Why I changed my Workout Routine.

NB: This post was originally authored by me and published on coachesquad.com, my online fitness site. Happy New week guys… Recently, I wanted better results from my workouts so I reduced skipping from 5000 to 1000 daily… It sounds wrong right? How do you want better results and reduce your workout? GOALS!!! That is the […]

Put Your Weight Loss Journey In Context

NB: This post was originally authored and published on www.theladysroom.ng, a female lifestyle website I contribute biweekly to… Recently, on my social media pages, I have been vocal about managing your expectations when it comes to weight loss. This comes from meeting many women who are frustrated by their journeys. They FEEL they are not […]

A LOT of NEWsss…New Name, New Vlog, NEW BOOK!!!

Hey guys, Oh, my world has been buzzing, spinning, opening up, stretching and just generally BUSY… And BUSY is a term I am reclaiming and redefining because it has been getting a lot of bad rap out there. When we say busy on this lane (yes, we. I am including you in my redefinition), we […]


Hi guys, Sorry stuff slowed down some here. Changed location and all the dramz that comes with it Yup guys, back to Lagos now. Can’t wait to settle into my own home in Lagos and get some rhythm into my life again. So this idea came to me early hours of Sunday morning in the […]

#31F.A.B.Voices…Priceless Testifying

Ok… I can’t believe the last time I published this was Sunday last… I’ve been moving from one place to the other, with network fluctuating and so on… But today, I made up my mind that I would put this up. I have a super special guest. Love this girl like my Sisturrr. She just […]