I can’t believe the last time I published this was Sunday last…
I’ve been moving from one place to the other, with network fluctuating and so on… But today, I made up my mind that I would put this up.
I have a super special guest. Love this girl like my Sisturrr. She just has SENSE all round.
Before you meet her, lemme quickly announce this. Please biko ejor ozienu, further mails to me should be to eziaha@eziaha.com.
Tz dedicated to the blog and I won’t lose it. I seem to be forgetting to respond to people and tz cos it gets lost in other official or personal mails. I met someone again today who I forgot to respond to.
Tz easy… Wanted to add my surname but I made it easy for y’all.
Cool? Seen? Gotten?
Ok Catherine Priceless is just one amazing babe. I can’t get enough of her. Drama, love, wisdom, the works. I love her totally. Mother of two wonderful kids and wife of a really GOOD man. Prudent wife. Business woman extraordinaire. Born again woman of God. Bonafide DCC member. My friend and Sister (Ok babe why does it feel like I’m famzing you like those people on that PK’s ‘rally Sunday’  loool). FAB’ers, this wonderful Sunday where I am feeling ‘DCC-overdosed’, please enjoy this babe I call Priceless…


Ok so I’ve just put my almost 7months old baby to sleep finally#:-s, chai motherhood is blessed o, shout out to all mothers out there biko, una dey try.
Ok so I have a couple of things ild like to do this year, some of them even scare me but, I have a Sugar Daddy who can do exceedingly, abundantly and above all I can ask or THINK…. So in the spirit of going FORWARD this year here I go:                                                                    1. Growing my business into a known brand. Ok so I’m a professional make up artiste, I just finished my training November 2013. I still need more practice to build my confidence and be the best at what I do. Emm so the goals here are:                                                  1a – To have more jobs weekly than I can handle that I would have to bring in my other MUA friends to assist.                                                 1b – To make more income than what I earned as a banker.                                1c – To build / make my portfolio; I don’t know but making the arrangements and getting the models and especially the costumes needed has been challenging for me, dunno why o.                                                                    2. To get my own studio before the end of the year. Now people have told me I need to have been in the business for about 3 or 4 years before I can dream of getting my own studio, but who made that rule? Ehn? Who says I can’t get it in my first year as a MUA?                                       3. I also want to have a shop in trade fair where I can start sales of make products and ultimately become a major distributor of make up products. Would love to travel to Dubai in this same vein.                     4. One of my hubby’s vision is to start a magazine; a feminine magazine but because of logistics we decided to start blogging first. So he writes and I edit but for a while he hasn’t been writing cos of work logistics / challenges. So this year is gonna be different, I must take it upon myself to ensure the blog has regular blog posts even if I have to take verbal dictation from him to achieve this.                                     5. Again hubby needs to take some professional courses to enhance his career growth and a change of job sef. So how do I come in, I intend to find out the courses that would suit his work schedule and in short make sure the entire registration and stuff is stress free and seamless for him, so help me God.         6. Hmmmm, I get really irritated and bewildered when I encounter bad customer service from people who are supposed “service providers”. So I would like to put my 7yrs customer service training into use. I don’t have the full details yet but I do know I wanna impart people positively with the knowledge I have on proper customer service.                                               The list is getting really long abi? Hehehehehe, so to other stuff I would like:                                                         1. I would love a new car this year o, a navy blue toyota rav 4, 2004 model *drooling*. I don’t know why I love this car but its sha my heart desire so I’m keeping my fingers crossed o. Amen *winks*                                                    2. I want to fellowship and grow more spiritually this year. This includes soul winning, witnessing for God, I used to lead people to Christ every week before, but somehow I’ve kinda relented on my efforts so this year I intend to get back on track.                                                  3. Read more books: I and hubby have a personal library and keep adding more books but lately I just can’t seem to find the time to read as I used to or ought to. So this year is gonna be different. I’m thinking 2books per month, yes? Right.               4. Travel out of the country for my wedding anniversary this year. I wouldn’t mind France though, I wanna see the eiffel tower in person, no more through pictures jare.                                           5. Get new menu’s to cook for hubby.image

