Tz actually called THE EVERYDAY LIFE BIBLE but I had to use that title for obvious reasons.

My Hardcover back and its flap
My Hardcover back and its flap

Btw, happy new month yawl…And happy independence to Nigeria. This month, this blog will stay drippin’ with plenty good stuff regularly. At least twice a week, and on very good weeks, thrice. Don’t thank me, send cheques. *straight face*

Looks like almost all the good bloggers have taken a sabbatical. Choi!!! My Reader is just dry. Just a few people blogging stuff I like to read but they are few and far between. Anyways, this October sha, just leave my blog open and keep refreshing cos I won’t be smiling ooo… I think I will do every three days. That should work better.

Lol, you know why I am boasting? As we speak(write/read), I have 5 posts already ready (tautology intended) aside this one ooo. 5 FINGER LICKING DELICIOUS POSTS… #EXCITED!!! And I am still writing more and more… Just enjoy this spell while it lasts haha.

I should apologise though that I didn’t fulfil my promise here to run all things baby in September. I wanted to but it looked like I was forcing it. And I LOVE to have free flow when I blog. Let’s take a rain cheque on all those posts and I promise when we finally have an all things baby,mama,parenting etc up in here, it would also be finger licking DELISH!!!

Ok, we were saying…

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5 reasons you need the Joyce Meyer EVERYDAY LIFE BIBLE (aside from the fact that it’s a real pretty Bible)

The Leather back
The beautiful Leather back

Oh yup, I know we are a bunch of cool kids with our iPhones and stuff which have our Bibles on them which is REALLY GOOD but can I be straight up honest with yawl? IT IS NOT ENOUGH!!! See ehn, NOTHING beats good ol’ black and white. Don’t worry, I know you think your e-Bible and YouVersion are meeting your Bible needs hence no need for a hardcopy but I promise you, as you GROW in your walk with God, you would want to get a HARDCOPY STUDY BIBLE plus your YouVersion too. Btw, if the guys at YouVersion are reading this, MAJOR SHOUT OUT!!! I dunno what I would do without you guys. God bless yawl.

Like I said, a deeper walk with God will somehow leave you yearning for not just a ‘Bible on your phone/device or a Gideon Bible** but a Study Bible.

A study Bible is an edition of the Bible prepared for use by a serious student of the Bible. It provides scholarly information designed to help the reader gain a better understanding of and context for the text.

I actually decided to do this post so I have something to reference, after I had gotten quite some people on my Social media asking me at different times to recommend a study Bible for them. I don’t even skip a beat, I just type THE JOYCE MEYER EVERYDAY LIFE BIBLE!!! That Bible has the inherent ability to transform your quiet time with God. It is such a complete study Bible for those who want MORE!!! There are so many study Bibles out there but I heartily recommend and swear by Joyce’s especially because of the following FOUR reasons…

  1. The EDLB presents in AMPLIFIED VERSION

Not to put down other versions but we all know that AMP is B A E!!!
I really like it because it sorta combines all my favourite versions in one as it amplifies  the verses. The originality of (N)KJV combines perfectly with the funkiness of MSG without leaving out the beautiful simplicity of my dearly beloved NLT and NIV. Just take a look at John 16:7

But I tell you the truth, it is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the [a]Helper (Comforter, Advocate, Intercessor—Counselor, Strengthener, Standby) will not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him (the Holy Spirit) to you [to be in close fellowship with you]…

I mean see all the names of the Holy Spirit listed there in parentheses. Abeg wetin again you dey find? Haba!!! You can’t get this in any other version. The AMP version is too sweeeeeeeeeet abeg… Gives Joyce Meyer a SOLID foundation to build on.


Even revelations

Omo, I dunno how my mama does this ooo but she makes even history interesting. At the beginning of each Book, she gives some basic historical background so you have an idea of what to expect as you read and put it in context, EVEN IF YOU ARE A NOVICE TO THE BIBLE. After reading it, you just can’t wait to dive in. In fact, for me I realise that I start taking notes from her intros. It is that sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. Just look at what she did with Joshua

The book of Joshua teaches us much about the kind of courage we need if we are going to fight for God’s promises…God had already given the Israleites the Promised land but they did have to fight for possession…..Not only did they have enemies to fight on their way there, they also had enemies to fight once they got there.

