Day 6…

It gets better everyday jare. I must confess. \


This series makes all the sense ooo. You really should do this if you are a Blogger. It has good effects on you and then on your blog. #Twoforthepriceofone


Before I begin, lemme shalla to all my partners-in-gratitude… The offline ones. Daily I hear one sweet thing or the other from the gratitude journal. Peeps be making DELIBERATE attempts to be thankful. Whoop… Keep speaking Sweeties. It is afterall our dialect. I didn’t even know it would be such a hit when I started it. I just loved  menoword ‘s own and I stole the idea and formed a tag team.

Shout out to the Bloggers who are starting theirs next month. As the unanimous President General of the GRATEFUL BLOGGERS association, I will be watching. If you miss a day eh… E’ will be all over you like garlic…


Ok let’s roll


1. today began for me on a major low. I woke up very tetchy and borderline teary. Something tipped me and in the split of a second I had gone from zero to 100 in tears. Ah, I bawled and bawled and bawled into my towel.

Woman crying head in hands

Oh oh oh!!! I just thought of all the many places I would rather be than here. Chei… I was supposed to go for NYSC clearance today. I cancelled. Clearance ko… I was downnnnnnnn. I felt caged, boxed up. I had a lot of time on my hands and had many things I wanted to do but was doing NONE. Ah, I have never repeated the phrase ‘…This is NOT me. What is wrong with me?’ so much before. Looooooooool. Ehen please you guys don’t get your pity on yet ooo. Between my Rev


and my Boo,


I felt better again. They prayed with and for and talked to me. Gave me feel-better tips looool. So I am very grateful for people who can offer a shoulder and an ear when I need them. I felt better. And I still feel better. True… looool. And that set the tone for my number 2…

2. finally, today I got to tidy up an article I was to send to Abuja. Before today, I had an emotional bloc that led to a writer’s block.

Me? Eziaha? I hardly shoot deadlines ooo. I can be Mrs Miss Diligent. But I had shot a few. I was happy that the ‘release’ came and I shook off the rut, destroyed the box and stepped into the E’ stage again…

I even updated my iSeeGreen blog which life didn’t let me update in a while. I am grateful that I have started writing again… whoop.

So if you know any Corper or young person, introduce them to www.iseegreenng.wordpress.com That blog is an inspiration and it did inspire me today too. I loved the reaction it generated on Twitter as it was RT’ed by some NYSC Twitter Ogas at the top. Young people sha, especially in Nigeria. May God deliver us from our apathy, amen…

3.   I got this absolutely lovely email from one of my blog readers today.

She just had a baby so she had stopped commenting for a while. She sent me this beautiful email that was just dripping with love. I would have shared with you but she said it was ‘between me and you’ looooool. Thanks for your sweet words nne. I have read your reply and I will re-reply soon. I love all the testimonies she shared with me especially on her own gratitude series and what good God is always up to. I am deliriously happy for you Sweerie and just one day, we will see, amen. And I also love that she is reading my partners-in-gratitude’s blogs too Giantsparkle and Lizzie as she mentioned them. I hope we are reading ooo cos I usually look forward to reading their posts before I sleep. Especially when I make the list of people someone is grateful for (I promise. I am not vain)

4.   I am grateful for laughter.

Kai this evening, I laughed like a drunk. Chei!!! First it was my boo yabbing me. I would have shared details with you but how do I do that without embarassing myself? Lemme keep what is left of my dignity please. What Bolaji and Tani have left of it. After Bolaji, it was now Tani’s turn. Her voice notes got me laughing eh. Chai… lemme just say one thing that nicely sums it all up… ‘With all these GSM Networks in Nigeria, awoof dey run belle, Nothing is osho free o so better steer clear or ask a lot of questions before you jump in lest you are BURNT like I almost was today’ Tani actually threatened me that she will spill on my blog. Nne, the floor is yours… Enjoy… Afterall, I am not the only person that likes oshofree… :p… And just so you know, you are NOT gulit-less… What goes around comes arounder…
Oh but I am grateful for laughter… I got overdosed tonight. Such a balance. Seeing how the day started…

5. I am grateful for friends who can go out of their ways to meet a need for you. Due to all my phone drama today, I had run outta cash at hand and needed credit at different times. I was stuck at home alone too. First Valerie who sent me double of what I asked of. She had to go far to buy it ooo. So sweet Love. Thanks. Then Tani who after laughing decided to help me a second time. Then my darling Biola who also sent me though he didn’t necessarily have to as na me cause the ‘wahala’. It is not easy to have friends who can just be sweet ooo. I have them in trailer loads. Friends and Pastors. Chukwu gozie unu…

Now let me see what pictures I can attach to this post to make it living and breathing and happy and colorful and ………………………

I didn’t take any pix today. Yes there are days like that… there was nobody to snap me I just didn’t feel like…

So I will add old ones…
This I took Sunday in church with the Cheech…

Fill your journal before you sleep ooo. Or at best let the LORD hear your voice say stuff you are thankful for to Him before you sleep…


Good night Lurvzzzz



kendra 073b08d6-6dc2-4ac9-b9ce-8f8aa2806b6e

See my baby Kendra has my pose… Diche my darling, you see… #SuperStarPose#

Kendra is MK’s baby… By now you should know MK and SOUND OF HEAVEN.


