So it’s my birthday week…


You have no idea how grateful I am to God… How proud I am at how far God has brought me… Gosh!!! I wanna talk about myself, how beautiful I am within and without, how intelligent I am (first class B.Sc is no joke), how I stop traffic every time I walk on the roads, how many Toasters I have, the amazing relationship with God I have… Tongue talking demon chasing… Super dresser… I’ll look good in horse cloths walahi… About how God has blessed me with the gift of garb; I can talk, I’m very outspoken, I can face any crowd, talk to anyone, I’m an Orator, a debater, Extroverted, etc… Ladies and Gentlemen, like my dearest friend Cheech once said to me, ‘your life is nothing less than a fairytale’ I live in my dreams… I am blessed!!! If I knew anyone like Eziaha Ajaero, I would wanna be friends with her. If I were a guy, I would marry her. Yes I’m that kinda woman… And I’m so thankful to GOD cos I never would have become all THESE without Him. Did I mention NEVER!!! Yes NEVER… But this birthday, its not all about me. As much as I’m tempted to write out a birthday wish list, I would rather dedicate this week to all those who have colored my life beautiful. I have been blessed with Angels as friends. I wanna write all a series of blogposts to appreciate y’all. Life is short… And beautiful. So I will take out time to say THANK YOU… In no particular order, I would be saying THANK YOU… With ur pictures and m̶a̶n̶y̶ a few words. Of course it can’t be everyone but I’ll try. This is the ist in a series of say 5… Err, if I miss out your name, remember to forgive is still divine 🙂 So let’s roll, shall we? In no particular order but lemme start with my FATHER…
Rev Albert Femi Oduwole…

My Father in the faith, Words don’t suffice. They can’t suffice!!! How grateful I am for the gift of access. How I can come to you sir at anytime and you make me feel like THE ONLY PERSON on your mind. How you lovingly insert my name into your sermons as you preach. You listen, you bless, you love. You are the BEST i could ever ask for. Rev, you have left and are still living a HUGE impact in my life and whatever i am in the future i owe FIRST to God and then to YOU… Rev, I love you absolutely i love you beyond what i can say. and i respect the Grace on your life. You have nurtured me as a garden and this GARDEN has no choice but to bloom and blossom. May God bless you ALL ROUND for me… Amen. Thank you REV…


Onyinye ‘Pearl’ Oparah (nee Ugorji)

It started as ‘Pal’ being pronounced the oral english way we learnt in high school ‘pel’ then it became PEARL… And indeed Sugar, you are my PEARL!!! The ONLY Pearl I have… The girl that gives me the most trouble on bb but the day she stops, I’ll beg her to continue. You once said to me, ‘the road is never long between friends’ indeed it isn’t with u… Thanks for being there. I love U plentiful darl…

Ozien Pogoson

The lion cannot give birth to a goat… The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. The day I told ur mom, the very delectable and gracious Dr Pogoson, that she had an amazing daughter, I meant it. That you really didn’t know me yet you took time out to teach me the tricks and tips of makeup at no cost. I see such a heart in ur mom too. Selfless. After God, I owe my makeup business success to you. I’ll NEVER forget that Ozien. Oh did I mention she is a God-lover… Oh yes she is… That’s my kinda girl…

Stephanie Obi

CEO, ST Colors… You inspired me at one of the lowest times in my life. Gosh, God bless you for that. All the phonecalls, the advice, words of encouragement… I’m eternally grateful. Today when I share my academic testimony, I mention U…

Jibola Suara

My troublesome president. You know like I always tell u, I love how mature you are. How you handle most issues and how you relate with your friends. You have made my few years in Soc GREAT… I have learnt some from U, and I’m grateful darling…

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

My very first Spiritual Father. You spoke living words into my life. You always made me realise that I would FINISH well… Now I can’t comprehend anything less than finishing well… Every phone call was AMAZINGLY inspiring sir. Wherever I go in this life sir, I CAN’T FORGET U

Cynthia Neriah Obioha

My Valiana… My darling. In the very simple things you do, Love, you inspire me. I love that I can still count on u after all these years. God bless U darling, amen

Temilola Adebayo

My ‘four-gether’. Such a sweetheart. I love how you are sooooo comfortable with yourself that you can celebrate me everytime you have to. Temi, I wanna work with you in the future so please remain in my life k… Kissessssssss

