25 men bawooo? Not on MY watch!!!

Hey guys. Happy Sunday and New week and err’thang. So I heard an absolutely wrecking sermon today. Had to share. Rev was in town and yawl know I’m crazy about my Rev. I mean,how many Fathers just titally absolutely truly LOVE like Rev does and random thinks of you like this So with my hubs […]

#DoubleTriumphantDelight…Kemi&Deolu Testify

We have two testifiers today and both of them are TRIUMPHANT I met kemi as a final year student in my church Triumphant Assembly. She was a Corper then and she was so committed she was made HOD of ‘Meeters and Greeters’.  We attended desperate branches but when we had a joint program, units […]

#31F.A.B.Voices…Vee testifying

Most of my readers are familiar with Valerie. She is my bestie, a Medical Doctor (she was actually Best Graduating Student), and a very VERY dramatic girl… She and Dumebi I dunno who has more drama… Interestingly, we were in drama unit together in Triumphant Assembly in Ibadan as students. Very loyal, fiercely loyal, this […]

Random Musings

RANDOM MUSINGS *in my Mexican accent* Holla…. *AIR KISSES* Today is a beautiful Sunday and the girl just feels like musing… Random stuff on my mind… LET’SSSSS First of all this cant be real na…? As in how is this possible? You know I have been writing an article in my head about stuff that […]