Today we have two delightful FABers testifying.
Similarity? Well both are moms and both live outside Naija
And both are bloggers yay!!!

First off, Cannime who is the only blogger that had the same Sunspot blog theme as me. That was my first attraction to her blog. If you refer need any info on Canada, is your ONE stop go-to. On anything oooo. I just love her blog. Now she changed the theme tho… Love the new theme on mobile too. May try it after this. Since we are blog twins. Plus she says I write like her… Awwww.


I didn’t even know she is married and has a baby… Aww. I love how this is making me know my readers more… Thanks babe for sharing with us tho you don’t want your lovely picture here… Not fair loool. And thanks for all the blog love too. You rock…
Please enjoy this babe I just love to call Cannime all za way from Canada…

As 2014 rolled in, I asked myself what I wanted to achieve this year. I am one who journals my plans for the year because there is so much joy in looking back and realising that God answered my prayers or see how he totally changed my plans (He has done so a lot  times 😀 ). However, mummy duties ( We have an 8month old) have seriously taken over and I have not had time to write down my plans for the year yet.. So, Eziaha you have made it happen.

**** God used me to make it happen lol***

Here are my plans for 2014

1. Spiritual Growth: Love and trust God more 🙂 spiritual growth is constant for me every year.. because there is so much to learn about God and my walk with Him.

2. Be the best wife and mum: My husband and my son are perfection. Watching my hubby shower unconditional love  on my son and I daily makes me strive to best wife for him in everywhere. I also want to guide and watch my son grow into an amazing toddler ( he is downstairs babbling with his dad as I He is our new fitness coach because it is major workout when he is awake. Chasing him around the house has definitely helped *hubby* and I lose the baby weight- lol.

*****awww. Is it just me or did anyone else paint this tres lovely scenario of this family in a hilarious workout session… Biko nne, what weight is his daddy losing? Lol*****

3. Job: After an wonderful one year of maternity leave, I will be going back to work. A part of me feel I have forgot all of the accounting I was taught and practiced (lol). My manager will be the best So this year, I want to win best employee award (we do not have such award in my office) but I just want to make positive impact as I return.

***i should totally move to Canada!!! One year mat. leave… Wow!!! Cool. And yes Amen. The HS will help you remember jor…***

: In my spare time I blog about Canadian immigration and Life in Canada. This year, I want to provide information to as many Nigerians in and outside Canada looking for information on how to come to Canada or navigate through life in Canada. I love seeing successful Nigerians in Canada because there are good ambassadors of what great people we are.  I believe we all have a duty to change the perception people have of Nigeria with every non- Nigerian we meet. So this year, I want to be mentioned in the success stories of Nigerians in Canada who found some useful and helpful information from my website.

***You do a FAB job nne and I love that you wanna do even more… Guys, this blog is totally FAB trust me…Anything Canada, holler at her blog or at me and I will hook you up…***

5. Friends and family: Just reviewing last year.. I realised it’s been a while I got birthday gifts for most friends and family.. especially those who did not have any major celebration. So this year, I plan to send a birthday gift to all my close friends and family. In addition to gifts, actually spend time praying for them and the needs they share with me.

****Awwwwwww. Thank God I am a friend and I have a birthday coming later this year… Yay!!! But this resolve is so cool. Most of us don’t give gifts again. After putting pix on bbm DPs, that’s usually all lol…***

6. Vacation: Since 2012 when we came home, we have only been to the airport to receive people. We have not travelled or had a Vacation. So hubby and I are determined to travel this year. We plan to  travel to somewhere warm with a nice ocean view. My brother just returned from his honeymoon in Veradero, Cuba and the first thing his wife said to me was Flo, “you have no excuse.. I saw people with three month old babies”. And Oh! baby gets to travel for free until they are two.. so even more motivated to achieve this.

***Babes, I am seriously moving ooo lol. Free till 2years? Wow. Just last week my friend and I were discussing this issue of having babies pay for flights here… You guys should totally go. I duno Veradero but it sounds like a dream place…****

That’s about it for me. I know more things will pop up as the year progresses. Wishing all FAB readers a blessings filled 2014.

****** Thanks again darling. Blessings on you and your home. Amen!!!*****

Exit Cannime, Enter Tomiwa…

One of my most consistent Likers and commenters. Bless you babe.
Please enjoy T’s piece of the testifying action all za way from the UKj


This year 2014, I intend to

– Put God first, every day.
2013 was all about Him showing me that He does exist, He does answer prayers and He has a plan for my life. I am taking it a step further by running with this verse this year…
Ps119:105 Your word is a light unto my feet and a light unto my path.
I intend to dwell in His word. I can never go wrong that way. I’m going to be a God girl this year and beyond.

