Correct Those Kids Early

NB: This post was originally authored by me and published on bellanaija.com, an online lifestyle blog. The beautiful thing as a stay-at-home mom is that you have more time, so make sure you are investing the right amount into parenting, and not just in an endless stream of Telemundo or Netflix. “Scaling up.” This is […]

Picky eater, or lazy Mom?

NB: This post was originally authored and published on coachesquad.com my fitness coaching website. So, this topic came to me as I did the dishes today and was washing school lunch boxes and house lunch plates, from foods my kids used to be picky about. I was just laughing. I didn’t wanna change the topic […]

Still Mommy-lurvin' on the F.A.B. lane… Mienye&Carolyn testifying

Happy Sunday darlings Before I hit you with the two moms, I’ll just say one line… I miss my DCC mega mega but s’all good. Then today is comedy goes to church finally… Choi!!! I actually dreamt that it had already happened and I had so much fun. Imagine. Na so e dey shack me… […]

From across the waters… Two moms Tomiwa and Cannime Testify

Today we have two delightful FABers testifying. Similarity? Well both are moms and both live outside Naija And both are bloggers yay!!! First off, Cannime who is the only blogger that had the same Sunspot blog theme as me. That was my first attraction to her blog. If you refer need any info on Canada, […]