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Happy New week guys…

Recently, I wanted better results from my workouts so I reduced skipping from 5000 to 1000 daily…

It sounds wrong right? How do you want better results and reduce your workout?


That is the simple answer. Going for your goals requires wisdom and it was wisdom for me to reduce my skips cos my goal got redefined.
When I started skipping 5000 daily which I did for 2 weeks, I was looking to burn fat fast and let it show on the scale and in my inches.

It did.

My inches especially around my hips and belly reduced really good, and even though the scale didn’t show much, I knew I had progressed well in 2 weeks.

Now, I wanted to tone my belly and entire body. My fat percentage had reduced and it was time to now make my skin tight and less flabby.

Skipping is a cardio and fat burner but won’t tone you up. I mean, if you use weighted skipping ropes, you will get toned in the arms since the handle is heavy and so it impacts on your biceps, but other areas in your body just lose fat but stay flabby. After 2 weeks of 5k skips and an earlier at least 6weeks of cardio workouts, I had burned enough fat to reduce on cardio and begin to strengthen and tone.

So, I started an abs training workout with Jillian Michaels. It burns fat while toning your core especially. It has plenty variations of planks and crunches but she also throws in a few cardio moves to keep fat moving.

The biggest mistake people make is that they want to burn belly fat so they jump into crunches and sit-ups and it makes me laugh

When I gained 10kg and my belly inches were a whooping 35 inches, I didn’t bother doing any exercise that targeted my core/belly.

I focused on cardio so I skipped, ran, walked and did aerobics. After I had burned a good percentage of belly fat and looked like this

I now brought out Jillian’s Abs video, which is a killer btw.

It is a 6week challenge and in 1 week, I have started seeing the impact. I haven’t measured inches yet but the first major change I noticed was even when I eat a lot, by the next day or even the same day, my belly is not as big as I expected.

We had a family pizza/ice cream day last Saturday and I expected a huge belly both that night and, in the morning, and even hubby was surprised at how my tummy looked.

He said I had gone to do surgery lol.

So, my sister, crunches and sit-ups help tone and toning is only effective where fat percentage is low, not when your tummy is huge. Do more cardio to burn that fat off. Then later introduce strength and core workouts.

Today, I do 1000 to 1500 skips as warm up and to set the little belly fat on fire as I prepare to now tone with Jillian in her Abs workout.

Results? Now that one is guaranteed cos, I am doing the right things the right way, plus God helping me.


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