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Ok before I jump into today’s post, let me just share something that happened this evening to drive home my last post on Long Distance marriage. So my gen refused to come on and nepa has been bad the last couple of days. The gen worked earlier today and now at night, it decides to not come on. Tonight is not a good night to be off because I have an online speaking engagement which was paid for, and all my devices are low and I knew won’t carry for an hour. I ABSOLUTELY LOATHE giving excuses, much more when someone has paid for my time so I was just like I will just go to my neighbor’s house and work from there between 8 and 9pm. Now, my hubs for some reason is still in lagos so he gets to looking at the gen and tweaking things. Next thing, gen comes on. He actually changed the plug himself. I didn’t even know what to diagnose. You see some of the struggles we in LDM face?


Anyways, on to today. So this morning, I woke up and went to my prayer place. Then God just started to call me into very uncomfortable places… He started to show me dreams I had abandoned because to me I had prayed and confessed long enough but no show. Felt like judgment day for me. So uncomfy to just be reminded of how I had so easily given up. I repented, asked for grace and started right there to pick them all again in the place of the spirit.

I knew the fight was gon be real. I knew there will be moments of PRESSURE so as I mentally prepared for the fight, God told me what to cut off from my life for some time. If I tell you guys ehn, you will just pity me, lol. I must have mentioned God I am SOOOO done with you haha. But I am like, small price. I mean if I wasn’t pregnant, I would be fasting, but now he was asking for one thing that has taken a lot of my time these days. I have hinted about it before somewhere by calling it my ‘XX Bible’ lol. Not that it is bad, but I needed to fortify. Will definitely redownload that App soon again. Anyways, back to my friend YouTube and as usual, the feeds bring up my fave male preacher Pastor Steven’s message last week which I missed… PRESSURE POINTS.

I start to listen and realize that this message is BANG for my season (Thanks YouTube haha).

Then two things happened in the course of my day that would have ordinarily put me under intense pressure and tension BUT for some reason, I handed them to God, verbalized that I trust Him and won’t ever be stranded, and I didn’t worry ONE BIT. Even me I was surprised haha. I just carried on into my day. You see, God had given me the victory in that Pastor Steven’s message so when the pressure came, it located STRENGTH within me. The matter is not sorted yet in the physical but I can assure you guys, I am NOT even worried AT ALL.

I highly recommend this message if you know you are dealing with situations that are putting you under such pressure and wanting to snuff life out of you.

I beg you, don’t give up just like that persistent widow in Luke 18. This fight is not physical so get on your knees and pray like your life depends on it like Elijah. Keep your confessions up. GROW through tests and trials and when those situations threaten, let them locate STRENGTH on your inside.

You wanna look back at a trail of dead giants your faith has taken down and not a trail of ‘unfinished boats’ representing everything you have ever given up on.

Group hug!!!

And oh I am on radio this Saturday talking about breastfeeding as we just finished marking world breastfeeding day. Will share details so yawl can listen in.

Ok time to rush into my session starting at 8pm. Of course I am discussing fitness and my notes are ready.

Hope I can attach pictures to this post. If not, yawl already know what I look like haha

I never even baff after my night workout. Choi!!! In my defence, it was resistance band workout and you don’t really sweat with it.

Ok byeeeee, Judgers haha

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  1. I’m definitely listening to this message. Thank you! Could you do a post on Friendship-making friends,how important is friendship and all.
    God bless you.

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