This blog title is so funny but truly that was what happened.

Recall the post I did on Choices… Spoiled or Paralyzed?

My sister, I soon realized that I was getting paralyzed by having way too many things to pray about. Ever since the movie WAR ROOM, I have been one for having a Prayer strategy and routine. I make bold to say that routines, even when it comes to prayers, are not boring or religious, instead they help me pray more efficiently. So, I would list out everything in my radar at the time, then put a structure to them all so that I can cover all in prayer. I use the ECHO prayer App and then in addition to my prayer time in the morning, I set a reminder for prayers at different times. As any new thing comes up, I add and schedule. I truly DO LOVE TO PRAY. I believe that God hears me when I pray so I am happy to pray about it. Then they got so much that I will just be getting reminders all the time and cos they were back to back, I would end up dismissing them ALL. Lol

It was after I did the post that the Holy Spirit told me that my so many options were leading to a PRAYER PARALYSIS.

So, I just sat down and deleted everything lol

Then reduced it all to 6…

6 happy byte size prayer points very important ones

I think we must be really sensitive to see areas where our many options and choices are paralyzing us.

Quality has to be over quantity abeg.

So now as new things arise, I handle them immediately or as led but they don’t get on my reminders, except very necessary. As my prayers get answered, or my capacity to take more than 6 increases. I will increase my reminders

Can’t even lie the past 2 days I feel have been SUPER EFFECTIVE for me as I have been able to zoom in very quality time and passion and even very effective study on these

I don’t know what the next season will bring for me, but for now, these my SIX PRAYER POINTS are just PERFECT!!!


I also don’t know what your current season looks like but feel free to prioritize a few and expend more time on them.


I hope this makes things easier for someone…especially someone who struggled like me… Not just in the place of prayers, but maybe in any other spiritual discipline, depending on how you connect with God. I can also quickly be paralyzed by Bible versions. I LOVE YouVersion cos they have endless versions, then when I am trying to unpack a Scripture and I actually HAVE time, it is BLISS. But sometimes, when I don’t have time and I think of all the various versions I need to navigate, I will just be going. But now I know that even if it is TWO versions (TPT has to be one sha), then that’s fine. I am so checking any and everywhere in my life that choices want to paralyze me. Not today, devil. Never again…





Where are my STAY AT HOME moms in Abuja oooo?

Women are not signing up and I am like HUH Jesus, did you actually SEND me? Please share share share. I am excited for what God is set to do and I look forward to hanging out…

Details in this post

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  1. There is always something to learn in from your blog. Spiritual Discipline is one area I struggle with. The one thing I know I do consistently is singing in church. I have tried sticking to specific prayer times and a day for fasting, I will start but after a while I will revert to praying anytime and fasting anyday. Made the decision this month to follow them through till Jesus comes. Downloading the prayer ASAP.
    Thank you E.

  2. I over relate with this post. The plenty bible versions you want to read and then the plenty prayer points. But thank God, I got the message early and got healed of my paralysis.

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