So after my last week post on Jollof rice, I had a few people tell me (including my cuz who is a male lol) that it is because I have not tasted very well made/their own jollof. Looool. Jollof is OK ooo but for me, not worth the buzz. That said, I am accepting offers for jollof tasting. imagesJGIH2P0DSorry JOLLOF!!!

Speaking of food, I had plantain amala and ofe nsala for the first time on Thursday.

stained my top sef
stained my top sef

It was amazeballs my goodness!!! Visited with the absolutely gorgeous mama Olaedo yesterday and she even gave me takeaway which I have put UNDER the freezer away from prying eyes.


And she shared the recipe with me. Will be trying it sometime before my birthday lol.

Speaking of visits, I just LOVE getting to meet older yummy wives and mamas who are also believers without the title of pastor or pastor’s wives. Women like you and I just living for God. Amazing!!! I just shut up and listened to her share wisdom upon wisdom especially as regards parenting with me. She was also one of my real life faith boosters during pregnancy.

Olaedo and her gorgeous fam
Olaedo and her gorgeous fam

She has 3 absolutely FAB kids

Ola's beauties
Ola’s beauties

and her daughter Nwando??? Hahaha. Let’s just say freedom of speech is amazing hehehe. She is sooooo super smart.

Nwando and KingDaveed
Nwando and KingDaveed

Another person I love visiting/hanging out with is Ebele ‘Water Walker’ gosh!!! That woman is a blessing!!!wpid-family.jpeg Featured her here. Another I am yet to meet physically is Ify who I featured here on my blog. Amazing mama. Btw Ify and Olaedo I think you guys would make amazing friends. You have a lot of family values in common. I pray I find a natural way to hook you both up.

Speaking of hooking up, I hooked up with uber taxi for the first time Thursday. Using Olaedo’s referral, I registered and my first ride was free. Called for a taxi and in like 10mins he was there to pick me up, AC cab, respectful careful driver and all. Did I mention it was free? I dunno if I was lucky on that day or that’s how they are normally but I certainly endorse Uber and will be using them often especially if fares are ok. I recall all the noise that some popular persons made on twitter then about Uber taxi. Didn’t interest me one bit but one referral from a friend and I got interested.

Which brings me to my bant for today… Btw hope you had an amazing week because I sure did. I decided this week to push aside a coupla things that had some ‘skoinskoin’ in my business and just do a few nice things for myself and I am glad I did. Sometimes, we mamas and wives need to ditch the ‘martyrdom’ and just self-indulge. Who no like better thing? Certainly not E’.

Ok so today, I wanted to share what I had been thinking about for a while. Do all these big (or even small) celeb endorsements make you enter market begin buy wetin dem advertise? For example, I love Don Jazzy and then I saw his Loya milk ad and was like ‘hmmm. Biko I like my REAL milk’ lol.

Don Jazzy and Loya milk
Don Jazzy and Loya milk

Apparently, Loya is a sponsor of the AfMag series Hotel Majestic

Best Soap on TV
Best Soap on TV IMO

and I also love HM so one day I decided to buy LOYA. It was OK but I didn’t buy it again. I just went back to my regular REAL milk.

All these left right and centre endorsements of Telcos e.g. Genevieve for Etisalat, Genevieve2face and co for Airtel, Etisalat-AmbassadorsChidinma and co for MTN b77e_8and RMD and co for GLO.Glo-Ambassadors-1-650x400 Not one person has made me port to any network. I use MTN but I have always used them. Used Airtel for data at some point and it worked so well but moved to Spectranet WIFI. Now I am considering Glo because their android bundle is cheapest and I hear it works. So no celebrity is influencing me. In fact, I have always loved Glo ambassadors and ads but always hated their network even though I have a family member who works with them. Never considered Etisalat because they are so expensive (sorry my darling who works with Etisalat lol. She knows herself) so except Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen endorse them, I won’t bother if their costs are still high tho.

Recently, Omotola and her daughter became Knorr brand ambassadors.


Now I already use Knorr but if I didn’t, guess who would be porting to Knorr? But frankly tz not just because of them but because I prefer Knorr to any other seasoning cube.

Knorr for life hehehe
Knorr for life hehehe

I also use Onga which has Kate as a brand Ambassador maybe because of her but also because it is an amazing brand too.

Kate and Flavor N'abania
Kate and Flavor N’abania

I love Tiwa Savage’s Konga app. It is sooooo classy and she is soooo beautifully preggos there. I especially love as the ad begins with showing us her pregnant self first before zooming into her faceTiwa-Savage. I love Tiwa, I love the ad BUT I won’t be shopping on Konga today or tomorrow neither will I be downloading the app lol.

