Hey yawl…

So i have just returned from Ebony life TV for an interview, and the studio literally erupted when i was done…


‘Oh my God, she z the BEST we have had on the show…’

‘…She is so much fun…’

‘…she is so interesting to interview…’

‘I enjoyed myself…’ etc

Tz the way they erupted almost like they were all holding their breath as i spoke.

I still don’t understand my life but that is OK cos I am pretty much LOST IN HIM!!!



Ok let’s start talk about GROWING BUSINESSES

I called this THE PERSONAL EDITION because I have tried  every product here or i know the biz owner personally.

Let’s start with the dude who made the tee which I super duper LOVE


6tag_130216-221408.jpg picture100.jpg

O21 clothings is a branch of O21 designs, which is specialized in customized shirts. We are currently working on a collection of shirts which is aimed at propagating the gospel through faith based shirts.

super-jesus1.jpg.jpg redeemed-31.jpg.jpg saved-11.jpg.jpg saved-41.jpg.jpg migi-21.jpg.jpg redeemed-11.jpg.jpg

Outside the collection we also make shirts based on the customers specification for all events, we work for individuals, churches, corporate bodies and any group at all. We deliver across the country.

ngo-c-21.jpg.jpg jesus.jpg 116-21.jpg.jpg

my favourite!!!
my favourite!!!

Contact info: 07034331354, omanef021@yahoo.com, IG: @o21_designs, Fb: O21 designs

straight-outt.jpg.jpg follow-w1.jpg.jpg

I just totally LOVE his shirts!!! He most likely will be making COACHE’ workout tees cos the stuff he uses is AMAZING and doesn’t run colour too.


Moving on to the Chick who did this AMAZING wig i have on in my latest pictures!!!



One thing you need to know is that I am sooooo not a wig person, but GURL, an encounter with this wig has made me a BELIEVER!!! EVERY single time i wear it, i get the BEST COMPLIMENTS!!!

And her timing could not have been more perfect because I am getting tired of my locs’ and i wanna drag it all off, but having a wig to TRANSFORM me from dreadloc’d to ‘braided’ is definitely welcome

img_1475157349469.jpg img_1475572387644_edit.jpg img_20160927_214220_edit.png img-20160927-wa067.jpg

Let’s hear from the Chick herself


  • Short bio about Biz: Mo’Dash wigs is a wig designing outfit that caters to your unique sense of style & individuality . This is done by designing custom wigs with specifications given by you.


  • How to place orders: orders can be placed by chatting us on whatsapp via +2347066602014 or sending a DM after following us on our social media platforms


  • Delivery: Free delivery within Nigeria. We also ship to other parts of the world for a fee.
  • Location: FCT Abuja,Nigeria
  • Contact Details : Whatsapp: +2347066602014, BBM:‎2BA47859, Instagram: Mo_Dash_wigs, Twitter: @FLAVISCO, Facebook: Mo’Dash wigs.
  • Do you treat/revitalize human hair extensions: Yes we do


  • Do you convert hair extensions to wigs: Yes we do
  • What are the prices of your wigs: We are actually very pocket friendly. Kindly ‎chat us for detailed information

img_1476105005836.jpg img_1476695866712_edit.jpg

  • I like the pictures but I have never worn a wig,what if it doesn’t fit me: Are you serious? Like never? We need to remedy that asap and trust me you will look so fab in a Mo’Dash wig. What’s more,i will give you tips on how to make your wig look more natural,like it’s actually a hairdo you made.

Soooo true, her wige fit RIGHT!!!

    • Soooo true, her wige fit RIGHT!!!
  • How long would my wig last,how do I maintain it,how do I clean it if need be: Your wig with proper maintainance can last for as long as you want it to. Every Mo’Dash wig comes with a haircare product for maintainance and a hair accessory for styling.‎ Yes it can also be delicately cleaned when necessary.
  • Why do ladies wear wigs anyways? : Wigs are worn for varying reasons which ranges from quick save from bad hair days/no hair days,to protecting  your edges(yeah, you know your edges are about to fall off with all the braids & Ghana weaving you have put it through), for a makeover(wigs can help to totally transform your look). Also you get to wear wigs if you are like me who gets easily bored with looking one ‎particular way(different styles actually give your face different outlook, a short pixie style would have you looking different from a 16inch braided kinky wig). Wigs come in handy when you need to make the transition to team natural, you really wanna unveil your Natural hair when it’s on fleek,anything less is totally unacceptable,Ok? Finally wigs are great saves for periods when you are unable to get to the salon to make your hair.


  • What if my wigs fall off or remove plus it looks so fake: Mo’Dash wigs comes with hooks that criss crosses under the wig cap to secure the wig to your scalp  . I also provide you with hair pins to attach the wig cap to your  scalp for additional security if need be‎. It’s all about styling,there are ways to style/accessorize your wigs and No-one would even know it’s a wig.


yes she gives some accesories with the wigs. So cool!!!

For any other clarifications,please contact us,contact info as above. 

Please contact her mehn!!! Her wigs are just LIFE!!!

And moving right on to my booooooothang Adaora, of House of DORAKAY, Stylist EXTRAORDINAIRE!!! The person responsible for making me SLAY in Abuja


When she was taking my measurement for this jumpsuit, I KNEW i had found a stylist!!! She was so thorough and almost measured my intestines. Lol.

I wanted to copy Sarah Jakes Roberts and Ada made me even look better in blue

Errr who wore it better? LOL #SlayingPreacherChicks

She INSISTED she was NOT doing Black for me, even when i kept screaming I WANT TO LOOK SLIM haha. She was like Babes, you are already slim, no need for black’s slimming effect haha. I just LOVE Ada

screenshot_2016-10-27-15-55-23-1.png screenshot_2016-10-27-15-55-37-1.png

Plus she is the HOTTEST dresser i know.

