, and He is ONLY TWO MONTHS.

Look how he has filled into the sleepsuit in a month. Thank God


I have learned SO MUCH about myself in TWO months than I have in the past 5years. And I have seen WEAK sides of me that REALLY REQUIRE His grace and strength like never before. He is such a special baby and truly has changed my life for ever.

He probably weighs 10kg. HE EATS A TON Help me Jesus!!! But i am IN LOVE

Ok, so how do both stories of my babies, and then TD Jakes interview connect? And even more so, how do they relate with the title of this blog?

Ok so that interview got my life all the way together!!!! Im telling you guys, I was running tracks around my home as I watched. Oh Jesus, Bishop Jakes is truly EXCEPTIONAL. Btw the interview was based on his latest Book SOAR which I can NOT wait to get. He said SOOOO MANY THINGS that if I decided to do a blog a day from that interview, I would NOT run out of content until December 31. I especially love where he talked about BEING ON YOUR GRIND as an Entrepreneur today and how they were raised in their generation to think LAZINESS IS A DISEASE. Ah God bless Bishop. Like I was telling one of my mentees, that interview validated me. He made me know that nothing I am doing as a Millenial today is in vain. Oh thank You Jesus!!! Glory to God!!!

*Praise break guys*

Phew!!! God is SO GOOD!!!

And can we talk abot SF for a quick minute?

Pastor Steven Furtick

Seriously that dude is my HERO!!! Not because of what we see, but the back stage of his life, which thanks to leaning in so closely I am almost doubled over, I have been able to access a little too generously. If there is anyone who should be PRESIDENT of this Millenial generation, it should be Him. At least, I’ll vote for Him. He asked ALL the right questions and I kept looking at his face and posture. My God, SF killed that interview, even Bishop was wowed!!! We laughed, we cried (even Bishop), we were silent, we leaned in, we leaned back, we stood up, we screamed, we applauded, we were QUIET, we did it ALL in those 90mins or so. I really cannot wait to attend Elevation church and hopefully by 2019, attend Inside Elevation too.

So one of the 1000 points Bishop talked about was on PARENTING and being discerning enough to locate the seeds that God has planted in your kids, and then nurture them closely enough to allow them grow. And this has to start from when they are REALLY YOUNG. I am talking babies ooo. At this point, allow me to celebrate one of my mentors Debola Deji-Kurunmi DDK who taught me same too VERY EARLY in my parenting, that we needed to get this job right from the time they are babies. Remember the program PROPHETIC MOTHERHOOD which ultimately birthed my FIRST DEVOTIONAL, FAB WARRIOR MOMS?

Oh Bless God for Mentors… Thank You Jesus for connecting us to the right Teachers per time. Oh Bless God!!!

Ok so as Bishop talked about those seeds and how parents first get to water them and give room for them to grow, (he used his grand daughter McKensie as an example. She’s SJR’s daughter), I was reminded of a day in my second Devotional, the 30-31-30 Devotional, where the Holy Spirit led me to write about ARCHEOLOGICAL EXCAVATIONS and how motherhood (actually parenting, but im talking to moms here) can be likened to an archealogical excavation. And how we cannot just afford to be casual or emotional about it. We had to be INTENTIONAL and very COMMITTED to the job, which is HARD and often times not glamorous, but we MUST do it, if we are going to watch that seed God has put in them blossom and not wither.

Here is a line off my Devotional…

Actually, here is the entire day off that Devotional.

Consider this my gift to moms all around the world, especially those who don’t know what it means anymore to have a good night’s sleep. Lol





Train up a child in the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old he will not depart from it… Proverbs 22v6

Pardon my title for today, but I’m reminded of my years of studying Archaeology and the excavation process. To excavate something, in very literal terms, is to remove earth carefully and systematically from an area in order to find something that has been buried within.

It often requires various techniques for different things. In some kind of archaeological excavations, you have to be double careful if you are going to have positive results.