These days I’ve just been going through the motions of cooking the same ol’ stuff, even my pots are complaining they are tired of cooking the same things. Ild love new recipes to make new meals at least once every week. So here I am asking my fellow FABer’s to come to my rescue. thanks guys in advance.            
       *babe don start with new menus ooo. She shared some with me sef…*                       6. For some reason I still can’t place a finger on, I tend 2 b late,more so now that I have a baby. No matter how early I start to get ready, I somehow arrive at my destination late or nearly late. So this year, I’m gonna work on arriving punctually for appointments and every other place I need to get to.                         7. Sowing: I and hubby intend to sow more this year than we did last year. Around october last year we decided we were gonna sow a particular amount as seed in the first week of January this year even though we didn’t know how we were gonna get the cash, we just agreed and we actually did sow that exact amount in the first week of this year just like we said we would. PK taught us that as long as you have the heart to give, God would orchestrate finance to come your way and that’s exactly what happened. So because we got the first amount, it expanded our faith to trust God to sow another particular sum of money but ultimately we are actually trusting God to sow our first one million naira seed before this year runs out. PK said giving a million naira in one cheque is sweet, we have to experience it o.                                                          8. I left this for last so that I can whine and whine and whine and whine some more lol. I need to loose weight o :'( . I was a size 8 and now I’m almost a 14 *weeping loudly*


I mean even while pregnant and a few weeks after I put to bed I was still a 10 and all of a sudden I just blew up. On tuesday I checked my weight and I weighed 85kg *sad face* I almost passed out. Ehn just imagine 85kg, eighttyyyy fiivvveee *roll on the floor crying* I don’t even know where to start from, my clothes don’t fit anymore and I don’t wanna get new ones so that I would b motivated to loose the weight. Chai, and world people would not even allow me hear word. I’ve been called all sort of very painful amd heart breaking names o, from “friends”. Biko I need help and fast. I try not to even look at the mirror except its absolutely necessary. So biko unu, any tips would help o, emmm please don’t just say exercise, tell me the kind of exercise I should do. I started smoothies and I’ve already used up two blenders.
*go buy blender again jor*
Enough already. I’m signing out jare.                                                           I remain Catherine “nwunye” Nnanna Ebiri-Okoro.


Didn’t you just enjoy this? Babe is under 30 btw. Oya roll in the advice and tips for my girl…
Btw, I have featured her here before

E ‘ haters, get in ‘ere… lol.
In the spirit of weight loss a la Catherine..
It is official!!! I am now FAT!!!
This is one rare time I admit cos I even feel and know I don fat. I let myself go this year I resolved to even watch it more..


I tried this gown yesterday and it was TIGHT!!! I had to wear a loose dress to church today.
Then in church, Cheech said she was HAPPY I was now FAT!!! Meanie Alika!!! And Jessica her cousin said my hips were now this large *she widened her hand very well. It wasn’t pretty* 🙁  Some people in church thought I was pregnant. So I am going drastic. In one month, you will see results, so help me God. I even got Kate Henshaw’s ‘Fit For Life’ DVD


(I have a story on that but I’m feeling terrible already so I won’t yab myself further)
*sits on the floor,legs apart, wailing*
And please I don’t want anyone saying ‘oh no you are not fat, you still look good, bla bla bla. Thank you but swallow that talk ooo. E’ is NOW FAT!!! Neither do I need your yabis…
Bye bye biko

On a STRONG weightloss tinz 🙂
Forward 2014…Still Testifying

40 Responses

  1. AMEN to all ur prayers!
    You this women sure know how to do ur husbands right..I love how u are such a help meet.. God bless u both. Love to baby Ariel.
    Hehehehehehehehehe…. Eziaha Alika Olojo the fatty bom bom *tongueout*
    Now will be a good time to be feeding u chai!
    And yes u are fat even though I haven’t seen U….
    And praise the Lord everybody I am finally an ACCA affliate!!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Tannie, Ariel sends his love as well. Congrats on your ACCA certification we go wash am o.