As their leader, Joshua not only needed to be courageous himself, he also needed to inspire courage in the people. When God spoke to him to FEAR NOT, He wasn’t telling him not to feel fear: He was telling him not to let fear hold him back. In other words, DO IT AFRAID. And Joshua did…

I pray that you like Joshua will be strong and courageous in your everyday life and that you will inspire others to be bold as well…’

I mean, doesn’t this already make you courageous even before you get to Chapter 1? If you think Joshua is cool, you need to see what she did with Kings and then the Gospels. Ah!!! Yum!!!


You know all those plenty meats you find in a very good roadside buka, ehen Joyce’s EDLB packs plenty into every page.

Speak the Word contains short confessions sprinkled on almost every page relating to what you have read. Almost like a memory verse customization for you to take into the day… Talk about a byte-size yum

Life Points are short catchy everyday phrases, sometimes one-liners which she takes and uses to emphasize a life lesson.

Putting the Word to WORK is just that… teaching you how to apply what you have just read to your everyday life.

And so on.

Like I said, each page drips with the richness of the Word, literally.

And then she has this segment at the back where she has written down plenty life topics and then the verses in the scriptures that deal with them. How cool is that? Talk about making the work easier for you.

And I saved the best for last


I mean who doesn’t like real life stories to drive home the point?

Some of her many stories
Some of her many stories

She takes these maybe sometimes not-so-clear words you have read and then tells you a story from her own life, using her husband, kids, parents, ministry, etc.  based on it. And if you know anything about my mama’s life, not only is she soooo practical, her life is full of very interesting events packed full of lessons. She shares her mistakes, defeats, victories, etc with us all. That segment is called the EVERYDAY LIFE ARTICLES and trust me, they bring the appetiser, main meal and desserts to that party that you are having in your Quiet time with the LORD. Even if you are ntiboribo (Dr N, please translate), you will understand when you read her Bible. It is like the Holy Spirit is just sitting there with you explaining everything through all the good stuff Meyer has added. Tz such a ‘laughNlearn’ Bible.

Trust me guys, this Bible has other goodies but lemme stop here while you go out and GO GRAB YOURS. If your Quiet time has been boring, Honey try this and send me a THANK YOU CHEQUE mehn!!! I promise you, it will totally revv up your study life.

When I bought it about 6 years, it was 4500naira

Lol at my 'occasion'
Lol at my ‘occasion’

I was a student then and it was A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY cos my pocket money was just 20k monthly. So don’t let the cost deter you. SAVE UP AND BUY!!! Tz a wise investment.

I got it from Foodco in Ibadan and I know for sure that you can find it in Bible Wonderland, Laterna ventures and many other Christian book stores in Lagos and well Nigeria.

It is a big Bible and even though I have many other smaller Bibles, I GO EVERYWHERE with my EVERYDAY LIFE BIBLE for my everyday study.


You can of course get other study Bibles and still have a rich study experience, especially in other versions but I just think my mama’s own is the BEST place to start. Plus you are in good company too as I know for a fact some other cool Preachers/women who use it. But hey, it is NOT for women alone ooo, tz FOR EVERYBODY.

So had anyone else encountered this amazing resource? Please share your experience

Here’s to RICH and even RICHER Bible studying…





Just a little story on obedience. Or should I say disobedience.?

Yesterday, my phone stopped charging and was displaying an error message then when when the battery drained out, it refused to come on even after I charged with a desktop charger. Something similar had happened to a friend and she suggested it was a battery issue so I decided to go to Saka Tinubu to sort it. I instantly felt a check in my spirit to hold on a while and not go just yet. I no gree. It was afterall my major line and I didn’t know if I would get someone to fix it today being a holiday. They close at 6 and this was about 5.30 when I set out. I got to my guy who sells original batteries and explained to him. He tested the battery with his tongue and (bless God for honest salesmen) told me the battery seemed fine. Then he took me to a technician. Dude tries to boost the battery using all those gadgets but it still didn’t come on. Time was gone and he decides I have to leave it so he would decipher what was wrong but that he is sure my charging port is bad too. I was like nope, it isn’t bad. I was also sure. Meanwhile I also suspected that plenty drool don enter that phone from my baby’s constant mouthing it.

