Recently, I have come to not just FULLY accept, but also CELEBRATE my role as a HOME MAKER!!!

Tz such a purpose-filled journey and I LOVE it.
I’m even in a better place than I was when I wrote ‘Authentically me & Surprisingly Satisfied‘. Tz awesome!!!

Anyways, I will still do a post on our roles as homemakers whether you are a career mom or a stay-at-home mom. Will draw lessons from Proverbs 31 and Titus 2.

Look out for that one guys.
Best seller stuff, I promise.

OK anyways, one gift I have realised God has graced me with is the ability to find great deals and so save my home (and hubby) a lot of money.

Frankly I think He graced women with that gift.
Every month, or as I find, I’ll share with yawl.
This month (let’s assume we are in January please), I wanna share three growing businesses I have dealt with and have been impressed by.

Hopefully, someone finds some info or tip they can use.

1. Pemmakui salon for my dreadlocks.


I got my locks done there.
I have toyed with the locks idea for a while but I have never quite been ready for it both time wise and money wise.
Then I found Pemmakui on Dealdey and I got their addy and went to see them live.


Now normally, dreads starter package is anything from 10k for 1 or 2, max 3 visits. Most are 15k and above. I’ve done baby locks before so I know.
Your hair will NEVER lock in 3 visits and so you have to keep going for relocks. Relocks are between 3k and 5k. So yup, dreads are expensive for a start, and time consuming. At least for the first 4-6months.
But at Pemmakui, it is 12k for your first 7sessions and 2k per relock. 1k when they have deals on Dealdey.
And best part is the guy who locks is soooooo good and soooo respectful and soooo friendly. And soooooo timely too. Never disappointed me on any appointment.
Then to keep the locks in, he sews it at those early visits.


I mean, I got amazing progress with my first 7visits which I dragged to about 7
6weeks because he did a great job sewing it in so it lasted while the locks kicked in.


Like you can choose to even go once a week after the first two visits. That’s amazing especially because dreads at first requires a lot of visits. My hair ain’t fully locked now but the progress has been amazing thanks to him. And the harmattan back then. And my hair type which he says is good too. I love looovvveee being his client. He’s also so patient with KingDaveed even when he troubles the process.


Name : PemmakUi (ask of Slim)
Phone number: 09 054 8394 90
Address: Mokola plaza, Mokola bus stop, Egbeda.

2. Chrishill for my phones.

Took this picture from inside his shop

I’ve featured him on my blog before and some of yawl patronized him but I wanna do that again. I absolutely LOVE being his client. He’s amazing to do business with. His phones are original, the cheapest you would get and have warranty. Plus he has a wide range from high end to the cheaper brands. Recently I needed to get a ‘spare’ phone and I didn’t wanna buy anything too expensive. I got the RLG phone for 16k which he suggested and the phone has been amazing to me. Tz like the infinix red hot phone.
That’s what I use to blog, IG, tweet etc. Aside emails, this phone has overtaken my main phone. Of course it has email functions too.
So when he suggested it, he was spot on.
Dude just knows a lot about phones and can advise you well based on your budget.
He’s also sincere. If you have issues and it is from his end, he’ll fix it for you. He also has original accessories.
I have zero qualms recommending Chris anywhere. I have been a customer for about 4years now. No issues. I’m so comfy and assured with him. He delivered a phone to me when I just had a baby but I doubt he delivers usually. Maybe you can work something out sha.

Name: Chrishill
Location: Computer village. I think Otigba street.
Phone number: 08033085181

3. Ibsek technology for my inverter.

This is probably my biggest find in recent times. Hubs still thanks me for it. We couldn’t get an inverter and generator at once when we moved into our ‘Rehoboth’ so I BEGGED hubs to do an inverter first because he was gonna do generator. He had his objections to inverter so I had to do plenty research and find someone affordable. I found Ibrahim. Let’s just cut a long story short and say I got a 1.5kva inverter, one 200amps and one 150amps battery for, wait for it, 65k abi 70k!!! Guys, I did plenty research and most of what I got was AT LEAST 100k for even lesser specs!!! Plus we even worked out a payment plan that has us pay 45k first and then 20/25k after almost two months.
I must say we had issues at first with battery, installation, current, NEPA unavailability etc but he always came back and fixed it even tho sometimes he would not come when he said he will. Let’s just say ‘Lagos factor’. But largely, he has been honest and reliable.
My inverter has just been amazing and so I’m happy to recommend him.
Plus he has patience.
Several times, I got really upset and would scream at him (or his staff) but he would apologise and find ways to make up. I mean his patience is amazing. Definitely shamed my Christian self a lot because he is even a Muslim. He always stayed calm.