Chynn Ehighibe

A friend I can always count on. A friend that’s a FRIEND!!! A friend that I absolutely love. Thank you for all the kind words you have ever spoken to me. Every help rendered. Kai, nne God bless U plenty… Love u muchos

Oluwalonii Oke

From momsie to classmate to friend to oh wells…. You brought out a lot that I didn’t know was in me. You have no idea how God used you to make me an amazing woman and a VERY AWARE one at that. I’m grateful that I met you in this journey called LIFE…

Dumebi Ezar Ononye

With a smile that literarily lights up THE WORLD… A charming personality that one can’t help but fall in love with. Almost Always on a high. You redefine ‘extrovertedness’ making it even sweeter. Darling. Whatever you do, don’t lose that smile… God has need of it… Love you over and over again babes…

Elisabeth Ezekiel

One of the most selfless women I know… I’m grateful to have met you. I have learnt to make it ‘less about me’ from you. You have a good heart I’m soooo jealous… May all your good seeds come back to you in good measure, amen. I love and appreciate u, lizzy lizzy.

Rev Victor and Jumoke Adeyemi

This combination is made in heaven!!! Thank God for the gifts of U… Chai… God has blessed both of you ooo. I almost think its unfair… Such grace. Such grace!!! I’m blessed to have you sir, as my ‘Father’s Father’. I wish I could clone Rev Victor oooo. I wish I had a friend like pst Jumoke ooo. God bless U both, amen.

For some reason, i can’t find a picture with Rev Victor and myself. will check later and update when i find it

By the way, did i mention that Rev Victor Adeyemi is the spiritual Father of Rev Albert and that makes him my GRAND FATHER… I am soooo blessed… walahi


And did i also mention that you can catch my Pastor on DSTV Channel 345 Kingdom Africa, GET INSPIRED is the name of the program. In fact, for the month of July, both of them will be on… You really dont wanna miss this, do you?

That’s it for now… To be continued… i am sure by now that a lot of you would be praying that your name makes the list… it probably will. Four more to go so relax baby…


Your Fab Black sister


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  1. Wow! U are brave. I’m not sure I’d ever have the guts to do a gratitude list like this. Hmmm… Who wouldn’t I offend? I probably have (as is with most people) some who think they are close to me but I on the other hand are oblivious of #cant watch#.

    Anyhow thumbs up to ur bravery. 😀 n of course happy birthday mwaaaaah!

    BTW u are very funny. Not sure I’ve ever told you that.

    1. Pastor M….. Hug hug hug hug hug… And a thousand kisses tooooo. And an extra HUG!!! Muah muah muah…. Thanks for the sweet comment… I’m soooooo screaming…
      I know right!!! I have started receiving the threats already… But I ready to suffuse em with apologies…
      That’s life na…
      Muah muah

  2. I love u too, Vally! I admire your vibrancy! 😀 Happy Birthday in advance to an in & out of season longtime friend n sis 😉

  3. First statement that made me LMAO—-» “Err, if I miss out your name, remember to forgive is still divine”.. Too funny!
    I feel honoured to have made your list mehn! Forbes list has got nuffin on dis!
    Happy birthday in advance babe. You really are the definition of “The Desired Woman”. May God bless and continue to increase you.
    As for us working together.. I thot u’d never ask! LoL. I already see you anchoring your own talk show sef and I want to be a part of that o. Ehen..

  4. My Pearllllllll. I loveeee u plentiful too darl. And so u know, u colour my world. U’re an amazing gal and u did really well in describing urself, ℓ☺ℓ‎​​​. Can’t wait for when this ur blog will b one of the most visited in naija *wink..wink* . May this year’s bday b d best so far and may God add many more fab years to u :-).
    U’re gonna go places sugar

  5. Awwwww, am really touched and glad we have bn able to impact each other positively. You really are such a vibrant and sweet person. Happy Birthday in advance! Cheers to an awesome year!!!

  6. Lo♡e you too, my darling crazy, ratty, fabulous, glam, sweet, annoying, sexy, dramatic Diva :d Happy Birthday in advance…And remember, Stars shine bright…Eziaha, u r a STAR! Thank u for coloring my world too. Xoxoxoxo

  7. P.A.J.E.R.O…Words r not enough 2 convey my love 4 u! Gosh…u’re so fearless. As 4 describing urself, u couldn’t hav put it any berra! Love u 2 d moon n back…u so rock.
    Happy Supa Dupa birthday in advance! Mwaaah!

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