Has it been that long on my blog please?

Cos the way una dey harangue me eh… Loool

Anyways now that I have a minute, biko let me schedule all the Posts for the week. By the way, I had been so in over my head this past days that I totally forgot that I had a trip this weekend. Oh my!!! And it is a trip I can’t move…


Good thing is I get to fly in a private jet. Whoop!!!

It has to be only jealousy that would stop you from believing me.


Loool. But I am serious tho… Hehehehe. But some of you won’t believe till you see my picture on instagram or on LIB. Thomases’

Anyways, to the matter at hand.


Recall how I mentioned in this post that someone usually asks me ‘How many?’ whenever I mention a Church program. And for most of us, NUMBERS are VERY important.

As a Blogger, numbers are pretty important to me. I recall when I started writing on Facebook first, it would TOTALLY mess up my day/week if I didn’t have many comments on my published notes.


As a new Blogger then, ah!!! I had the ‘Comment and Stat’ craze. Now, this is NOT in itself bad but when your mood becomes directly proportional to how many people are reading and commenting, you may need to check it.


Then, I would not even be inspired to write anymore because all I would get was a miserly 1 or 2 comments. Three was a CROWD indeed. Thank God I stuck it out and stayed writing.


And writing well too and publicizing in many ways possible.

And this is to all new Bloggers out there, keep at it hon, someday stats would soar. Linda Ikeji didn’t get popular till after about 4 years of constant gossiping blogging.


I love Linda tho…

As a Preacher too, I imagine that numbers are very important to any Pastor.


Using my mama Joyce as an example, she talked about how when she started, she had just a ‘small’ number of women come for her fellowship and then she CRAVED getting many mails and visits to the Post Office was so EMOTIONAL because if she didn’t have any mail, she would be so depressed.

no mail

no maill

Then, ah, if she was preaching somewhere and for some reason, people began to leave and  numbers declined, or maybe the number of people for Day 2 is significantly less than Day 1, mehn, she will be super sad. Numbers for her was  a big deal. Today, she can’t read all her mails. Even half sef. Because she still gave it her best when the NUMBERS were not exactly thrilling

At various times, I have heard my Pastors talk about how when their ministry began it was just a few people BUT it never stopped them from preaching their best and treating the ministry as a big deal. Like my IB Pastor used to tell us then, you have to treat church not just how it is now but for how you want it to be in the future. So dress that way, talk that way, be accountable in this small ministry as you wanna be in a big one. Don’t be causal about things just because they are small now…

Pastor K used a phrase that captures it wella for me…

‘…Don’t postpone your greatness…’

As in, if you are going to do anything, GIVE IT YOUR BEST irrespective of how small the number of people are who are or are not seeing you to commend.

Adighi amama ooo. You never know.

Ah, numbers. The problem with numbers is that we usually despise our days of little beginnings but please flip with me your bible to Isaiah 60 vs 22

a lil

‘A little one shall become a thousand and a small one a great Nation…’

It is definitely a most beautiful thing to have large numbers endorse or see what you do but there is a progression to life and you shouldn’t jump the process. The servant of Elijah in 1 Kings 18;41ff saw Nothing several times before he saw a cloud the size of a man’s hand and the in no time, there was a HEAVY RAIN just as Elijah had heard. An abundance of rain…

I had rolled over putting pen to paper for this post all through last week because I just knew God was speaking to me. Then something totally AMAZING happened over the weekend (which I will blog about in detail) and I knew why God had been speaking to me on numbers.

I love God. He has EVERYTHING sorted in the most amazing manner ever.

As much as He had been speaking to me on numbers, He also wanted me to have a first hand experience.

I know that most of us fall into that trap of looking down on a thing just because the NUMBERS are not much. It could be a human being we look down on cos his ‘money NUMBERS’ or ‘education NUMBERS’ or ‘job NUMBERS’ IS nothing to write home about. Ah, if only you know God. In the twinkle of an eye, a little one can become a BILLION ooo.


Be wise. Be VERY wise. I have learnt and I am still learning the NUMBERS lesson and I would as much as I can use my Spiritual eyes to access things rather than just NUMBERS.

Of course, this is not to say you should be complacent when you can increase the ”numbers’. Heck NO. Do your homework but in that time between ‘nothing’ and an ‘abundance of rain’ please be patient while you DO YOUR BEST yet.

