Hey fam,

I love what I am blogging about today. I get asked this question SO MUCH and to keep it 100% real per usual, I have gone through a spectrum of emotions navigating this…

Extreme annoyance, to no emotions, to irritation, to laughter, to overwhelm, to laughter (in my mind, mostly) and now I believe I am in a healthy place so I can address it.



If I had a dollar for every time I get asked this question, it would be awesome.

In fact, I started to laugh recently because of the EXASPERATION with which some people ask me. Like, IS THIS GIRL FOR REAL?


Kemi in the WILD WOMEN 2.0 asked me recently, and the answer I gave her came directly from God

I STRONGLY believe that I have GRACE for the life I have been called to live, so I’m just obedient and faithful to that grace… simple So if I’m living less, I’m being disobedient If someone tries to live like me, they are being DISOBEDIENT.

So we just KNOW what God has called us to BE and DO, then we obey cos GRACE ABOUNDS

This thing is personal HOWEVER, no matter the life we are called to in Christ, it MUST STRETCH US Just that our stretch are different”

This post will be ridiculously short.

This is HOW I do all I do

I do ONLY what God wants me to do.

Now this may sound like a GIVEN or No-Brainer, BUT this is the MEAT of everything.

This stuff is SIMPLE but not EASY to implement, however is the foundation on which DOING IT ALL is built.

Let me run you through my life this week.

I have CoachE’Squad to run. New squaddies to onboard, old squaddies to keep on track AND I am upgrading our Handbook for the LOOMING next level. Haaaaaa

I have God’s WARRING Queens 2.0, 22 wives I am mentoring in PRAYERS as we WAR for our marriages, with our THREE times a day daily week-day prayer meetings among other activities

The FAB Sistership Academy is launching by next week so we are tidying it up today – blog, registration, selection, tidying up the 5 week schedule.

I have the WILD women, wives, Rejoicing Moms, and many more prayer groups I provide leadership for.

In fact, if I was to count, I have at least 20 Zoom meetings weekly.

This ride is WILD and LOUD

Then I am still a WIFE, MOM, FRIEND to my amazing girlfriends, daughter, sister and all.

But guess what?

EVERYTHING on my plate, God put it there.

He KNOWS I have the capacity to do all these BECAUSE He provided that capacity.

He GRACED me for it.

He POWERS me for it.

If I don’t do all I do, I am being DISOBEDIENT

If however YOU decide to do all I do, YOU WOULD BE DISOBEDIENT

You don’t have the GRACE for my life, in the same way I don’t have the GRACE for PDDK’s life, or Pastor Mildred’s life

Over the weekend, PDDK was GRACIOUS with her time as she let me jump on a video call with her. I had QUESTIONS as I was in a BLOWING FLOWING phase that was getting me beautifully in over my head.

As I heard her speak wisdom from not just a place of knowledge she had read, but knowledge she had LIVED through, I honestly was BLOWN AWAY by her life.

Most of my questions went like

What sacrifices did you have to make to XXX?

What do you tell yourself to make YYY?

I really didn’t wonder HOW SHE DOES IT ALL? I just KNEW she was graced for the life of obedience she lives, BUT even with the GRACE, she still has to EMBRACE HER STRETCH

She still has to be sacrificial…

And as she passes her tests at every level, she gets promoted to higher levels that, yes have more glory, but also MORE WORK and MORE DEVILS

You see, GRACE is the first thing. Next you gotta WORK THAT GRACE

But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them–yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me.

1 Corinthians 15 v 10 NIV

Grace is WORK. Lol. I know it sounds like I am being heretical, but baby you gotta WORK THAT GRACE.

So while YES, He graces me for my life, faithfulness to grace means work.


But because I am in obedience, I will NOT snap

I will NOT break down.

I will NOT die.

In fact, I will be working hard, but be fuelled by JOY.

If I do less, I am being DISOBEDIENT

In fact recently, I have had to really be checking myself, what God has told me, and what people tell me.

Anyone who knows the behind the scenes of my life would naturally think I do TOO MUCH 

In a sense, they are RIGHT on the money. Sometimes, I slack a bit BUT because it is still WAY MORE than most, NOBODY calls me to order. They still think I am a WONDER even in my slack.

It is me, poor me lol, that will look at myself by myself and advice myself to better not be stupid or disobedient.

My standard is JESUS and not this world.

My STANDARD remains what He has called AND GRACED me to do.

I stay on my lane. 

I AM LITERALLY NEVER EVER PRESSURED to do ANYTHING ELSE because someone else is doing it, OR people are hailing me, because that is another trap.

You like my writing, so if you don’t read anything from me in 2 days, you start to low key pressure me to provide content because you miss my writings and you are so blessed by it and I write well.

You see, I am NOT MOVED by it. Maybe I stopped writing because God needed me to work on a private project, focus more on mentoring young ladies, or invest more in some friendships.

So while I understand that my writing blesses you, I don’t jump to write when God has put spotlight on something else.

This one is a real trap because you are trapped by the GOOD, but that is what Hebrews calls WEIGHTS…

Weights that make us travel slower, and put activities into our LIMITED time, then we are SO STRETCHED, unable to do what God actually wants us to do AND then we are DISOBEDIENT

Not me. I stick to the heavenly plan and agenda.

Now of course, even when doing only what Jesus wants, we still have to learn structures, strategies, delegation, systems, discipline and all, which is topic of another day, but until we get this foundation, we cannot thrive.

So for me, living this crazy life of multiple streams, too few sleep, and driving furiously on life’s lane is OBEDIENCE. I know it looks like a big deal to many, but Jesus just sees it as obedience, and so do I.

If you choose to live my life, you would be DISOBEDIENT

So let’s sit our butts down, find out what God wants us to do, then EMBRACE THE STRETCH while IN YOUR LANE and do it.

Now I think of it, I have an OLD post on this blog called STRETCHED and IN YOUR LANE


Oya read that one too, and let’s go about the Father’s business like the soldiers that we are

Grace to us all



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