Hey yawl, How is everyone doing?

So sorry I went AWOL. In fact. I am so sorry that I am coming here to give an update. I was just gonna disappear for a while.

What do you think those three posts in a day were for?


Ok really tho, yawl know I got a homehelp (Betterer) and then my bedmate for the past 27months came home too so blogging dropped a few notches down my priorities list. Remember that post I did on BALANCE? Ehen…

Permit me to be off till my baby’s FIRST birthday on March 10. Gosh, can you believe it? I have been a mama for almost a year??? I don’t even have the words to describe this life changing experience but my heart is bursting with gratitude to GOD for such a privilege to parent this Giant slayer KingDaveed and soooo much love for the little human.

Gosh!!! Our God is soooooooooo sooooooo good!!!

No, we are not having a party but feel free to send us gifts and everything.

(My sister says we don’t celebrate first birthdays in our family. She says it is a pure waste of money so do a nice photo shoot to capture his first year and get him something nice to mark it. Dazall. Anything else is a waste of money. Save it for his third when he will totally be a very aware birthday boy and party rocker. I agree. But hey, if you are a first birthday party thrower, enjoy hun.)

Ok moving on…

I will be taking on another set of five ladies after this first batch of five. Pink, I will auto consider you so let’s do this. My requirements will most likely be the same as here but I will add a few more. Hehe. Just watch this space. We kick off in April. I make them do a weigh in forthnightly and imagine my joy when most logged in a 5kg loss in the first two weeks.

Even though it is a lot of work, I am too excited at the success stories so far especially the ones that have to do with increased confidence and self esteem. Because I walked that road, I KNOW just how that feels, so I want more ladies to toss that FAT and pick up some HOTNESS!!!

Btw, thanks everyone for all the love. Will definitely miss blogging but it is just two weeks abi?

Tz amazing what you find when you REALLY start digging or stalking.
I feel like I am in a school with Chris and Joyce and Shirer as my major lecturers and so I am just learning, and growing and being pruned and getting all the funk brought up to the fore and all that PAINFUL stuff. I mean this picture just wrecked me

Just trying to build that light in me guys.

See yawl on March 10 and up until the end of April, we will have a steady stream of posts. I am excited about writing because when you listen to and actually LISTEN to Christine Caine and open your heart to an open heart surgery by Doctor Jesus as you apply, your life changes!!!

It absolutely CHANGES FOR LIFE!!!
Plus you get really CRAZY too haha.
Tz awesome!!!

(Doesn’t have to be Chris for you. Anyone God is leading you to)

So stay glued to this blog. Subscribe too. When you scroll to the end of the page, I think you see the ‘subscribe’ button.

Hey but I’m on IG (@eziaha) Twitter @eziahaA and Facebook sometimes Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo.

Have a Fruitful and Blessed week guys

Happy Sunday

God loves yawl like craaaazzzzzzyyyy


Funny story.
My ‘betterer’ actually told me last night while I was prepping dinner…
‘Aunty, you no dey eat ooo. I no dey see you eat. Only garden egg I dey see
I almost died from laughter.
I don’t even know what to say. I actually eat but she probably considers what I eat ‘not-food’
Lol I am still laughing. In fact I even overeat sometimes that in one week I moved from 79.3 to 80.4kg haha.
And in another week, this one that just ended, I worked it all out and went down to 77kg.
This weight loss business is now fun walahi.
Which is why I decided to do another FIVE ladies.
OK I am off to church

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  1. Finally!!..
    Eziaha, i really missed your posts.
    If Uganda communications Commission had not turned off our social media, I would have tweeted to you already about your silence because it had become REAL. Lolll.
    I am happy for KingDaveed almost making a year. Your first birthday idea sounds really cool and more memorable than a party, in my opinion. I can’t wait for your post already. And did you say a steady stream of posts from march 10th up until April?!.. I can’t wait!.
    Enjoy your break off blogging.❤

    1. Hahahaha
      Yawl in Uganda should invite me na.
      You and Ikomusana. Wait how does she tweet?

      Yes ooo. a steady stream of amazing posts. Even I am looking forward to them haha

      1. Hahahaha… You are welcome to Uganda anyday, anytime. We (komusana and I) lllooovvveee you so much!!. You should come..
        All the elections drama eneded so our social media was re opened thats why Komusana has been tweeting…

  2. Awww..thanks dawhhling,can’t wait…Missed you,I guess another two weeks wldnt hurt too much ryt?… Well I hope. Have a gorgeous week.

  3. Been stalking your blog for updates! Good to hear from you. Yay for KingDaveed almost turning 1!!! God is good!

    Good to know your ladies are making progress. Excellent!

    Looking forward to updates from March 10! God bless ya and the fam

  4. Its being awhile mama. My email notification was turned off. Your love for God is so infectionous so is your Happy personality and believe in anyone. Have missed so many post. Will take my time and catch up. You look absolutely beautiful, so is KingDaveed and Uncle B. More grace as you balance home and other areas of your life.

  5. Hiya, I missed your posts too (that’s if you are NOT Tired of hearing that, lol). Ok we will wait till March 10. I have a slightly different opinion about the bday, yes no party, but there should be Cake na ( I love Cakes, lol) memorable photoshoot from an ACE photographer YES, its King Daveed FIRST BIRTHDAY OOOO. Stay blessed

    1. Loooool
      I love cakes too. I think it works where there are ppl within the home to enjoy it. But I may get a small piece tho. May… Lol

  6. Wow, that was one screenshot quote of Christine Caine that hit me. It’s like telling me whatever happens, the most important thing is that God’s light in you keeps burning. There’s no point if the world thinks you’re burning for Christ but what is God saying each and everytime! Truth.

    I saw her when Lisa bevere shared her picture on IG but I’ve never gotten time to check her out. Will do so then. Thanks. I think you should also check out Lisa and John Bevere. They’re amazing preachers of the word and John Bevere is a true man of the word that divides and hits the right notes. I believe you’ll enjoy listening to his short videos and other resources on facebook or anywhere you can get it. I was reading one of his books recently-Breaking Intimidation and that book is just all shades of awesome. John Piper is another man of the word I read up his writings. Deep stuff. I do hope you check them out.

    Much love dear. xo!

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