Hey People,

I am just so excited to be blogging today and even more excited about the message the Lord has laid on my heart to share today.


So, it started to crystallize over the weekend but it all came beautifully together- title and all- exactly Sunday on my way back from Halak Palal.

So Mayowa left… So what?

Ok let me back up a bit.

If I am very aware of anything, it is SPIRITUAL WARFARE. I am one of those who UNEQUIVOCALLY, without a shadow of doubt, believing as I believe my name is Eziaha, that EVERYTHING IS SPIRITUAL

For every physical activity I see, I know there is something that has precipitated it that I do not see, so I don’t take outputs casually. God forbid.

Like I read in Prophetic Intercessors by James Goll, there is a constant motion in the spirit realm. No stagnancy. And this motion is either favoring me, or against me. Which is why in the spiritual realm too, I must always be MAKING MOVES.

My being idle is not really idle. There is motion, and so my idleness means the enemy is making ALL. THE. MOVES and my idleness also guarantees that they are ALL. AGAINST. ME.


OK welcome back hehe. That was heavy abi? I just need all of us PLUS ME to leave behind this spiritual lethargy and start to interpret spiritual things with spiritual

Not that things you will be wasting money daily fixing things at home that ‘suddenly spoil’, paying hospital bills for kids with fever and cold because ‘it is the season’ and the likes, yet you will be oblivious of the fact that the HEAVY spiritual activity ongoing is NOT favoring you.

When you start to see things spiritually, you will FIGHT BACK.

Which is where I am going with my story today. Had to lay that foundation first so we know just how serious this thing is.

So recently, satan started to attack me with lies about how the things I do are useless and making no impact, and he was using people leaving my life or groups as his armory.

One of my assignments is really to help God’s daughters build a life of prayer. Not just any kind of prayers but PERSISTENT, CONSISTENT, POWERFUL and STRATEGIC prayers.

My major platform of expression is WHATSAPP and so I have quite a few prayer groups there. Some MUTE, some active.

So there was this season back to back, that I would just have a friend or 2 leave a group without a word to me.

Boom, satan would tell me how you see, you are just wasting your time, Eziaha.

Sometimes sef, it would be people I don’t know, who joined from Jesus knows where and boom, I can even finish sharing a prayer schedule and boom, +234800000000 left.

Gosh, satan would lay it on thick.

I would have to fight back so hard that it would just annoy me.

Like, why can’t I just ignore him? But no, every time XYZ left, he would make me FORGET ALL THE MANY TESTIMONIES and the 100s more there, and focus on the ONE that left.

Sometimes too, it could even be that the person comes to me or the leadership to say they would like to leave, and no matter how good and valid their reasons are, trust satan to chalk it all down to ‘if this group was useful to them, nothing would make them leave’

All of these may sound very basic to someone else but it was a REAL personal battle for me, because my emotions is something I am constantly in warfare for, so that it stays clean and useful to God and not a manipulation tool for satan. Some of you reading this are more stable emotionally, but it doesn’t come easy for me, I have to LEAN HEAVILY on God.

Then one season especially, God graciously opened my eyes to see satan’s very strategic patterns.

I could be on a literal spiritual high, with my faith PUMPED on a certain matter, and just as I am strolling down whatsapp tocatch up on chats, he would HIGHLIGHT VERY BOLDLY ‘xxxxx left’ from a group I lead, and I would come crashing down. I would have to prayyyyy and scabash to enter momentum again.

Then one time, it was TWO of my close friends I really had thought we were sort of in this together and bam, X left, Y left, without a word to me.

See ehn, I almost THREW AWAY both friendships. It took a lot of prayers and renewal of my mind, and a strong determinationto not be foolish, but I struggled with keeping up with them after then. Shebi I could have simply asked them WHY but somehow, satan would make it look like ‘why confirm what you already know? The group is useless to them’

But like I said, I didn’t want to be foolish so I kept fighting and fighting and my sweet Jesus starts to show me how satan was LYING and being STRATEGIC with his goal to DESTROY some of my BEST relationships

Gosh, I was SO MAD and that was when I decided that I would no longer give satan a place with his lies. Men are GOD’S GIFT TO ME and I see how God has been blessing me with the GIFT OF MEN and I didn’t want satan the fool to shine please.

I recall being in this Catholic Church I pray at, and as I prayed and prayed, the Lord told me to open one of the scriptures in my Bible and read it out loud.

8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

neither are your ways my ways,”

declares the Lord.

