I am referring /reviewing a few businesses

I hope to run more of these review posts often like this one on Bibles I did…. MEET MY BIBLES So while the above focused on products, today I wanna highlight a few services offered by some small and growing businesses I have used that just ridiculously blessed me Let’s jump right in 1. New […]

Beautifully in over my head

Jenn Johnson!!! She’s EVERYTHING!!! I cannot get enough of her on Spontaneous Worship. Come on and bless His name for YOUTUBE!!! One of her original songs however is IN OVER MY HEAD and it is STRAIGHT UP SPOOKY how that is literally ME in this season. One thing I like to do is look for […]

Support Growing Businesses 4.0

Hey yawl… So i have just returned from Ebony life TV for an interview, and the studio literally erupted when i was done… ‘Oh my God, she z the BEST we have had on the show…’ ‘…She is so much fun…’ ‘…she is so interesting to interview…’ ‘I enjoyed myself…’ etc Tz the way they […]

Support Growing Businesses…3.0

Hey guys, Happy weekend (which btw you won’t catch me saying in words lol) So I asked for growing business owners to do me a mail here so I could help publicise their businesses. By the way check out Part 1 and Part 2 here. I got a couple and hey if any is buying what product […]

Support.Growing.Businesses… Part 2

Hey guys. I am back. Feedback on Part 1 of this was awesome.  Chrishill phones has to be the winner. Funny thing is I didn’t tell any of the three business owners I featured. I kinda forgot or didn’t care to. Whatever. Anyways dude rang me and was soooooooooo grateful. Gushfully grateful.  He said A LOT […]

Support. Growing. Businesses. Part 1

Recently, I have come to not just FULLY accept, but also CELEBRATE my role as a HOME MAKER!!! Tz such a purpose-filled journey and I LOVE it. I’m even in a better place than I was when I wrote ‘Authentically me & Surprisingly Satisfied‘. Tz awesome!!! Anyways, I will still do a post on our […]