-Be healthy. Drink more water, less coke (I can see myself trying to ignore the bottles of coke as they call out my name on the aisles in the store).
****hahahahahahaha. Seer of life. Loooool. How has it been so far? *****

-Eat more fruit. Exercise, at least I will try (does climbing the stairs count?)

***Yes hun it counts… Regularly tho and running not walking. I know you have started gyming already. Whoop!!!*****

– Do the money challenge. For every week, I will save an equivalent amount of money for that week’s number. For example, for week one I will save one dollar, week two, two dollars and so on till I get to the end of the year. Feel free to join, I’m already smacking my lips at the thought of a nice cash stash by the year’s end (even though they say do not count your chicks before they hatch).

***Not too late to join in yeah? Sounds cool. Wow. E for better for pounds tho… I am already counting my chicks in my head…****

Have a relationship that will lead to marriage and is God centered. I fear sometimes, (I’m not afraid to say fear cuz that confirms that I’m human), that I will not find a good man who will accept my daughter and I and will also love Christ. I know though, that God has great plans for me and who knows, there might be something in the works already

****** OF VERY COURSE there is someone out there who will accept and love by your girl totally. One darling FABer has a story like this. The husband she married Ehen, name God give am walahi lol… Tho she is a catch herself. So yes love, there is. But the word FEAR tho… Remember He hasn’t given us a spirit of fear… And There is NO FEAR in LOVE but perfect love (which I know you enjoy in Him which He will replicate in your man) CASTS OUT FEAR 🙂 So human or not, no fear baby )

– Start a PhD. I’m believing and trusting God, that I will get a scholarship that will pay everything, as in everything. I love to read and find out new things and this will also put me in a better position to give my daughter the best I can. I know my Baba will delight in my testimony by the year’s end when I announce “ I have started my Phd”

***AMEN Sweets. Beht u like books sha. Even Masters I am still receiving grace for, whilst looking for one that would last just six months Loooool****

– Impact some one’s life positively. I will love to be a mentor to people. I generally run away from being looked up to cuz I’m afraid of tripping up and making mistakes that might be costly to someone’s faith. However, that way of thinking was rooted in believing in my own strength. As of now, I’m totally leaning on God. It is He who will speak through me and lift me up when I stumble, that way people can learn also that being a God girl doesn’t mean you don’t trip up and fall. You are just blessed with the grace to rise up and keep moving on.

*** I have learnt that too babe. Never about me. Tz about God. No pressures mehn… And certainly pay no mind to the devil and his weak accusations with our weaknesses***

Speak fluent French, even if it’s in tongues, hehehe. I have been trying to learn French o. My folks speak so well and they seem to be arguing on how much they can sell me for, when they start to speak.

*** now that u mention, I think I speak in French tongues… Yay!!! Loooool. This French name real serious matter on this FAB lane ooo. We should start a French wannabe learners club or som’in… He he he. And yes, I think your folks have sold you already :p. ***

– Fly a kite with my daughter and in general just spend some quality time with her that is not across a computer console. Sometimes I cry when I receive pictures and videos of the antics she gets into and I’m not there physically to see and laugh. I can’t wait for this master’s to be over and then I can see her, and hold her, and scold her just be with her.

****** Awwwwwwwww. You should carry her for the pH.d ooo he he he *****

– Lead a choir. I love to sing. Really love it. Since having my lil princess though I have been blessed with a deep voice and can’t hit the high note anymore. Regardless, I want to glorify God with my singing.

***hahaha. Does it sound anything like TY Bello’s? If yes, I love it already… If not :p loool ****

– Make my parents proud. They have done a lot. Far more than I could have ever imagined. Is it the fees, or taking care of my princess while I flex-study?  Is it the ever flowing prayers and encouragement I get every single day? Abeg, they are too much. I want to be the daughter they can boast of anywhere. I want to bless them with everything I am and have it also helps that I will live long since I’m obeying God.

***** Awwwwww God bless them indeed. Parents dey try sha… I pray you do, with God leading you on how best to, amen****

– Establish a business. I totally love to make jewelry. I dream of having my own place of business, where I employ others and train people and make some money, while having time for the family God is blessing me with. Yes, I can do this in tangent with the Phd.