Plus he was always ALWAYS smiling. He has a great smile too. I recall that was the first thing I told him when I met him. Haha. Me and compliments sha.
Because I want to call in favors with him on this one, I’ll keep his number.
Email me if you need it. Haha

But really should you decide to do business with any of them, let them know I sent you. I have such a great relationship with all of them so you can be sure to get the best customer care. The dreads guy doesn’t know my name sha but tell him the customer with a baby. Haha.
And of course, that these people worked for me don’t mean they will work for you. Please let God lead you in this as in everything you do.
They don’t even know I am doing any of this. This is just my way to both support growing businesses and then help anyone who needs their services.

Would love to feature this segment once a month so I’m on the lookout for February. If you have a growing business I can TRY, I won’t stop you from sending to me. I’m just not compelled to feature it here.
I will share as the Lord leads me and if I don’t have any to share, I won’t.

Before I go, might I add that I need a GOOD tailor would prefer someone who can come to my house if need be. But if not, even if you know any good tailor who is growing her business and is affordable and good, holler. And if you are one, holler too. Lagos please.

Third post today. Infact told yawl I was sooooo pumped!!!

You can tell I have a homehelp now right? Lol.

Let’s call her ‘betterer’ because she keeps getting betterer and betterer and betterer.  
Plus my hubs is around too for a couple of weeks. I can’t even believe how much time I have to SLEEP or just DO ME!!!
I am so excited he is here and I love having all of us do life together under one roof.


Grateful for his leave and thanking God in advance for when he will be permanently with us.
Frankly, couples should stay together.
I LOVE seeing them bond even though I think men play rough play jor.


Haha. I’m just side eyeing them both when they are playing.

So thankful for and absolutely guarding fiercely my portion!!!

Like hubs has bathed KingDaveed by himself since Friday morning!!!

Yawl, if you live in Lagos, send me your addy. I’m visiting you. Might even move in. Hahahaha

Can’t wait to visit with Ola, Enny (sorry Sapphire), and Dinma and her/my baby this week and next.

Gosh!!! Baby-free me-time!!!

Is this FOR REAL???

Yawl, WIN BIG this week ok? And don’t forget to GO HARD on your teachers.
I will/am too.

My teachers and Father


I LOVE it when yawl publicise my posts. Thank you and God bless you. Please keep sharing on your social media handles and please tag me when you do

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  1. 3 post in one night….nwannem, e siri ike. Thank God for the betterer betterer help around and for the inspiring words from you.

    Your dreads, I so admire, the guy really did well….wish I could lock my hair too but work peepz don’t like. About the homemaker post…..we are waiting o and you look lovely. Weldone bebe

  2. Thanks for giving us places to find good deals. I will definitely try to check out the computer villa guy cus a lot of those guys in computer villa can like to play a fast one if someone is not careful. Lol at telling the guy about d woman with the baby. Chai u too funny. nice one tho

  3. So nice of you to do something for small business owners. This is the kind of thing we as Individuals should do to be part of the change we want, and to see the change come. And I’m so happy for you that your husband is around. There’s no fun in long distance marriages Biko. It’s stressful and expensive. And I’m happy for you about ‘betterer’. Congrats

  4. I might call chrishill.how come my name is not on the list of people to visit.someone is def looking for “ma trouble”

  5. I love the way you help people grow even in the simplest ways…
    It feels good getting great bargains for a really good item/service
    Thanks for sharing and God bless u big
    U look really good and ur son + hubby just added more colour to the picture

  6. Boo boo , I can see you are on fire with all this posts, pass me the anointing na. BTW very Nice all white family pics. Beefing sha, that’s how I didn’t get my own share of that meal you were cooking d other day o. I am sooooo visiting d locs saloon as soon as I can, like What!!!!! D price is just so unbelievable for such a package.

    1. Hahahaha
      Looool at meal.
      Don’t worry, we will find a way mami.
      Oh yesooo the loctician is soooo cheap so yes to going
      Plus your gorgeous hair would just lock beautifully.
      Jealous in advance

      Thank you sis
      Your comments make my heart happy

  7. King Daveed keeps looking so handsome.. Babes you are too much Abeg..Chris hill n Dealdey.. all thanks to you. Guys I join Eziaha to recommend Chrishill for your phones… i’m flexing mine, bought it last year by the way after Eziaha’s recommendation. Customer service in the office is superb too, he wasn’t around the day I bought but the service was nice.

    1. Awwww Engee aren’t you amazing.
      KingDaveed makes me soooo happy.
      And yes yes to Chrishill.
      And can I tell you the truth, customer service tho still superb ain’t as great as before. If you met the Lady i met first ehn!!!
      But even the one there now is amazing. I just love doing business with Chrishill

  8. Please someone recommend a good tailor in Lagos for Eziaha. I tell you not having a reliable one who knows his or her craft can be annoying. My sis and I used to say it’s like tailors around Nigeria have conspired to just frustrate customers.

  9. Hello E’,
    Beautiful findings!!! I actually stumbled upon your blog while looking for a good dreadlocks salon…… we seem to have the same problem…most of the ones I know are too expensive. Thanks for sharing!!!! Wanna try “Slim” out but the contact number is unavailable. Plix epp a sistah.

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