Excavation is a detailed and careful process, and we don’t excavate all things in the same way. Matter of fact, if you try to hurry through, or employ a blanket approach to all excavation processes, you most likely will destroy that which you are trying to bring to the fore. The excavation process is so important and has implication on the discovery of whatever was buried.

I believe that the children God has given us already have within them codes and treasures, deposited by God, and as parents, our job is to dig through carefully and systematically, in order to expose them. We are not putting anything new in, we are just discovering and exposing what has been buried, or planted.

Training up a child can be likened to an ‘Archaeological Excavation’ process. I love how the Amplified version says we do that keeping in mind their individual bent and gifts. So if you have three children, you already know that you have three different ‘individual gifts and bent’, so you don’t go digging the same way. Rather you consult the One who buried those treasures within, and continue to walk and work with Him through the process.

And the process is not always pretty. It demands patience, time, energy, hard work, research and wisdom.

John 10v10 tells us that satan wants to kill, steal and destroy every treasure within our kids. He will try to distract we parents with other things, ensuring we don’t strike the right balance that helps us operate from a position of strength and wisdom, and then tempt us to train them casually, but we won’t. We, you and I, will train them in the way of God, and we will put in the hard work required to get it done. Remember, nobody can be a better mama to your kids. God chose you, He’s got you, so get to digging.


Ask the Lord to help you tap into the inner grace and strength that He has given to you as a Mom to your kids. Thank Him for it, and commit to careful excavation processes to bring out the treasure within, keeping with their individual gifts and bent, in Jesus name, AMEN!!!




Oh help us Jesus to raise these babies in line with the SEEDS You have deposited in them. Help us not to be lazy, emotional, or blasé. On our own Lord, we cannot do NOTHING but with Your Help, we will raise Kingdom Warriors for You. Children for signs, wonders and Miracles. Help us Jesus. Grace and strengthen us too. For in Jesus name we have prayed, AMEN!!!

Group hug for all my mommies…


Love to all,




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It is also available on the Reader App. Mehn, we are inexcusable ooo. We CAN GET THIS JOB DONE because we have a gazillion resources to help us. And above all, we have the Bible!!!



Hey if the Lord lays on your heart to come babysit for me, please holler and come. I need help. LIKE A LOT.  I will even be able to blog more should you come babysit. Pleaseeeee…



Next week or so, i will be putting up an announcement online. CoachE’Squad is hiring. I need TWO MORE Chicks on board to come help me deliver all that God has laid on my heart for next year. I will also blog about it and send out an email. Gosh, I am so excited about it and i have been praying and i believe the Lord has gone ahead of us to choose the right ones. Will give more details later…



You know, i recently changed my phone screen saver to this pix from last Sunday.


It is all the shades of prophetic to me. Like i PRAYED for days like these, when together as a family, we would be living together and get to worship God together too. I MISS MY DCC like crazy but i thank God we have a new church now and i bless Him in advance that He will make this a home for me (us) too. I am talking DayStar baby. and how crazy is it that all 3 churches i have attended, the Pastors are all connected. PK of DCC has Pastor Sam Adeyemi of DayStar as His Mentor and Rev Femi Oduwole of Triumphant Assembly as his Pastor. Looking forward to really being a part of the DayStar family beyond Sunday attendance which is all i get to do now. Above all, thank God i don’t have to do Long Distance Marriage anymore. THANK YOU JESUS


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  1. I watched that video and it was exactly at that same point about the “seeds” that got me like …..woooow, Jesus is Lord!!!!! I haven’t seen all of it but i definitely will. Oh how i would have loved to babysit for you Mama cos i can’t even begin to imagine your life right now but thank God for strength and grace… You are in my prayers Coach.

  2. He said ” Relationships are your greatest resource. They won’t necessarily be your color and they might not have your theology but God can use them to bless you. You know the ravens don’t go to church but they fed Elijah”… I took a Hallelujah and Prayer pause right there!!! GOSH!!!!

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