9 As the heavens are higher than the earth,

so are my ways higher than your ways

and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Isaiah 55 v 8-9

Ok, so I had been praying against using the LOWEST FORM OF KNOWLEDGE aka ASSUMPTION to interprete things, but that I see things from people’s perspective instead, when God told me very clearly that I also didn’t need to see things from people’s perspective. While that is HIGHER than assumption, as that is the REALM OF FACTS, humans are so fickle and change a lot so even FACTS are not to be trusted. Plus sometimes, what we even see as fact is a lie. Thankfully, we have an even higher realm which is TRUTH, that is interpreting a matter HOW GOD SEES IT not how I see it, or the other person sees it.

He literally made me write it out in my journal




Truth is what I want to know.

So for instance, if someone decides to leave, I can assume that oh maybe I did something wrong, or what I am doing is useless.

They MAY also explain to me what they consider FACTS from their perspective. I am leaving because XYZ. They could be lying out rightly, or just colored because we are humans and imperfect. They may also be hurting and speak from that place.

Whatever they say, that is not what I buy because FACTS are not how we live.

I MUST take the matter to Jesus and tell Him to show me HIS PERSPECTIVE

What does GOD SEE from His higher perspective that I need to see?

How do I navigate this relationship going forward?

Is this worth my time and energy?

Is there something I can remedy?

Once I go to God, He starts to show me WAYYYYYY beyond my stupid assumptions and the FACTS of the person.

HIS PERSPECTIVE… now that CHANGES everything!!!

Then I move from there.

Sometimes, God shows me that if this person’s relationship with me didn’t change AT THAT TIME, give it a couple more weeks, and booooooom, the sweet relationship we had would scatter. So even when the person is giving me their FACTS, even they don’t know the TRUTH that GOD KNOWS.

This was the case with someone who just left somewhere I lead. At first, I felt bad but when God showed me that, it was me that was chasing her away lol. Now, as she is out, we can still enjoy a super relationship even though different than what it was before. 

That’s how I am FIGHTING and WINNING this battle ooo, and BOY OH BOY, I have come a SUPER LONG WAY from even last month.

These dynamics in human relationships happen daily with me, whether as a Coach, Mentor, Leader, Friend and more. Like I said, men are GIFTS around me and I do have them in abundance, so as our relationships dynamic change, as they should, I AM INTEPRETING THINGS WAYYYY BETTER.


In fact, God even had to show me a WHOLE PROPHETIC DREAM that gave me so much perspective. Maybe one day I would blog on that dream. Everyone I have gisted has been in awe.

But for this blog, I gotta run now.

However, I wanna leave us all with a PERMANENT warring scripture for me. Incidentally, it is also my Hero’s LIFE scripture. Christine Caine STOLE it from me!!!! #MyStory hehe

Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.

1 Cor 15 v 58

Safe to say, I DIE HERE




English, Greek, Hebrew and many Bible dictionaries and concordances, best believe I have been studying all these key words and will DIE HERE lol

Because this fight? There is NOTHING PHYSICAL about it

So let me end how I started…

When I saw that MAYOWA LEFT, honestly my default reaction, which normally would be a small panic attack, like why would she leave when I just shared these amazing prayer points as we walked, now my default was 


I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD at satan and was like hahaha NOT TODAY, and I kept on walking and praying.

Then it dawned on me that INCREDIBLE PROGRESS that I had made, BY GOD’S GRACE

So while I don’t know why ‘Mayowa’ left, and why ‘Nkechi, Eniola, Aisha, Idala and anyone else’ will leave tomorrow, I already KNOW my reaction

Because I have HIS PERSPECTIVE OF TRUTH, I am STEADFAST, UNMOVEABLE and ALWAYS ABOUNDING in the work of the Lord, because IN THE LORD, there is not labour of mine that is IN VAIN


Love & Prayers



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6 Responses

  1. Soooo liberating. Taking God’s truth over facts and assumptions. Seeing things from his perspective always, that’s how we operate in light. Nothing we do for God is in vain 🙌 .Thank you for this post Capt, it has blessed me greatly.

    1. Yes, Temitope

      Nothing we do for God is ever in vain.

      Trust that the blessing will be permanent in your life.

  2. coach,pls share how you are daily working in your emotions.
    thank you especially for this article.am printing and pasting it on my VISION BOARD!

  3. Such a word! It’s so so so so easy for the devil to manipulate our feelings and mess with our relationships. I really like the idea of dealing with it in the spiritual. And frankly dealing with things generally in the spiritual. One way I have been really doing this is dealing with bad leadership in the spiritual and just resting on God’s word and his sovereignty.

  4. Wow this is all for me, when you mention some people are stable in their emotions, it’s like you know what has been happening to me lately. It took me a very long while for me to know that my emotions is one tool the enemy is always using against. Thank you for opening my eyes to how wage away against the enemy on my emotions. You see that assumptions henn, kai I so majored in ii that I don’t look/ask for their facts but now I know God’s perspective is the most important thing, His truth is what I should look at not my assumptions which are always stupid anyway or somebody else’s fact.

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