20 years STRONG: 5 ways I have kept my FIRE burning for JESUS

How have you managed to keep the fire burning?What do I do when I really don’t feel like it?Don’t you get tired?I seem to start and be on fire, then stop, and am too disappointed to go back. Any of the above familiar when it comes to you passion for Jesus and Christian faith in […]

Saint to Saint: 5 incredible wins 35 has brought me

I will be making some very BOLD and AUDACIOUS statements with this blog post, but I want you to read it, not just casually, but ask the Holy Spirit to show you what HE wants you to get from it, and then HOW to apply it to your unique season of life, and then have […]

Mayowa left…and other related stories

Hey People, I am just so excited to be blogging today and even more excited about the message the Lord has laid on my heart to share today. Hmmmmm. So, it started to crystallize over the weekend but it all came beautifully together- title and all- exactly Sunday on my way back from Halak Palal. […]

This is how I DO IT ALL

Hey fam, I love what I am blogging about today. I get asked this question SO MUCH and to keep it 100% real per usual, I have gone through a spectrum of emotions navigating this… Extreme annoyance, to no emotions, to irritation, to laughter, to overwhelm, to laughter (in my mind, mostly) and now I […]


Hey Fam, Gosh, I am SUPER EXCITED to do this VERY TIMELY post today and I pray that it is practical enough to help you WAGE WAR with PROPHECIES. It was 4 years ago at WARRIOR IN HEELS hosted by my mama Pastor M, and PDDK was the guest minister. She PREACHED A STORM those two […]

Ready for WILD WOMEN 2020 2.0 (time based application)

[14-07-2020] Quick Update: So we are ready for 3.0 and even though this post was written for 2.0. 3.0 is ready to kick off by Friday 24th July. Here is the link to register: Make sure to READ full POST before you register Register for Wild Women 3.0 So tell your friends, families etc. Ensure […]

How feedback was sabotaging my emotional health…

Hey BlogFam I already love this post because it is a combo of sizzling hot and painfully personal. Matter of fact, it just crystallized in my spirit less than 2 hours to when I am writing it. Settle in… Ok so last month, one of the books I read was “Thanks for the feedback, by […]

Fasting 101. Put some POWER to your ABSTINENCE.

Hey Fam, Gosh, God is so amazing!!!And so merciful. INSERT REAL TEARSLolI had a whole moment of conviction over the weekend on fasting. You see, the WILD WOMEN concluded our 21 day fast on Saturday with the fasts, both corporate and personal. I have learned a few things about fasting that the Lord would have […]

Community WILD is READY this 2020… FOR YOU (Time based blog)

Heyyyyyyyy and Happy new decade, Fam. NB: We have closed admission into the WILD WOMEN for now. When we open this up again, it will be here on the blog. #2020TheDecade Yawl, on the 31st night, I had a WHOLE meeting with myself and Jesus, and I was like “Dude are WE ready for this […]

When its OK to drop it.

Heyyyy Fam Oh gosh, I love today’s post so let’s do it. Came to me while listening to this amazing message by Apostle Joshua Selman sent to me by my squaddie turned friend Morenike, which incidentally I THINK was the last service for the year at Koinonia, his fellowship. Please find it on YouTube. Either […]