Happy sunday Munchkins,

I had an amazing time in church today… Reconnected with my Abuja folks in Lagos church, Pastor Kingsley preached a fantastic message on THE ANOINTED WORKER… I laughed so hard today in church hehehe. And my girl Chinma and her cousin are now DCC members… Whoooooooooooooop!!!

Happy Sunday again…

And Happy new week too!!! I am too happy hence i am sharing all my happiness with ya…

This is the week we have all been waiting for.

Welcome to my week…

The Fabulous week with Fabulous birthdays including E’s



Being in a birthday mood (well not really) I decided I would share a message my Rev shared at my Pastor Bunmi’s birthday in May 2013.



There are three major things you should do as your birthday approaches. All three gotten from Psalms 90 vs 12,14, and 15.

1. Meditation

2. Celebration

3. Compensation

So this is how Rev explained each, with some E’ flava of course

Screen_20130623_153442 (Father and daughter hehehe)


‘…Teach us to number our days. Oh teach us to live wisely and well…That we may get ourselves a heart of wisdom…’ vs12 E’s mix version

You really wanna spend some time reflecting. Meditating. Planning. In between all the hoopla going down, find some quiet time, before that day especially, to meditate and pray …


Make plans and projection even as you do a review of the past years. Prayerfully plan for the new year too. Don’t start the year blindly…


‘…That we will skip, rejoice and dance all day long…’ vs14b E’s mix version


By all means, please do. God has been faithful just because you are even alive to celebrate. If you can think, you can thank. I don’t mean that you necessarily should spend tons and tons of money throwing parties with Alex’s champagne. Celebrate in a way that becomes you. Take yourself out if you have to. Throw a party for friends. Get cake and drinks and chocolate and ice cream. Do a movie date. Don’t just let the day slide past just like that. Celebrate the life that you have on your way to living the life of your dreams. I must admit, I had sorta checked out on this year’s birthday. My wedding was to be on my birthday and I had that all figured out. When they screwed my plan that didn’t fly, I kinda checked out on that day… I must admit I’m still kinda ticked off about it but Jehovah bu Eze. He’s got me sorted. It took someone on twitter to remind me that I had a birthday coming. E’? To be reminded about a birthday… #Tinzbehappening#

But hey, I do have reasons to celebrate yo!!! How? I dunno yet but reasons dey…

I recall my last year’s birthday and the 5-series post on Birthday gratitude… Read that again recently and psssshhh,

One Word!!! Change in life is the most constant thing



By the way, find all the posts from my last birthday here… part1 part2 part3 part4 part5

And pictures from my birthday gisting party here http://www.facebook.com/eziaha.ajaero?ref=tn_tnmn#!/media/set/?set=a.10151004719086903.432134.674856902&type=3


“…Make up for the bad times with some good times…Make us glad for as many days as we have been afflicted…” vs 15 E’s mix version

That’s my best mehn!!! Compensation… Ask for that please. Have you lost something? Feel free to ask for a major compensation from God this birthday period. I am asking for a lot…

Compensation car…


Compensation iPad3

Compensation Blackberry Q10 OR THE SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB….

Amazing!!! So much compensation things I am demanding… these are the few I can share here. The rest, God know am…

People, are you reading my birthday list here…?

The birthday is on Saturday ooo… June 29, the day of the Lord…


And to all the June celebs in the house, give yourself a bear hug and wet kisses…






PITA’s concert is this Sunday… just a day after my birthday and he has promised to sing me a special happy birthday song… whoooooooop!!!


But seriously darlings, if you are in Lagos, you wanna make this. So many amazing people in da house that day… Lara George, Olufunmi, Cohbams, Timi Dakolo and of course Pita… And others too. I am all so excited about it yo… PITA The guest roll is something else… For those of us who have been blessed to drool over listen to Pita minister, you know what you will NOT miss na. Especially at IMELA…


PITA dey sing sha… By the way, I got to shake Pita today in church and I was blushing… Yeah whatever, I am shameless STAR-Struck like that looooooool…

Meanwhile one of my friends that came for IMELA was claiming that PITA is a Fountaineer sha. Ha ahn… Na lie jor, PITA is a ‘shon of the shoil’ Soil being DCC abeg… CLAIMANT!!! And she was really arguing with me… mschewwwww

So here are the details you can use jare

Tickets 1K regular

5k VIP

And a table for 8 N50 000…

Please call 08095913399 08084434834

Sunday, June 30, 2013 at 4pm. At David’s Christian centre off Fatgbems filling station, amuwo odofin Lagos.


Holler Islanders!!!

Finally your dream is coming through…


My dearly beloved Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo will be at THE CIVIC CENTRE on Ozumba Mbadiwe street this Sunday June 30 at 11am… Eben will be present LIVE to minister with our very own Arugbo Ojo Minister Ken…


I should jump into my Father’s jeep and tag along for the program ooo after Church. It promises to be all flavas of FABULOUS… PK has a way with the word like no other yo!!!


IN PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS is the theme of that meeting and I can’t wait to hear PK dish out FROM THE BIBLE what happiness really should be to us all.

Mark your calendars Islanders… DCC has come to your dormot…  Don’t let the Devil stop you ooo.


For those of you who have been calling, haranguing, and spamming me, yay!!! IMELA DVD is finally outtttttt!!! For just N1000 pere… Call 08077714411 or 08028356363 for details on how to get yours… Please don’t ask me how again ooo. Just call ok… We have amazing DCC staff that will make sure yours gets couried to you wherever in the world you may be. If you missed it, here is your golden opp to feel IMELA like it was. If you were there, here is your opp to re-live that experience. Buy for yourself and for your friends too. The anointing dey strong for the DVD too.


My preggers Sweetheart, please send me a mail ooo since mine to you is not delivering. Hubby dearest said you had not gotten my mail still. eziaharx@yahoo.com I’ll be expecting.

If this sounds confusing, don’t worry, the person I am talking to knows herself…



How will I celebrate this birthday biko nu… Ideas people…


Please don’t say PARTY ooo, ike adiro m biko… (I don’t have power please). Just give me FAB noiseless but EXCITING suggestions. You know how E’ rolls na

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  1. I missed all the PPPPPPPS! If they deliver outside the country could you pleeeeeeeeeeease help me inquire how to make payment?

    My compensation prayers have begun!

    1. There you have it darling… d PPPPPPPPPS’s are back to stay…
      Yes we do. Just call the numbers and take it from there alright…
      Yesoooo… demand compensation jare
      Thanks my dear for staying so loyal

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