Most of my readers are familiar with Valerie. She is my bestie, a Medical Doctor (she was actually Best Graduating Student),

and a very VERY dramatic girl… She and Dumebi I dunno who has more drama…
Interestingly, we were in drama unit together in Triumphant Assembly in Ibadan as students.

Very loyal, fiercely loyal, this is clearly one friend I can NEVER take for granted…
My 8th testifier, Dr. Valerie Edetanlen…

Right now ,I’m lying on my umade bed,the weather outside is chilly as usual,(tz that  time of the year,where u measure the amount of air filling your lungs,this is also not the time to take menthol,for me sha,tends to worsen the cold),I can only hear the noise of ‘okada’,not heard a single xmas carol played,I mean seriously!
I’m in ibadan(the outskirts actually) serving my country!

*she doesn’t mean outskirts. She means when you get to the outskirts, turn right…)
2013 has been awesome!Yes all thanks to Sugar Daddy(I had to steal it, I mean use it)
Now 2014! I go to triumphant assembly (Rev Femi Oduwole,Yes Boss).so I’m prepared for EXCEEDING GREATNESS!

My list:
1)Exams for Residency in US /UK,still praying for direction on which of them to do. I have finally decided I’ll write UK exams that is PLAB,heard enough about US drama,nt interested ,besides PLAB is cheaper and only 2 exams,USMLE is more expensive and 4 exams!(Abeg joor!)
Ps:I like exams o .I no be lazy student!
*lol. I already mentioned BGS. Then if the US exam is better, shouldn’t we ignore the cost and stuff and trust God for it…? Just asking…*

2)Residency in UCH(nearness to my fiance)by May after Nysc,(I v passed the exams thanks be to God but I need to be appointed,I tire already to be M.O,I need to be called Registrar this year,either home or Jesus name(I need a loud Amen)

3)Wedding (we are plannin this year 2014,and it is an inter-tribal marriage,he is Yoruba,I am Edo(Esan)!so I pray against unnecessary drama,and arguements o,the grace not to b postponed,and plenty help be needed!)

*hehehehehehehehehe. I laugh at devil… When me I have picked out a color already…*

4)Then I have been sowing some seeds,I have faith that I’m reaping them in 2014 in cash(that’s the major one dear God,I don’t deny that I love money!money is good for the body and soul! Choi).I also want to reap in other areas too!pleasant surprises.
*If the clouds be full… Funny how I was just thinking of the same thing yesterday… Seeds I have sown and harvests I am expecting… NNE, the clouds are full oooo… Fast testimonies amen…***

5)I choose to make more born again awesome friends!(Yea I’m awesome too,ask Fab E’).

maybe I should join the LA130 group,and search for other fab christian group!

* Ike Amadi will be happy to welcome you in… And yup she’s awesome… Very*

6)I’m standing in the gap for some special people,They will share testimonies in Jesus name!As in big time testimonies o!Testimoy dey sweet for body,I no go lie!it can become addictive too!

Thatz the A-list,

Now to my ridiculous list!(No laughing puleeze I am serious!)
I want to ski this 2014,and I also want to see at least 2 wonders of the world!heard they call burj khalif 8th wonder of the world? I need an all expense paid vacation there o!at least for one week! And I don’t think that’s long throat.Abba Father you can do all things.

Ehm ,learning how to sew too,at least during my service period thatz till may,I SHOULD buy a sewing machine(singer’s)and learn how to sew!

I want to give more of me my time ,my money,my skills,my words of encouragement etc  in 2014,so please God bless me plenty!

I have acne spots not scars on my face and they have refused to go,this 2014 my face must be smooth like a baby’s,so m open to suggestions!
(Ps foundation is not part of d suggestions o!loooools).

*Before you start suggesting, Vee has very sensitive skin… Unlike me and most people that honey and sugar scrub works for, it doesn’t work for her… She breaks out even more… I just taya for her skin lol*

Scrolling back I noticed my wish-list is more a prayer-list! ehn all join ojeere!

My Ultimate wish however is that we all should pray for Nigeria everyday this 2014,  yes God can heal our land.
He has said if my people who are called by name will humble themselves and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,then I(God) will hear from heaven and heal their land!
God is also lookin for people who are willing to stand in the gap! Who said old testament is not rich?kai!marvellous God!

Now yawnin….m feeling sleepy!this weather z for 2(married peeps only)!others like me?:sleep under blanket,pray for your better half,den snooze with a smile on your face! Yes boss.
Ps :fab E’ thanks for d privilege!

