Healthy eating in Nigeria is AFFORDABLE!!!

Hi guys, Today I wanna talk all about CLEAN EATING and how it is affordable, contrary to what I thought before. I would also be sharing some of my recipes and if you have some, please share with me. Share, NOT force me to eat/try it please. Or let me know how your own is […]

My Hub’s Birthday Pressie… and other stories

Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom/grow in wisdom/get a heart of wisdom… Psalms 90v12 Hi guys. How’s everyone doing today? How did your week go? This week was a birthday week in my family mehn. Started off with BIL on Sunday, Hubs on Tuesday and Popsie’s 71st […]


Tz actually called THE EVERYDAY LIFE BIBLE but I had to use that title for obvious reasons. Btw, happy new month yawl…And happy independence to Nigeria. This month, this blog will stay drippin’ with plenty good stuff regularly. At least twice a week, and on very good weeks, thrice. Don’t thank me, send cheques. *straight […]

Thank.Full.E’… Part2

**PLEASE NOTE: Pictures will be attached to this Post before the end of friday. Right now, I am blogging from my bb and I’m too tired and sleepy to do the stress now*** So let’s jump right into Part 2… Btw, incase you didn’t notice the rhyme up there, sigh!!! Thankfully… Thank.full.E’… *rolling my eyes […]

#AttitudeO'Gratitude… Day 3

Whoop Day three See if you can stop me Hehehehe. Feel free to catch up on Day one and day two of my #AttitudeO’Gratitude posts if you missed them Today, I had a low, high, low, just there, then high and higher day… And then HIGHEST!!! I am a tad tired so I will jump […]

Fab n' Cash;… Trendy convenient Online fashion store

Hello this beautiful Saturday morning… Just before you dahs out to shop, allow me to introduce this FABULOUS website to you all… #ThankMeLater 🙂 So this post was inspired by my big sis who I will call P*. She was just gisting me this early momo about how all the young girls in her office […]