MK is such a star ooo. I should totally hook him down for an interview or video for my blog too on SOUND OF HEAVEN… Water Walker, is that a bad idea? Looool. Mk has gone from DSTV


To Wazobia FM

@_-- @_-- Water Walker @_-- @_--

then a rally all for SOUND OF HEAVEN…By our choir

Publicity TRI (1) TRI SOH publicity (1)

NO COMMENT ON THE PICTURES PLEASE… TRI sha… loool. Every one is going all out for Mk. remember you can download one of his songs Arugbo ojo here and have a lil slice of heaven


Woooooot… I can’t wait mehn… I will still do a complete post on Sound of heaven so that you can know why I am super excited. By that time, I MUST have a picture I took with the real MK please ha ahn…

20130804_170632 (sha manage this one)

Date remains 25;08;2013 Sunday 4pm… Heaven will kiss the earth that day, I promise. 1k and you too will experience it. Dear Victory Dome, I Hope you can take the crowd ooo. Please people come early ooo…


I just got another picture to add to this. My booski Dumebi who has had my picture up since Saturday just put up another…


Oh yea. I am royalty…And so are you…

Nne, I am glad I know you… Can’t wait to start my A.S.A.B.A holiday and see my other parents… hehehe… Muah…


I have other stuff I am grateful for today ooo. I will roll it over to tomorrow.

Chukwu di ebube…

13 Responses

  1. I’m grateful for new beginnings. I’m grateful for eyes that see. Lately i’ve been asked “why are you looking at me” and I sing my adaptation of “some have food” wt some words changed and eyes inserted for food. I’m grateful for future promises. I’m grateful for friendship with the Holy Spirit- He’s been fighting my battles. I’m grateful for family and friends(i’m so blessed). I’m grateful for ur blog and others i’ve met thru u(esp inthemidst….) daz what i’m grateful for today

    1. Thanks for sharing sweets
      Can’t imagine not seeing
      Thanks for the blog love darling
      And yup inthe… is amazing tooooooo

  2. plus jus downloaded arugbo ojo. I so love it, finally me thinks I will finally av a naija gospel as “most played” on my phone

    1. Yay
      Good good
      Now you know why I love it…
      Can’t wait for the full album
      Oya water walker someone is hailing your covenant someborry ooooo

  3. Hmmmmmm….E’ FAB!

    As in ehn! I went to bed upset yest cos I cldnt read ur blog (MTN una do well oh!).

    Meanwhile, let’s do this thing oh b4 people start looking for visa to see this man cos @ this rate, that’s where he is headed!

    I absolutely love the gratitude series and will share my journal with you soon. #yes, I took the challenge#

    Plenty huggs!

    1. Yay… u r a part of my tag team toooooo
      Can’t wait for a peek into your journal.
      Didn’t see u and Mk in church this evening. After i don baff up loooool
      We should ooooo
      Mk is moving at the speed of grace ooooo. Tomorrow e fit be cnn. I won’t be surprised. Meanwhile kedu ife anyi g’eme mtn biko?
      Hugs jare

  4. So you are part of the tag team… Yay
    Pls don’t come and oppress us with Mk being on Cnn with sound of heaven ooo
    Mtn sha….
    Maybe they should change to MKN
    And enjoy part of MK’s anointing
    Hugs received 🙂

  5. i am definitely grateful for dis blog n esp 4 dis attitude’O’gratitude series….today started on a major major low for me…i needed to get sum tins,emphasis on d nided n i realised i cudnt afford…gettin to wrk ws war…den a frnd cald to remind me dat av nt paid to b on her train n d deadline is close….phew!….ok! U wud tink dat wud b enof 4 one day…den i got a txt,anoda frnd is gettin married! And am stil single,nt single as in nt marrid…single as in NO BOO…..den i startd readin tru my grateful series frm day 1….

  6. i am definitely grateful for dis blog n esp 4 dis attitude’O’gratitude series….today started on a major major low for me…i needed to get sum tins,emphasis on d nided n i realised i cudnt afford it…gettin to wrk alone sef was a mini battle…den a frnd cald to remind me dat av nt paid to b on her train n d deadline is close….phew!….ok! U wud tink dat wud b enof 4 one day…den i got a txt,anoda frnd is gettin married! And am stil single,nt single as in nt marrid…single as in NO BOO…..den i startd readin tru my grateful series frm day 1….i cudnt help it,i startd smiling,den grinning…n nw evrybody @ wrk’s bin askin if i won d lottery,or if he has proposed…lols…am excited! N am filin my diary 4 today alredy….am sure ur wonderin wat i ws grateful abt in doz 6 days dat got me all tickled…well…anoda day….hehehehehehe….tnks fab sis *xoxo*

    1. Looooooool sweets
      You just colored my day even more
      Truly if we wait for perfect conditions we would never be thankful. But we can better the present when we give thanks. ..
      Can’t wait to read more from your journal love
      Thanks for dropping by

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