Effortless slays ALWAYS!!!

She also leads Choir in my church so she makes sure they ALWAYS slay

screenshot_2016-10-27-15-56-19-1.png screenshot_2016-10-27-15-54-42-1.png

I will still do a FULL feature on House Of Dora Kay on my blog but i had to give a teaser here


I just LOVE Ada with a passion!!! My super hot MAMA EJIMA!!!

You can holler at House of ‘Dora Kay for styling DECENT & APPROPRIATE Clothing

08185728726 and on IG @houseofdorakay


Now moving on to another of my amazing DCC Sisters who also happens to be our Choir Director’s bride

My couple crush

REMA of The House Keeper, a cleaning agency


The House Keeper is a Cleaning Service Agency, born out of a passion to offer detailed cleaning service.

You have to admit, there’s no better feeling than coming home to a clean house, right? so if you have an incredibly busy schedule and really cannot trust your maid with the intense cleaning of your house, give us a call, let us do your dirty work while you stay focused on your goals.

She is such a creative and blogs too

Did I mention we do after party, offices and coperate spaces too? Oh yes, if it needs cleaning, then we are happily ready to clean! We promise to take time to understand your cleaning needs and offer you satisfactory service.

Call to make a booking: 08071545558, 08166612715
Or send an email to: thehousekeeperng@gmail.com

Follow us on instagram @thehousekeeperng
We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

With THK satisfaction is guaranteed!

Yaaaaas. I just LOVE her

img-20161016-wa0046.jpg img-20161016-wa0048.jpg

You can literally feel my excitement bursting out of this post. Love Christians in business and will continue to do what I can to help. So yawl spread word and patronize them too. I totally certainly ENDORSE ALL which is why i called this THE PERSONAL EDITION.

Find the previous SUPPORT GROWING BUSINESSES posts here

Support Growing Businesses Part 1

Support Growing Businesses Part 2

Support Growing Businesses Part 3

And if you have any personal growing business you would want me to run, email me eziaha@eziaha.com and I will run it so far my Spirit is fine to. Gotta preserve my blog integrity. Personal businesses please, not that you work for someone and want to publicise.

And just to sign out, I hung out with two of my weightloss students yesterday which had a treat meal in their mealplan and we had pizza, ice cream and cup cakes. Well i didn’t have cupcakes but they did

After our treat
After our treat

I just LOVE coaching and when i get an opp to meet some of my students, I am happy to meet them.

Plus don’t i like look SUPER AMAZING???

I knoooooooow. Na God!!!

I wanna do a CHRISTIAN BIZ PRINCIPLES post and this time will tag it STAY ON YOUR LANE!!!

The pressure out there is much to do X or Y because someone else in your field is doing it, but honey, there is something FREEING about hearing God for your own business AND staying on your lane NO MATTER WHAT. Copying is NOT inspiration!!! Collaboration is NOT always the answer to show that you are not competing because #CollaborationIsTheNewCompetition hashtag is reigning!!! Hiss!!!

God is so faithful guys. Hold on to Him. Can’t wait to run that post. See yawl on Monday with a Post i am titling THAT LINE OF EQUAL FREQUENCY…

And one more thing before I run off, I will be handling 1-2pm on WONDIVA’s tweet conference this Saturday October 19.


The theme is GROWING TO GLOW and I will be handling GROWING TO GLOW in your HEALTH AND FITNESS. My slot is 1-2pm. @coachesquad is the handle I am tweeting from. The conference hashtag is #GrowingToGlow and the hanlde is won_diva. There are several other amazing ‘tweeters’, including Funto my RCS, who will handle Growing to glow in your passion and purpose at 4-5pm, so join in please…

Looking forward to it

Ok bye my loves and HOLD ON TO JESUS yawl!!!


My boooooooooooo
My boooooooooooo


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  1. That is a wig? O: A wig??????? Omg! She is good. That is an amazing solution to saving hair money ooooo. *hiss* She is in Lagos.

    And d dress just had to be blue abeg. It’s even finer than Sarah’s. Nd d designer is fab, too. Makes sebs sense. Cant deal with tailors / designers who are horrid dressers, biko. It’s heartbreaking.
    I like that Christian chics are becoming trendy. It makes all the difference.
    Pizza and ice-cream for weight loss students? It is well ooooo
    Funto’s shade of lipstick is bae’

    Sweet post!

  2. And to think that all of last week I was looking for someone to brand Tees for my family for my daughter’s 1st birthday? CoachE, confess that you delayed this blog by a week.

    Also, to mark my birthday two weeks back I visited an old stylist who marketed fantastic braid wigs to me for 25k. I have a wedding next month that I plan(or planned) to buy it for and have promised him an order call when I’ve saved enough. So now I’m looking at your wig post and wondering if this will be cheaper.

    Then that jump suit…please I want mine. See Eziaha’s legs for days… Who shall measure us that live in Lagos o…what do we do?

    1. Hahaha i tell ya. This post has been a long time coming. Almost 3weeks, but all things work together for good jare
      I am sure my gurl’s wigs are cheaper.
      Plus House of DoraKay is in Lagos so holler abeg

      Thanks jare

  3. WOW! Well done! This is so great! I was looking at making tshirts for my Mom’s 70th birthday and I have where to turn to. Bless you Coach E’ ! When are you coming to PH?

  4. Eziaha for Jesus!!!!
    First I’m about to order a wig because I saw you wearing yours.
    Now I’m going to call Ozi already cos we ve been needing Tees, thank you for staying true.

    Truely wish Adaora was close. Love her handwork.
    PS: Now I know your secret place. Lol

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