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Super excited to do this Post. It has been a long time coming baby!!! Btw hope everyone is fine. So yawl been harassing me to blog more. Well, i got news at the end of this post.

First let’s talk PROPEL!!!

So yawl know we started Propel Nigeria last year

My first Propel Group Meeting

and I told my first set of Chicks that we would have to each split after Curriculum 1 and start to host our own Propel Chapters in our various neighborhood.
Well some of us are good to start, so I would drop our contacts and locations below so if you live around, you can join in.
What is Propel Women?
Propel is an organization founded by Christine Caine (my hero) for Chicks who are in the marketplace and wanna lead well. Chicks who want their faith AND career/biz/jobs to mix nicely. Chicks ready to take Jesus into ‘All the world’.
So Propel operates in small groups all around the world. Basically just grab a couple of Chicks together weekly (or as often as you guys decide) and go through the video curriculum.
So far, there are three Propel series and each series has 6 video curricula, each video not more than 30minutes.
So you watch Chris and her friends, all Christian Chicks in the Marketplace, discus various practical topics, take audience questions, and teach us A LOT about how to LEAD WELL as Chicks. Then yawl in your small groups discus it and take action.
Propel vision is a dream walahi. I discovered it as a Stay at home mom and it changed a lot in me especially as per personal leadership, and provided the foundation I needed as I morphed into an ‘At-Home Entrepreneur/CEO’. I blogged about those details here

So here is info on Propel Chapters ready to kick off…

Ugochi. Location Badore, Ajah
email: ugochiokonkwo@gmail.com
Blog: francestots.WordPress.com
Starting: January 2017

Name : Comfort Foyibo
Location : Ilasa, Lagos
Phone no: 07066003838
Email: comfort.foyibo@gmail.com
Starting January 2017

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo
Isheri Lagos
Starting February 2017


Funto is starting hers in March most likely so if you live around Ikeja, you wanna keep an eye on her IG page @funtoibuoye

So if any is close to you, please holler at the Group Leaders.

If you are interested in hosting a Propel small group in your church or neighborhood, holler at me. Propel@eziaha.com
Oh you can host from any location too. Don’t have to be Lagos.
I will provide you with the videos and info you need to start and Leader guide. Trust me, tz eazy-peezy!!! Fun and so rewarding too. Plus you get to make friends too as we connect and interact within Chapters.

Kicking off mine in my home from Sunday February 5, so if you live around Isheri, holler!!! Taking in just 10 Chicks and we would meet weekly on Sunday evenings for about an hour and half.
Super excited!!! Like I just LOVE everything Propel. It changes lives for good!!!
Ok so more Propel Nigeria info plus our meetings can be found on these old posts here and here , and I will continue to update my blog with a directory of Propel Chapters in Nigeria.
Yawl have a super duper PROPELLED week.
I pray we are all running hard after Jesus and our God-given assignments and never ever giving up. In Jesus name, AMEN!!!


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Yay!!! PowWow with E’ is next week.

Like I have legit been having dreams!!! God blows me away sha. Phew!!! So I am deciding to open up slots for 5 stay-at-home mamas in waiting. That is, chicks in faith for thier children. The Holy Spirit led me to include that set because my mama, who is coming, needs to minister to yawl too. If you didn’t know, she waited 8 solid years before her first biological child,

and that is with Doctor’s reports to the contrary.

Her baby no 2 David

Really, mama cannot come and not minister to the Hannahs’ in waiting for their Samuels. Ok, so read this post and then send a mail to powwow@eziaha.com. Or tell any Chick who needs this. Still have some 5slots for Stay at home moms and another 5slots for Stay at Home mamas in waiting. Hurry!!!

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