***** Business women on the lane, holla!!!! That is another team we should form right here too. And yes, you really can juggle it ooo. ***

– Grow with my friends spiritually. My bestie and I grew spiritually, together in 2013 and we are still growing. There are others I will like to bring into the fold, heaven will be quite fun with friends I already know, and I am trusting God for the grace to set aside my fears and doubts, and speak up to them. Let them see who I am in Christ and encourage them to set up.
Live a fasted life. This means I would not hesitate to give to God anything He requires of me. Be it money, a particular person, my time, food, anything. I want to be able to surrender all to Him.

******Amen. Grace and boldness babe cos God still needs examples…******

My name is Oluwatomiwa Ayonrinde, I’m in my mid 20’s and currently doing a masters in urban management and development. Thanks for the opportunity E’. Mwuaahh

***** Thanks my Darling jare. Kisses to your princess. And now that I think of it, I’m not sure if you are in the UK or USA set. I just wrote UK. No mind me. But I think i am right tho… He he he. And I love your course. One of the fave branches for me in Sociology was Urban Sociology. I was practically a mobile encyclopedia on it. The city life, its history and planning, social interactions, social problems, and its development just thrills me to heavens. Got an A plus in the course. On the other hand, I HATED Rural Sociology loool. I hate anything village he he he. *******

OK everyone, hope you are making plans already for comedy goes to church!!! Whoop. This Sunday 4pmDCC.
Come and have real pure fun with Acappella and his comedian friends plus great music to boot… Tickets just 2k.
If you dey Lagos, you have no reason to miss out ooooooo


Holler at me for details

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  1. Didn’t know Cannime was married with a kid, wow! Come to think of it; Canada is only few hours away from my place and maybe we could do a meetup?? Haha

    Tomiwa, if I weren’t in the U.S I’d rush over to be your workout buddy. You see, I’ve been trying so hard to shake this shark weight off my body but na strongness o. Lol

    Ayorinde, is acapella your name or what you sing? Lol I’m confused but it sounds interesting anyway! 🙂

    Good job E

    1. The interesting thing is that in my head, both of you are friends. I dunno why I think so. Looool. Maybe cos I discovered both blogs together. Or cos you guys are practically neighbours.
      Then Acapella is a comedian. He has a show “Comedy goes to church” coming soon. That is what I am publicising

  2. Awwwwww Thanks alot Mrs E”… Actually.. it is the same blog theme I just changed colours 🙂 Ah hubby had some weight to loose too oo.. cos he joined me in my our turn is coming.. You will see Bolaji increase all around too 🙂

    Yes.. you are among the friends.. just that I dnt know your bday:P

    I am loving Tomiwa already.. we both have ejis 😀 MAsters, PHD.. Girl… you are a super mom. OH I so hear you on making our parents proud…I always say i’m forever indebted to them. I love your savings plan and the jewelry business 🙂 and most importantly the plans to help others.

    As for our little princesss.. you don’t worry.. God will bring her a perfect daddy and a Godsent hubby for you:)

    I pray God exceeds all of your expectations for 2014.

    Does Tomiwa have a website? Or did it miss it in the post?

    1. OK may give my website a makeover soon then
      I neo love this theme. Tried several times to change in but no one be like am jor. Good to know incan ‘edit’ it
      Yes tomiwa has a webbie. Dunno the Addy off hand so babe over to you

  3. Wonderful. May God grant ur heart desires.
    @eziaha i ‘lolz’ at ur comments on wishing masters was 6 months. U r something sha.anyways, i want to ask if i could send my own piece too,kinda like wat i expect from God and myself dis year…..was wondering if there are specific requirements. Thanks tho.

    1. I actually responded to this. I guess it got lost in transit
      I am so sorry
      Yes 6months masters is just fine
      And sorry b I have closed that testifying series sinceeeeeeeee

  4. !Yay I’m up. I’m loving cannime oooo. I for go greet her in canada. Ok, update. Coke any I have developed an understanding, once in two weeks does the trick. Yes, I’m gyming, albeit lazily. I’m in
    Holland and seriously trying find a good topic for the phd proposal. And I am in a choir now ooooo. Ok, I do not have the spirit of fear, but that of love and strength.
    E, thanks.

    1. Hmmmmmh, once in two weeks? lol. I am very glad and proud of your strength babe. You always have been strong. I love you.

      1. Hello bestie 🙂
        Welcome to my blog
        And yes babe I love d once in two weeks plan. Cos truth is it won’t kill you… 🙂
        You go girl

  5. Awwhhhh, two lovely Mommies….. i love both your entries and the passion you have for your kids… my prayers are with you both; Cannime and Tomiwa. May our sweet Abba Father’s will which is sooooo perfect be done in your lives and may you always have that sweet peace which surpasses human understanding….amen and amen

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