2021 is bowing out honorably, and I wanted to pay some tribute to it by sharing some of my winsssssss especially in my personal life, faith and leadership. I also hope and know you will catch a thing or two, in principle not just copying the exact action, to apply to your life in 2022 and going forward.

I truly do look forward to us winning together in 2022.

Hey Saints,

Let’s just cut to the chase with this blog. We should keep it short and sweet. But first, there is a YouTube video that highlights what I consider the top 5 of all my wins, including wins from my health, fitness, family life and coaching.

2021; My TOP 5 Wins

  1. I started Shabbat!!!

A huge one, as it just really sweetly centers my life. The pace I was living my life was frankly, unsustainable, so sometime in September, I took a break from everything for about 6 weeks, and when I re-emerged, I had a better, slower, and more sustainable pace to my life, and that included incorporating Shabbat, that is one day off, where I permit my soul, body and spirit to catch up and come into a beautiful congruence before we keep on moving.

As a bonus YT video, you may love this one on 5 ways to simplify and ‘joy-ify’ your life.

5 ways to enjoy the joy of missing out

By God’s grace, I intend to keep this Shabbat going for the New year 2022 and beyond.

2. We launched YouTube, finally!!!

Well. Praise BE!!!

This one had been a long time coming, what with my many excuses, despite investing in a Nikon camera since early 2019.

I just kept on waiting for perfect conditions and postponing it, until one day, while writing a blog, I felt the HS tell me to state that a YT video would accompany the blog, which I did, so I then had to keep that promise.

My first video was on Quiet time and it was such a hit.

5 tips to rock out quiet time with your kids

Going into 2022, by God’s grace, I intend to keep it up, but this time, one video a week, which will be between 15 to 20mins, and then I intend to invest in more equipment, makeup and an editor.

Branding, shall we say?


3. Thriving in the WILD

Oh my gosh, I came into 2021 desperate to do things different and better in the WILD, and right now in December, I am thankful that the WILD turned out even better than planned, and still stays thriving.

We fasted, prayed, and gave almost 3million out in both charity/out-reach and in-reach.

We even had our very first WILD retreat at Redemption camp in December.

So proud of my sisters and the leaders for the immense privilege of being Captain WILD.

4. My Personal convictions of STEEL

Wow. This year, I finally put together a one-page life document that features 8 truths I know and believe for sure. I call them my convictions of steel, and like I say in that doc, I will die believing and living them.

Those words, as I say them over myself daily, have grounded, anchored and propelled me.

They literally give my life a string sense of purpose and direction.

Here are numbers 6,7 and 8

That I am a proactive warrior against the junk pandemic because a HEALTHY AND DISCIPLINED LIFESTYLE, especially with FOOD, is the only way for all Christ Followers to live in order to fulfil our God-given assignment on earth, even though it is notoriously hard. So, I will not only live it, I will petition heaven for secrets and ‘witty inventions’ plus deliberate practice to teach and help others live it too.

 That I am BLESSED financially and materially for the primary reason of being RIDICULOUSLY GENEROUS to elevate the quality of life of God’s children in need, further Kingdom agenda on earth, and enjoy my life, so I heavily attract and then steward my Kingdom wealth right.

That I will live my life by the Mathew 11 Code, the unforced, unhurried, burn out-free rhythms of grace, and I will model it to others too. I will embrace a life of   maximum productivity with margin, brutal elimination of hurry, zero overwhelm or burnout, Shabbat, and constant  joy, while working from REST.

Kai, I loooove it!!!

5. Pivoting in my business

Wow. Not only did we change our name from CoachE’Squad Ltd., we also changed our entire business model to what I KNOW is coaching from the future. I am SO STINKING proud of myself because I was willing to scale back, refund monies, and be comfortable with earning less while we adjust and build up momentum again.

ChaYAH Wholeness; Your premium lifestyle overhaul and upgrade

I am SO SO proud and it has to be one of the main highlights of my year, as I truly now enjoy how we run our coaching now, and especially because it is way more effective while taking up less of my time because of how we structured it.


I love it. My soul loves it hehe

Ok, there is more but I wanted to share just 5

Like I mentioned, YT also has more so check it out here

I also want to THANK YOU for reading, commenting, and sharing. Let’s keep our relationship going, and I hope to keep serving blogs that truly do make a difference in the world at large, and your own sweet world.

Till we see in the next blog, most likely in 2022, have a blessed and joy-filled holiday

God bless you

With so much LOVE,



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