The Davidic study is one I am constantly on because

  1. I am crazy about King David
  2. I am CRAZY about KingDaveed

The first for myself and spiritual growth. The second for my son because the reason we gave him that name has plenty to do with King David so it guides our prayers for him.
So this morning, I am studying and in fact I was already done with reading when the Holy Spirit highlighted something to me so I went back to read…


1 Samuel 17

28 Now Eliab the oldest brother heard… and was angry… and said to David, With whom have you kept those sheep? I know your presumption and evilness of heart…

29 And David said, what have I done? Was it not a harmless question?

30 And David TURNED AWAY FROM ELIAB to another…..

Did you see that? There was a battle and the certified Soldiers of Israel were peeing in their pants at the fear of Goliath. David came in and wondered why there was so much fear of an uncircumcised fellow and he starts asking better questions and Bro Eliab decides to flex muscles.

David turned away and continued his questioning.

How important this is. How very important. My goodness!!!

There will always always be the naysayers, the ones who say you cannot, the ones who say you just like to show off, the ones who will say your own is too much, the jealous ones, THE ELIABs

Sweetie, this week going forward, please be a David. Recognise them, no fight them ooo. Just TURN AWAY…

Turn away from the distractions, turn towards the challenge and SHOOT!!!david-and-goliath-252x300

That target (Goliath) is too big you can’t miss it. And as David NEVER lost a battle, so will God’s walk with you be. AMEN.

50 So David killed Goliath with a sling and a stone…

God bless your week

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  1. This was what I studied today!!!! Hahaha. Perfect. It was like I reading the passage for the first time; a rush of anointing. I felt so blessed and inspired. So, to see it on your blog again this evening, I was almost screaming. I don’t even get the excitement hahaha

  2. Short and precise. Thanks for sharing this mama. No time could be better than now. God bless you. You look so beautiful and KingDaveed is cute for days.

    1. Exactly
      And Nehemiah had an apt response.
      I am doing a great work and cannot come down. Why should the work stop when I come down to you?

      Amazing. Wow
      Thanks for reminding me of this

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