I told y’all Valerie had too much drama…
I had fun reading and editing this. And attaching the pictures too…
I am surprised she didn’t add the weight loss gist. Valerie can whinge about her weight which is PERFECT ooo. I have long given up…
Anyways, one more pic to embarrass her…

This was from my bridal shower night. They had too much fun yabbing me then I think this was a dance they were trying to learn or so led by Booski… See Vee holding the cake tray… She finally won the tussle for the cake I think.
Coldstone cake is just amazing. But so is my smoothie…

So I need 5 more people to send me entries… I just checked today and realized that. I know some have emailed me to ask. Dunno if I responded yet but please more…
Then the mentorship group and stuff i wrote about here…
Still open… Holler


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  1. Valerie…. holla at me when u are in Lagos… I will take u jet skiiing…….. lemme go back and read d remaining post?

  2. Lmao @ when you get to the outskirts turn right. ..lmao. Nice one Lady E…lol. biko where in the world did u get this drastic picture of our beautiful dance? Kaiiiiii.
    Amen to d wedding ooooo. I’m gonna be a bridesmaid *yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy*. May God grant you your heart”s desires.
    And Tani…which monkey ski is in lagos biko?

    1. Monkey ski indeed…
      Tz in her backyard
      Bridesmaid ko? Hav you considered your height? Or the protruding tummy by then? Pls shift…

  3. Tannie dear,it would be my pleasure,Eziaha ur comments in asterisks has got me lafughing like a mentalcase,and m in a vehicle,about the weight loss,y dint I put it?I v lost 2kg extra sha,but my hips is reducing too!(Now sobbin loudly)!I want my hips bak witout the weight!

  4. Sensitive skin like mine??? I grow my own aloe vera ‘garden’ . Fresh aloe vera juice on my face and skin clears my face.
    May the good Lord grant your heart desires in Jesus Christ name in accordance with His holy will amen.
    Peace and love+++

      1. Lols,yes I av used aloevera before!tried lookin for the neutrogena visiblyclear 15mls cream u gave me dat cleared my face in 300l,remember@ Eziaha,dint get, so bought another visiblyclear facemask,n all d pimples in the world brokeout on my face

  5. So loving your A list plan and i love the sewing plan, You should go for it Doc…at least you will encourage me to get back to my own sewing *covering my face in shame*….that is, if i can still find the machine in the garage…

  6. tannie lol@married women minding their husbands. Don’t mind the bush Ibadan and bonny women, take me jare, i am a Lagos woman.
    Amen to your prayers for 2014 baby, esp the wedding, so we can have a reunion and i can go sightseeing.

    1. Haaa. First you deny me your twinny then you chance me too…
      So much for friendship
      Will soon auction you
      Sightseeing? Where do you know the wedding is and who told you she is inviting you… Hiss

      1. loooooooooools…Eniola what happened to u being a married woman? anyway since you are a lagos woman we should do this.

  7. lovely plans for 2014 Dr. Valerie 🙂 You sound like such a lovely person. E definitely has some of the greatest friends out there…..You wanna go Skiiingggg come to Canada,.. we have amazing ski resorts! Brace yourself for the cold tho:D

    I pray God exceeds all of your expectations in 2014.

    1. Ehen biko I prefer Canada skiing to tank’s flying from molue that she is calling skiing looool
      Yes I have amazing friends. I dont even know how this happened but I am sure blessed with the very best of friends…

      1. Lols,m goin to try the neostrata tingy,tnks muchos,Eziaha monkeyskiin,molueskiin,canada skiin ,all na skiing o!canada is a place to go,tannie,sent my email,hope u got it,ezar u go bridesmaid on one condition,u kno d condition now!lols,wch is a surety sef,lols,canime tnks,
        @ sewing I need strength to start o,yet to buy singers una kp prayin

    1. Dumebi’ na awesome MC o!dumebi u shld consider it!see hw Eziaha’s bridal shower was so much fuuuuuunnnnn!ezar wam(I hope I got the igbo right @ Eziaha)

  8. wow. ur post was like a regular conversation so easy. wishing u d best and much more.
    hmmm. em d skin thing, I dunno about recommendations o but I av an ultra sensitive skin, not just my face and cocoa butter works for me as much as I hate it. (I don’t use it on my face though) for my face, I’ve learnt to jus eat d right things and I’m good to go.

  9. This is hilarious, lol! I wish Vee good luck on her exams and moving forward, I pray for God’s divine direction in her career. Me self tire for the honey and sugar thing. That stuff discriminates against my skin sometimes. If you receive any suggestions kindly share with us abeg.

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