Lovely yeah?
Lovely yeah?

Amstel Malta is a brand I absolutely prefer over and above the other malt brands in the market but I also love Genny and Mikel who are their ambassadors. Genevieve-Nnaji-Amstel-Malta-March-2014-BellaNaija 20140311-120208Rita Dominic is an amazing person and I love her but won’t be opening the Keystone Pink account on account of her recent endorsements. Rita-Dominic1My GTBank and Zenith accounts are just perfect for me.

The past election period, I was just shaking my head at all these celebs endorsing politicians in laughter. I had my candidates. Nobody’s endorsement was gonna make me change my mind and I think that’s same for quite a number of us.Etcetera had a line on this article here . That said, I loved the All-star I BELIEVE ad for Ambode.

Even though he was my candidate from the beginning but maybe, just maybe I may have ported IF he wasn’t.

Another thing is that these people who endorse I know they hardly use those products. At least most of them don’t. And don’t even know much about it. Plus I think part of endorsements should be interacting with fans on social media sites. Don Jazzy does an amazing job of his endorsements (maybe I will go back to Loya) but most don’t. Especially when promoting a new brand. Kate Henshaw did an amazing job with Onga too when it was introduced in the market brands_onga_headerand I am not surprised she is still with the brand. I recall this celeb who is currently supposed to be promoting a particular new brand of something we use in the kitchen (don’t wanna mention the name). I asked her something on Twitter because I was considering porting to the brand and mind you, it was a very simple question she ought to have known as an ambassador and her reply was not only offbeat but also curt. As if to say, please don’t disturb me lol. Two strikes, I struck the product off my kitchen list. The brand it was even trying to upstage is soooooo strong in the market. Don Jazzy should just be an ambassador for every new product that really wants to break into the market. He knows how to use Social media and is soooo humble.

But guess why I am going to be using Samsung phones till Jesus comes? Because they are Chelsea Football club official sponsors. chlesae-samsun-gWell their 10-year contract expired with the season but the more I saw SAMSUNG on our Jerseys, the more I loved them. Plus the Samsung brand is STRONG. Chelsea-Samsung-WallpaperNow Yokohama is the official sponsor going forward.imaxresdefault I would be happy to patronize Yokohama products available in Nigeria too.

Messi and Drogba are also ambassadors of Turkish airlines,

and that is an airline I would be happy to consider if they are flying my direction and I become as rich as Messi and The Drog hehehe

But frankly tho, I think the only reason a celeb which I love would make me consider using a product/service they are ambassadors of is if there are equal options available, then I would purchase that celeb brand. But when I know that the options in the market better pass that brand, it would be hard to get me to follow a brand ooo.

So share with me, have these brand ambassadors succeeded in influencing your market options in a way commensurate with the millions they are paid? It must be working on plenty people considering that these endorsements keep soaring higher and higher

Have a blessed weekend, and don’t forget When Women Pray, Praise and Worship on 19th to 21st Junewpid-img_20150612_232930.jpg


details Here and here




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  1. Lolzzzzzzzz…dis post ghannn. So all these people are ‘branders’. I didnt even notice half of them sef talk less of considering going for their brand. Loya milk indeed…lol…like endorsing cowbell. Pink account kwa? Ahhhahhhh, where have I been? Keystone still exists? Haaaaa. I hv five accounts, so why would I want a pink one ghannnn.
    I dont think a celeb can influence me dt muchoooooo. Their faces on the adverts only make me want to READ d advert. That’s where it ends. I love RMD like fire loves petrol but im certainly not interested in ever using glo. My thoughts exactly for Tuface and airtel (airtel…yuck. Tuface…yayyyyyyyy)

    1. I didn’t even know keystone ooo. I guess they wanna revamp it hence Rita and that one worked sha cos now we KNOW Keystone bank hehehe.
      lol at where have u been? busy with The Spider’s web hun. Will do a review here at the right time.
      hahahha. u still have this hate for airtel?
      na real airtel yuck tuface yay.
      I guess this sums it up for most of us. we may yayyyy the celeb and still yuck the product

  2. Nice post E…I think I concur with the previous comments…ain’t no celeb influencing my decision to use a brand. I don’t even give the adverts a 2nd thought….oh well…
    ….have a blessed week ahead

  3. Endorsement ko?! If I don’t have real love for something, I won’t use it, no matter who endorses it… Except its Jesus Christ… Lol

  4. I’m so loving the weekend banter.
    As for celeb endorsement, I think it’s more bout brand awareness than anything else. We probably wouldn’t know there was a Loya milk if Don Jazzy wasn’t their ambassador… Would we?
    See our cutie! KingDaveed is so handsome.