Ok before I run off, NaijaWife RT’ed this link on Twitter two days ago and I clicked. It was a new blog. I liked it and made a mental note to share with y’all (like I always do) in my next Post and the today, I get a mention from a handle @marriagebydbook, I checked the link out and she had this amazing SEX CONFESSION. Adapted from the book of Songs of Solomon. I am so stealing it. I totally loved the Post. I like when people live by the Bible especially when it comes to SEX and chastity. Shout out to Mrs. D whoever you are. I hope I can drop a comment because Blogspot is a LOT OF WORK when it comes to E’ commenting. You really should move to WordPress while you still can do it ooo. #MyTwoCents

Ehen, then something for the ladies. You really need to apply caution especially when you go visiting a guy. This story of rape on my twin’s blog just got me thinking of the movie ‘For Colored girls’ when the guy raped the girl. The best part of that movie for me was when someone else he raped killed him. #JustHadToPutThatOutThere

Ok Part 1 and two of the story

My next post is yet anotherBlogimony. A Testimony from one of my Blog readers. Yup, you can hold your breath for that one. I want to make the Blog more interactive and have my readers have their day here too. And when she shared the testimony with me, I knew I had to share with y’all. A VICTORY ON THE WORD thrills me to heavens any day yo!!!



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  1. You know,if I didn’t know any better,i’lld think you bloggers have begun pulling major telekinesis stunts…but in this kingdom of ours,you gotta love the uniform rhythm in the expression of spiritual mysteries….This post on numbers&process is so timely!…one line that jumped at me was, “Don’t postpone your greatness”…walahi!i’m so flying with that word!…a trillion stars times profound!
    @private jet trip-With E’ Powered-By-GOD, impossible is nothing, yours is a fab life afterall…*wink*

    Thanks for sharing dear…Bless your heart…lol@the blog image that begged for readers…too funny.

    P.s; I just recalled a friend linked me up with the twitter handle of a guy who tweets basically about blogging and answers questions just this morning, when I scrolled down his TL, a tweet resonated, I quote,
    “I really can’t stress it enough@up and coming bloggers, your blog’s a success if it moves just one person “…
    I think it reiterates the fact that we shouldn’t be so concerned with numbers, stats and all that excellence in content and expression loses significance.

    And oh,thanks for sharing that scripture quote…God’s amazing!…understatement I know…

    1. Looool
      First what is telekinesis stunts?
      I mean the Post ministered to me as I wrote sef.
      Great and timely
      Yesooooooooo. Powered by God. Thank God you didn’t doubt jor.
      Oya what’s the dude’s handle biko. Lemme follow him. Cos if this is anything to go by, he is tweeting sense jor.
      Thanks love for your respledent comment lol

      1. Hahaha..I see someone is coming to terms with my plenty oyibo name@resplendent..*winks*…The pleasure is all mine ma’am!….
        Uh..telekinesis is basically the ability to move objects by mental power or other non-physical means….I said so because,your post on numbers&process felt like you attended the same service I did on sunday ,even though I know you didn’t .

        His handle is @gregnarayan

        P.s,are you gonna be off bbm for long?

  2. Yo twinnie!! missed you beyond words and like always, this post is hitting all kinds of nerves. word for me *home-run baby* . Weldone boo.
    By the way, i need lessons on re-posting O!

    1. Lover of life …
      Thanks hon
      And you mean Reblog I guess.
      So long as u are signed in on whatever device you are viewing post on, you will see a reblog button on top. Click and follow the simple steps to reblog.
      If using WP app for android, if you are already following the blog, you will find the post in your Reader and the reblog button is just at the end of the post.
      Tz pretty simple

  3. Oh wow
    Totally true Eziaha.
    Being a new blogger myself this Post helps me put plenty in perspective.
    Sometimes we even despise our husbands because his numbers are not adding up quite well. May Gpd give grace. Amen.
    Thank you so much for the mention on this your fabulous blog.
    So grateful. And for the timely message too.
    Bless you dear.
    Mrs. D

    1. I couldn’t stop laughing after blushing at that post Mrs. D oooo.
      Sent you an email and you are compelled to treat that topic next ooo. So I can just steal and drop on my blog.
      We have a deal ooo.
      Well done hon. Love the blog and the idea behind the blog jor.

  4. This was a much needed lesson for me today. It’s very easy to get caught up in numbers o. Luckily we don’t have anything to compare our blog to in terms of numbers since its our first blog. Plus we don’t really have any goals for it (e.g we don’t aim to be a linda ikeji) but the feedback we’ve gotten from the few people who take time to stop by and shoot us an email has been more than enough!

    1. Few???? Darling your blog is smoking jor. Lol.
      But I think you have a vision. You just don’t know that you are fulfilling it with every post.
      Lol @lib. She was my boss in my modelling years and I am constantly tripped as to how she has transformed that blog. She used to worry then about comments. Now look lol

  5. what numbers dont we worry about? first its the height, then the weight, then the age, then the income, then the size of hubby’s income, and on and on. fretting for nothing. kai

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