Yesterday, I lost my fitness tracker.

I was almost home when I lifted my wrist to check the time and wham, it had fallen off the strap and I didn’t notice it.


The first thing I thought of was how much I bought it. Thankfully, it was the cheaper one and not my fitbit, but still I LOVE this particular one cos it doubles as my wristwatch too and I find it easier to use cos it has a screen. This stuff is small so I was scared it could be anywhere and lost forever.

(My Fitbit is the green one and the black is MiFit)

Ok so here’s the testimony.

I stopped at a market to buy a few things that yesterday, including queue at an ATM and somehow, there was just 1 person who started writing me a receipt after I paid. I was gonna stop him and tell him not to bother but I felt the Holy spirit tell me to let him. So I did.

When I started looking for the tracker, I thought of the various stores I had entered and how small this stuff is and how anyone can just sweep it away.


Shops I didn’t even know. Thankfully I recalled I had a receipt to one shop so I retrieved it and rang the guy.

Your guess is right!!!

It was in his shop. Bang there!!!! Gosh I was overjoyed. I picked it up today.

God is so good!!! He truly is. He made the dude give me a receipt cos he knew I had lost something. He also made me not throw it away which normally I would have done cos I hate load and JUNK. If I didn’t call, they would have swept it away, I’m sure.

But God!!!

I love how He’s right in every fine detail of my life. And in your life too.

We should trust this God more and then completely. He’s incapable of failing us.



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