    1. Loving it too ooo. open to suggestions biko hehehe.
      Yup I agree awareness. Always thought Loya was one of the cheapeeee milks until I price am for market. tz defo a top milk.
      but still….
      but like ola said, why change something that still works? hence my not porting to loya easily.
      KingDaveed is blowing u killzzzesss hehehe

  5. You know the kids couldn’t go to school yesterday, right? Nwando told me she wished Aunty Eziaha and King Daveed would come over again… that’s endorsement, lol.
    Seriously, though, spending time with you is an absolute delight… the warmth, the excitement, the lack of airs (y)
    When you met Ikenna, the way you introduced yourself, eh, I laughed to myself and thought, “she’s certainly no shrinking violet.” lol
    We’ll do that again and then, there would be Jollof too… yeah, Jollof with a capital J :p
    I’m glad the uber taxi turned out great.

    Celebrity endorsements… ermm… not moved by that one bit. Na where dem dey chop from, so they gats to make warrever look great.
    I’m usually a loyal consumer, so when I find something I love, I stick with it.
    Why fix it when it’s not broken?

      1. hahahha was about to bring my fangs out. Then I thought ‘maybe na our famous autocorrect’ lol
        lol at artificially. don’t worry there will be a natural time and circumstance.
        one is extroverted. one introverted. but you both are great ‘I-dont-joke-with-my-kids’ mamasss

        1. Ezi licious Precious…hehe hehe. So I get an endorsement from the fabulous E’ as a favoured and blessed Momma, #wide grin…i love my kids ooo.
          I don’t follow all the celebrity endorsement stuff o. I check stuff, then ask my Mother, sisters, brothers and close friends.
          I also pray then voila.. I get my answers on what to use o jare. Most times it works out fine. And I don’t need to change.

          Oh, Olaedo is a beauty and her children are gorgeous. Ofe nsala I just love with fresh catfish…but I haven’t tried/ eaten plantain amala before.
          All the hype about Jellof abi na Jollof rice, hmmn, I’m not a fan of jollof rice.

          Very nice write-up E’
          Big fab hugs

      2. Looking forward to meeting you too Olaedo…
        Prayer kisses and blessed hugs to those gorgeous kids of yours.


    1. Hahahaha. clear out the visitors room mama. Eziaha and KingDaveed are moving in hehehehe. At least someone will be happy to carry my booboo everywhere- Nwando
      Ola ooo. Shrinking fire!!! hubby is a tall glass of stunning tho and I am happy to meet fellow stunners.
      don’t worry, I know u are one of the unmoved ones. Even if they camped under ur car.
      yaaaaay Jollof!!! But please if I were to choose, nsala over joll sorry Jollof

      1. She sure will be thrilled to have her own ‘non-Kaylalike’ baby to carry about, so name a date and the room is cleared.
        Nne, about that tall glass of stunning… Nke m bu nke m and nke anyi bu nke anyi. Nke ahu bu nke m, so no shaking 🙂 🙂

  6. Endorsement…..
    You skipped the ‘Fairy God Mother’ Ireti Doyle
    I love the ageless soon to be grand mother and the advert, ‘the house wives and chefs competition’
    But I ‘m okay with the Liquid wash I’ve been using for years. Can’t just port cause of her.

    Yeaaa !
    “The Secret Place”…………. loading

  7. I am not going to lie, it sorta irritates me the way the brands splurge money on celebs and treat their staff (who actually WORK) poorly. So I already have my reservations. Lol. NOPE! I will not buy a product because the company slapped the name or face of a celeb on it. No way. I think I know who that “celeb” might be lol, or at least I know the brand. Hint Hint: it has to do with food right? Lol I am nosy like that. Haha. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

    1. haha
      it doesn’t irritate me it just makes me wonder cos it hardly makes sense. but you have a point. one would argue tho that the celebs also work hence the endorsements by brands abi?

  8. Celebrity endorsement or not, I make my own decisions abeg! As for the weight thing, I kinda think people are too nosy these days. And they often make rude and snide comments about people’s weight to make themselves feel better.Shioo! Popo garri pple! Don’t mind them jare.
    Keep doing your thing and you be one hot mama! Cheers!!

  9. Nawa o! I can’t believe I read most of your posts in a stretch at this time of the day. I must confess your blog is super fascinating. I keep wondering if you are superhuman! Kai! I got you there .Can see you smiling already.
    But seriously girl! You got really good stuff going on here. Can’t help but feel jealous. Lolz. Keep it up dear. #signing out

    1. hahahahaha
      thanks mama.
      Thank God.
      well done to you too. considering how much you read, u d real super human 🙂

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