See his face lol
See his face lol

In fact that was the check I felt in my spirit before I left home so I was to air dry it for longer. Anyways, dude then says make I drop 7k… azzin 7taasand. Can you imagine? For a phone he didn’t know what was wrong with. Kai, I need to reduce my big big English. Plus the phone is still new. Anyways, I decided against dropping it overnight even when he said we could bargain, so I carried my phone and told him I would come tomorrow instead and wait and get. I stopped by an atm on my way home and then when I got home, I realised I had lost money. E pain me ooo. Chai. Sha I opened the phone and out by the window and forgot about it. This morning, I decided to couple it and wham, no error message, it came on, worked and charged perfectly!!! Kai. God is faithful sha. See how he shielded me first from wasting money buying another battery and charger (which I was going to buy), stopping me from leaving it overnight as the dude would have done NOTHING ooo but might have lied that he fixed it, both the software erro and charging port. I paid the price for disobedience sha with that money I lost but it was way less than I would have spent.

So guys, when you hear God, obey abeg. And if you have a baby who is at the saliva manufacturing stage, keep your precious phone away.

You are welcome 🙂

28 Responses

  1. Lol@ Saliva manufacturing stage. God bless you mama for this write up. That’s hubby’s study bible and I have never bothered using it. I only used it when I had to study and share on the FAB lane. I will definitely make use of it now and enjoy all the benefits it offers. Happy independence mama and kisses to KingDaveed.

  2. Thank you E’ for the post – I would think about getting the Bible as I don’t have any Study Bible.

    Btw, thank you for recommending Joyce Meyer Messages. I love listening to her and I see a difference in my life – especially when I listen to a message over and over. Thank you!

  3. I checked twice in the last 2 weeks and laterna did not have.. bible wonderland had just 2 copies and I got one. I hope they restock soon for those who want to buy. Leather back was 6500 there and hard copy was 4200. Jumia has but their supplier is laterna so I’m not sure they actually have. Maybe their site is not updated. Since I got my copy I’ve not used any other bible. For the first time I take notes while doing my own personal study and I’m doing topical bible study on my own which is new. I just finished studying on faith. Thanks Eziaha for recommending

    1. Wow
      Laterna? Haaaaa
      A whole Laterna lol
      Was there 2weeks ago and I thought I saw.
      Maybe I was seeing double lol
      Thanks so much for all this info. Happy to know price never reach 10k haha
      Yaaaaaaaay!!! I am glad you are rocking the Bible jare.

      You are most welcome

  4. Thanks for sharing Mama E! I enjoy listening to and reading Joyce Meyer’s tapes/books but I have never used a study bible before, this posts sure makes me hunger and thirst for the Joyce Meyer EveryDay Life Bible.

  5. Great post. Happy to see someone who loves Amplified. And @YouVersion – if only they could enable a download of our bookmarks.

    I don’t yet have a study bible and still do the e-thingy but with this, I’ll consider getting the Joyce Meyer Study Bible as my first Joyce Meyer book.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. …” I think I will do every three days. That should work better.” Did i just read that? 😀 I’m sooo getting my own copy of EDLM, been searching for agood study bible. Thanks E”…

    KingDaveed is sooo cute 🙂 I want 😀

  7. Chaiii see me drooling already. I am so getting this bible. Cnt wait to devour it. Thanks E’, Our boo boo is growing so fast o. Loads of hugs n kisses for you both

  8. Hi Eziaha,
    I know this question might be inconsequential but I need to know- what “back” would you recommend for this bible, paper or a hard back?
    Most of my paper backs end up dividing in the middle hence the question…..

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