    2. Ehen o Tannie how come you didnt speak big English 2day? Hehehehehehhe. As for doing our husbands right, we have a perfect role model couple + the word #teamdcctinz#

  2. Chai Nne, where did you get dis Kate’s cd from? I need am o. Btw my blender is coming in dis week. *tongue out*

  3. I love the way you are really functioning as a helper to your hubby, I am taking down tips already…I say amen to your dreams, esp the 1million sowing thing, our God still giveth wealth and worketh miracles…
    and jogging is a really good way to start the weightloss things or skipping seeing as you have kids and may have a tight schedule. getting a workout dvd like E did is a good one too, you can keep an eye on your kids and exercise at same time. And here’s Nelly’s blog, a mum also on a weightloss journey,hope it helps: http://www.itwillendinpraise.com

    1. Wow tnx dear, I’m running off 2visit d blog. Emm you wld definitely b mentioned in my weight loss success story. *hugs*

  4. Nice goals,priceless.we pray it all works out IJN,eifel tower I wld go thr too somday!v always wanted to get to the top!
    Abt d weightloss,I got a tym table here I saw on d net,wld send to Eziaha!she can send to u!exercise odikwa impt too!
    Eziaha!c ppk complaining abt my weight loss!hian,(esp all dem bombom lovers)hehehehehe.

    1. Tnx Valerie, Ezi nnem ngwanu I’m waiting 4d time table o. See u @d top luv#eiffeltowertinz# *winks*

    2. Looooool
      I am sorry for you. Your own weight loss is usually drastic. Nne you need that shape ooo. Hmm. I don talk my own. Oya email quick

  5. Lol…see reputation o. People of God!
    Issorai… I think Priceless bubbles with life&vitality, besides all the other virtues E’ listed.
    God is empowering you with an inner strength from His unlimited resources by the Spirit. As you exchange your strength, you’ll not only walk in your wealthy place, but enjoy His supply to effectively possess kingdoms&sectors for our God&His Christ.

    Keep shining Priceless!(you see, I made the extra effort to refrain from saying, “Stay Resplendent”) 😀
    I’m glad you got some pointers on weightloss already. Wishing you all the best.
    Enjoy fulfilling seasons all’round ma’am!

    E’- you know we love you, that’s all, love. This too shall pass. You are well able! 😉

    1. Lizzie of lyf, lolllllll……. tnx dear. I say a big AMEN to ur prayers. U rily try jare u also didnt use “effervescent” in ur comment. Hehehehehehe

  6. I really appreciate women who see themselves as helpmeets and show it in their actions. Thanks for the inspiration. E, it’s one of the benefits of marriage. Don’t worry, you’d lose it

  7. I am totally inspired by your love and devotion both to your hubby and your calling as a “wife”. Being a wife is serious business o kai! Baddest helpmate everliveth. Tripple twale for u jare, You definitely deserve a Range-rover or that car you are so in love with for Valentine (i will pick a G-wagon though*wink*).And Amen to all that you hope to achieve this year, God has got u.
    And Eziaha “oh no you are not fat, you still look good”. rotfl *tongue out*

    1. Oh yes Catherine is real amazing ooo
      And pls leave me. You need to see the traffic I caused yesterday. So I don’t even think I’m fat anymore. But I’m still dieting ooo loooool

      1. Ezi which traffic is dat 1? So ure d1 dat caused dat traffic dat made hubby get home late last nite abi? U try *tongue out*

  8. Luff it!!!!!

    Biko o! Fab E’ and other fresh wives should kuku start a joint blog and bless us!

    All in favor say ‘I’

    All Respond: I (Echo Echo Echo Echo)

    1. Hahahahahahahahah
      No comment yet. Sounds like a dream. Just that with this one, my hands are so full already. But God dey. Once He approves and gives grace, you can be sure E’ and other married women will be running blogsville with it

  9. wooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww, i just love this PRICELESS babe…. thanks for shouting out to us Mothers abeg…. we dey try… Chukwu bu ike anyi…. and all these your plans are testifiable…..may our GOOD GOD, awesome Sugar Daddy bless you in abundance and accordance to HIS holy will, amen

    muah +++

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