2021!!! 5 Personal Wins (and yours too)

2021 is bowing out honorably, and I wanted to pay some tribute to it by sharing some of my winsssssss especially in my personal life, faith and leadership. I also hope and know you will catch a thing or two, in principle not just copying the exact action, to apply to your life in 2022 […]

Pockets, Blocks and Stretches

Ah, I love this post already. I need to give a back story of the title. So I woke up one morning, early per usual, and after spending some time in prayer, I could not move on to my other planned activities from an intense overwhelming weakness, so I shut down and went back to […]

EKBALLO: Everything you need to know

Whoop!!! Yawl, my heart is so full, so pumped and so expectant as we inch so close to our next powwow themed #EKBALLO Tuesday, June 25 2019 at White house hotels and conference center, Toyin Street, Ikeja. Phew. I am so ready for all that will go down. Please allow me work you through from […]

100 Domestic Queens Hangout… Pre-info :)

Chhhhhhhiiiilllllllleeeeeeee…. No you gotta say it right. Lower the octave of your voice, then drag it like you wanna say CHILD but end with an e instead and with a smile… Let’s do it again… Chhhhhhhhiiiiiiilllllllllllllleeeeeeeeee!!!! We been hard at work Chileeeeee, my team and I , and I’m super excited to FINALLY let a […]