Hey guys. Happy Sunday and New week and err’thang.

So I heard an absolutely wrecking sermon today. Had to share.

Rev was in town and yawl know I’m crazy about my Rev.
I mean,how many Fathers just titally absolutely truly LOVE like Rev does and random thinks of you like this


So with my hubs permission, I attended TA Lagos City Church.


And i was happy to connect with my people from back in Uni

TA Shabach centre crew

When he said he was here to talk to us like he would if we were having coffee together or I was in his bedroom, father to daughter, everything in me opened up.

Daddy like no other

I certainly could do with Daddy-Rev. Not everytime Preacher-Rev (tho we are absolutely obsessed with any Rev that shows up).

Oh Rev shared!!! I went through a gamut of emotions. From laughs, to tears, to jumps, to screams, to Amens, to ‘oh Eziaha you have been stupid’ to quiet moments, to more tears to…. eeeeeeeeek!!! I had a true ‘lean-in’ posture and the last time that happened was when DDK came for #WarriorInHeels. The kinda Word Rev preached ehn, you don’t just say AMEN and go home. You get the message and basically replay daily for as long as you live.


I’m not sure how and why Rev keeps getting betterer!!! Tz unreal!!! Like no be the same Bible we dey read??? Woooooh, I’m just emotional!!!


Anyways lemme just pick one verse that basically flung me up and threw me to the ground. See ehn, the theme of my life for now is WARRIOR!!! I just feel such a FIRE to fight within me because the devil ain’t playing sef. I’m in a GAME ON mode for real!!! So let me pump some more fire into yawl my dear Readers!!!

Ezekiel 11 !!!


You see ehn Sisters. There are strong men in every City. Read businesses, streets, markets, offices, states, countries, etc. And I mean this in the Spiritual sense.

They may have regular day jobs but by night, they are concoting and devising. They are cooking up evil. They got the town on LOCKDOWN!!! You may not be paying attention to them and their wiles but honey, they are watching your every move. More like monitoring.

They are making sure your destiny helpers and you don’t jam.
They are making sure to keep you broke so your righteousness no go done and you can’t do BIG stuff for the Kingdom.

They are making sure that the program you will attend to change your life, you miss it. Oh they are making sure you sell your soul and your relationship with God for ‘paper’. They are up at 5am, arranging the day, some 3am others midnight but we sleeeeeeeeeep.

Oh there is an info that can change your life but they are hard at work making sure you get it LATE!!! Or never!!! Because that day you will forget your phone somewhere or better still, E go dey off.  They think they are all THAT and maybe they are because we have gone to snooze while they run loose. Incase you missed it darling, everything is spiritual!!! Don’t give it another name. Don’t underestimate it. Don’t play about it. Don’t even fear it. All God is asking you to do is prophesy against it.
Aka speak words over them.
Aka PRAY!!!

As I came home and kinda ruminated over the Word, it dawned on me who is on my side in this battle.
The One who never ever looses a battle!!!
Odogwu n’agha!!!
I dunno about yawl but it changes the dynamics of this battle for me. Tz a battle I go into knowing I can’t lose!!! Actually I have already won!!! But I keep speaking until IT, whatever my IT is, manifests!!!

Darlings, my people say ogologo okwu adighi n’uka mgbede…
Evening service is not one for long sermons.

The koko is, like it or lump it, there are strong men on your case. 24, literally. Whachu gon’ do abourrit???!!!

I’m pretty much decided


25 men bawoooo? NOT ON MY WATCH!!! You can make anything happen where? JOKES!!! Not on my watch!!!



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  1. My dear you are correct. My pastor will always emphasize that every city,town, village ,street, environment has a strong man in charge.

    We need to pray as you have said against principalities, powers that are devising and plotting when we are relaxed and think there is no need to fight or pray just because we can’t see them.

  2. Deep word for the exact season we are now this means war against the devil.
    Lemme share this wid u just sat at midnight the devil tried to attack my mum she started purging n having tommy ache at midnight.babe it was serious we had an ambulance come to my house at 2am..i started speaking in tongues as the devil wanted to make me panic..we stayed in the hospital frm 2am-2pm after plenty drips n injections nd there was no light in the hospital oo hmmm,the doc said it looks like food poisoning…trust our God won this battle and my darln mum is very fine now
    We serve a God that can never loose any battle odogwu kacha odogwu?????

  3. Power of prayer can never be over emphasized. Knowing how to war against such strong men is key. Indeed, they exist in every sphere of life. We as Christians need to awaken from our slumber.

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